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Why should you choose the Awow Wireless Video Door Phone?

If you are tired of not being able to control who rings your doorbell, or you want to find a solution so that you don’t have to go out constantly as soon as the doorbell rings in your home, then the Awow Wireless Video Door Phone is the perfect device for you. Indeed, with some very significant functions, it will allow you to combine safety and practicality at the same time. We will present it to you in detail in this article and we strongly recommend that you install a videophone like this one in your home: your daily life will change! Do not hesitate to share your opinions with us in the comments as soon as you order it.

Discovery of the Awow wireless videophone

First of all, the Awow wireless videophone is quite a design device to install outside your home and will be connected to a handy application on your smartphone. The exterior part is discreet thanks to its gray-black color and its compact dimensions; Indeed, it measures 14 cm in height and only 4 cm in depth and is thus easily installed, with the choice of wireless installation or wired operation. Cordless, it works using 2 long life batteries . The interior part allowing you to hear the ringtone is easily recharged with a simple USB cable and the latter connects to the wifi in a convenient way. The part placed outside has been designed to withstand various annual weather conditions such as the hot summer and cold in winter. You will be able to speak with your visitor thanks to the integrated microphone, which will prevent you from going out at all costs.

If you cannot trade live, you will have the possibility of recording an absence voice message that your visitor will be able to hear when he rings the doorbell of this waterproof wireless videophone ; as for the latter, it can also leave you a message of up to 30 seconds, for which you will be informed by a notification on your phone. You will therefore need to install the CloudEdge application; this will also allow you to share your login information with a loved one, who can control the device for you if needed. The camera offers a high quality image thanks to a 166 ° wide angle lens and its bidirectional system; it is very easy to activate thanks to the motion detector for which you can adjust the sensitivity, especially if your street is busy. It is equipped with a high performance system allowing an HD picture even at night. Finally, a 32 GB micro SD card is offered to you, which will allow you to record photos and videos of your visitors if necessary. You will also have 7 days of storage free of charge in a cloud space that you can extend with a subscription.

Our opinion on the Awow wireless videophone

If one thing pleasantly surprised us, it is the quality of the image transmitted to our smartphone. Even after the sun goes down, the image is very sharp. As for the voice exchange, both the sound and the broadcast are very distinct due to quality design. Very easy to install, the Awow wireless videophone does not require any drilling and its batteries have a long lifespan which does not require us to change them too often. Charging by USB cable is convenient and the use of the SD card is interesting to be able to preserve the image of the arrival of a visitor if necessary. The price is ultra competitive if we look at the advantages of this high performance videophone.

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