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Wireless videophone: How to choose the best in 2021?

The videophone is well known to everyone. It is in a way the electronic doorman that everyone dreams of. It is often found in stores, and it is easy to install. There are two types of videophones: the wired model and the wireless videophone . Among the existing models, the wireless videophone ranks among the most popular products. Between the entry-level videophone model and the high-end videophone model, we give you the principles necessary to make the best choice among the equipment available.

Why buy a wireless videophone? What are all the advantages of this security equipment?

By choosing to buy a wireless videophone for your home, you will benefit from a large number of advantages, both for your comfort and for your safety and that of your home. Indeed, the primary mission of the wireless videophone is to allow you to see who is in front of your door or your gate, which will then allow you to decide whether or not to open your door. In addition, depending on the wireless videophone model you have chosen, you will also be able to communicate with your visitors remotely. The wireless videophone has therefore become a must for many people who no longer want to open their homes to just anyone.

But the other advantage of Wireless videophone concerns its ease of installation and use. Indeed, only a few minutes will suffice to set up this device, and even if you are not at all comfortable with new technologies, you will be guaranteed to achieve your goals in the best conditions. The same goes for the use which, because it is intuitive, will not pose any difficulty whatsoever. Clearly, you will understand that all the reasons are good to buy a wireless videophone.

Our favorite: EXTEL 720278 Lesli wireless videophone White

The Lesli wireless videophone from Extel is an ultra popular model that stands out from all the others by its very attractive price but also by its high performance which will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of a videophone. Equipped with a 7-inch color touchscreen , the Extel 720278 video door phone comes with a built-in battery so you can set it up anywhere in your home and move it around. as you wish without having to restart its installation.

What may also explain the success of the Extel 720278 Lesli wireless videophone is the fact that it either able to film or photograph people ringing your doorbell . This recording function requires the purchase of an SD card and is triggered automatically. Finally, the camera box can be placed at a maximum distance of 300 meters from the viewing box, thus guaranteeing you all the necessary latitude to fully benefit from all the advantages of a wireless videophone.

Mode de operation of the wireless video door entry unit

The video door phone is a device which operates by highlighting in sound and images of a person or a group of people who want to access a locked location. The opening is then controlled by a third person who authorizes access. The link established between the two people allows a certain identification of the guest.

The device consists of:
  • A camera and a microphone to allow identification of people;
  • A monitor for receiving calls and initiating access;
  • Wiring for power supply only (data transmission for wireless models being provided by radio waves).

Our opinion on the SIMBAILAI 7 videophone wireless

Electronic object widely acclaimed for its efficiency, the wireless videophone is an essential piece of equipment for a modern home. We have tested the SIMBAILAI 7 for you and we invite you to discover our opinion on this product here.

What are the specificities of the SIMBAILAI 7 wireless videophone?

A perfect combination of telephony and television, the SIMBAILAI 7 wireless videophone is very useful these days. Capable of operating up to 500 meters when in an open field, this equipment is a perfect choice for keeping your home safe. Regardless of the distance, the device works in two different ways. In general, the external device is equipped with a lithium battery which can run up to 1050 hours . Depending on your habits, you can plug the device into an electrical outlet to optimize its power and performance. Note that it is possible to set the mobile snapshot function on the external device to take and save the photo of anyone who comes to your front door. Note that the battery of the outdoor device is identical to that of the indoor device.

The interest of a SIMBAILAI 7 wireless videophone

In most cases, a SIMBAILAI 7 wireless videophone serves as a surveillance camera and alarm . The safety of your home is thus guaranteed. But, in addition to this advantage, the device also facilitates communication. In practice, when a visitor arrives at your door, the device alerts you. You will then be able to communicate with the visitor, find out more about his identity and control the electric doorman without moving.

Our opinion on the SIMBAILAI 7 wireless videophone

After our testing, we found that this is a practical and efficient model. Generally, installation is easy and you don’t need professional intervention. If you want, you can add a 12 V electric lock to be connected to the outer box to be able to open the door remotely. However, be sure to prepare the wiring of this lock beforehand to ensure the effectiveness of the device. If you are looking for a way to secure your home and enjoy better privacy in your home, we recommend the SIMBAILAI 7 wireless videophone for its excellent value for money . So do the right thing!

All about the TMEZON wired videophone

Whether you own a small house or a very large villa, in any case, the wired videophone TMEZON is a piece of equipment that will meet all your expectations since, like This site explains it to you in more detail, it is a piece of equipment that includes absolutely all the performance and characteristics that you can expect from a video intercom. From its obvious ease of use to its innovative features, including the quality of its video or its various settings, everything has been designed by the brand so that this videophone with TMEZON wires offers you the best user experience whatsoever.

Ultra easy to install, the TMEZON videophone is equipped with an infrared camera and a viewing angle of 100 ° , which will always let you know who is in front of you. In addition, with its night vision, dust-proof or rain-proof modes for example, this video door entry unit can boast of being one of the most reliable of the moment. Finally, if we wanted to share with you our opinion on the TMEZON wired videophone, it is also because it incorporates a capture mode which will automatically record all the images taken by the external sensor in your absence, in order that you always know who came to your door when you were away.

What are the different kinds of videophones which exist?

In the vast majority of cases, videophones are installed near the front door and allow homeowners to know exactly which is in front of their house. It’s door video phones are also the best selling models in Europe and can be purchased from many professionals such as http://www.cofreco.com/visiophone/. Very often, to be able to function, these models require a light work which consists in connecting the camera (outside the housing) to the central unit (inside the housing), generally by drilling the wall to pass the cable through.

But there are also videophones for portals which, of course, would be very difficult to connect via cable. This is why these models, like those present on http://www.cofreco.com/portail-automatique/, work by wifi or bluetooth. Thus, only a few seconds will be needed to install your equipment. All you need to do is install the central unit at home, the camera near your gate and combine the two by following the procedure indicated in the user manual. More and more, consumers are opting for this type of wireless videophone which is proving to be extremely practical and which does not necessarily cost more. However, it is also possible that in the event of an Internet failure, your equipment will be temporarily unavailable.

Comparative table of the 10 best performing wireless videophones of the year

What are the guidelines for choosing a wireless videophone?

The choice of your future videophone must imperatively take into account certain important elements.

The range of the device

When purchasing your wireless videophone, the first instinct to have is to detect its range. Indeed, it is thanks to the range that the connection established between the door station and the monitor is made. As a result, the greater the range of the device, the better the quality of reception of the images.
  • The door station is placed next to the front door, that is to say the door located on the street side.
  • The monitor is placed inside the apartment, often next to the door or near the telephone.
To think carefully about this point then amounts to determining the maximum communication distance between these two elements and therefore the range of the whole. However, it is better to opt for a videophone that has a greater range , because builders often do not take into account the influence of walls.


 Discover the preferred wireless videophone of customers on Amazon.fr! Wireless videophones have many different features. This is the point that makes the difference between the entry, mid and high-end models. This choice depends, for the most part, on individual preferences and needs. Thus, you can opt for the following functionalities:
  • Image storage

Some videophones are able to remember the faces of all the people who ring the doorbell. It’s always interesting to have a recording option on such a device. Choose from models that offer generous storage capacity or those with the option of cloud storage. The recorded images could be useful in the event of infringement, burglary or vandalism.

  • The technology of recognition by fingerprint or the digicode

Some videophone models offer the fingerprint reader. This technology facilitates the entry of residents who already have their fingerprint stored in the database. It is also the same principle for models equipped with a digital code (opening of the door for those who know the access code). The visitor then no longer needs to call or dial the apartment number.

  • Additional monitors

Some wireless videophone devices offer additional monitors. You then have the option of installing a monitor on each floor.

  • The remote control

This feature allows you to control the videophone remotely. It is very practical and very useful, because the opening of the door can be controlled remotely, as is also the case of the Amazon Echo speakers . Some videophones can be controlled via smartphone or tablet so that, even when you are away, you always have a hand to control the entry and exit of the apartment.

  • Weather resistance

It is important that the videophone of your choice has a high degree of protection. It is important that the device is resistant to bad weather, but also to the infiltration of water and dust.

  • Night vision

Choosing a wireless videophone with night vision is always useful. You therefore have the opportunity to identify your visitor at any time of the day or night.

Image quality

This is one of the important variations that define the choice of the wireless videophone. Whatever the state of your home network, the audio-video quality should be optimized. And to ensure such quality, your choice must fall on a videophone that offers satisfactory image and listening quality. No need to choose a videophone if the image quality it offers does not even identify the person in front of the camera! The determining elements on this point are:
  • The size of the screen: the bigger the screen, the more easily you can recognize your visitors. The most common screen diagonal is 18 centimeters.
  • Image resolution: whether the image is in black and white or in color, a better resolution is necessarily better, because the rendering of images is much more appreciable.
In terms of audio quality, you and the visitor should be able to hear each other without interference or other sound effect. Models with built-in speakers and microphone are the most suitable for better listening quality .

Ease of installation and use

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Some videophones are easier to install than others, as can also be the case with various inexpensive smartphones some of which are more ergonomic than others. In this case, the wireless one is very easy to install. The installation of the outdoor handset is the business of professionals, because it requires a sharp and technical intervention. It is the same for the installation of the interior box of the wireless videophone. The hardest part is probably setting up and synchronizing information (especially if it is multiple apartments).

About the day-to-day use of the videophone, manufacturers often install fluid and intuitive management systems. However, some models have unreliable, less intuitive and non-ergonomic systems.

The price of the wireless videophone

To conclude, the price remains the most important criterion of choice not to be neglected. On average, a wireless videophone costs between 100 and 500 euros excluding installation and excluding the price of each additional screen. For a quality model, we advise you to turn to a device that costs at least 200 euros. Underneath, you may be faced with a poor quality videophone.

All the above budgets are for home models. For a professional-quality videophone, plan for a price margin of up to 1,000 euros. However, whatever the solution, it is interesting and more practical to compare several wireless videophone quotes in order to make the most optimal choice. With a quality videophone and featuring the best technological features, you will further ensure your safety and that of your home.

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