Reviews and full comparison to choose the best popcorn machine!

Long intended for traders, the popcorn maker is now a very useful tool and present in most modern homes. It is perfect for movie nights with family or friends, birthday parties and aperitifs. Want to have your own homemade popcorn? There is nothing better than a popcorn maker to help you out. However, it is not easy to choose the right device from the plethora of models available on the market. This comparison will guide you in your choice so that you find the machine that suits you best.

The Severin PC 3751 popcorn machine

With the Severin-3751 popcorn maker, the corn kernels will pop very quickly. Your popcorn will be ready in just 5 minutes. With a power of 1200 Watts, it is one of the most efficient machines on the market. With dimensions of 14.6 x 21.8 x 28.2 cm and a weight of 1.06 kg, it is the ideal popcorn maker for all types of festive events. It has a clear lid that lets you watch the pops of corn. It is also equipped with a doser, allowing you to control the amount of corn to be introduced. If there is not enough corn, they will take much less time to pop, while if too much is used, many kernels of corn may come out unpopped. Its non-slip foot allows it to attach firmly to any support without slipping.

The pop machine corn Siméo FC150

If you like popcorn then you will love the Siméo FC150 popcorn machine. The Siméo FC150 has a fun and unique design. Its dimensions are 34 x 28.5 x 26.7 cm, it has a weight of 2.2 kg and a power of 1000 W. It allows you to make sweet, salty or plain popcorn in a jiffy. This machine is equipped with a rotating raclette which is used to mix the popcorn and distribute the seasoning, thus letting a nice aroma escape. You can watch the popping corn with the transparent lid. Its operating mode is very simple and it also has the advantage of being easy to clean thanks to the non-stick coating with which it is provided.

The Domoclip DOM336 popcorn machine

The Domoclip DOM336 popcorn machine allows you to prepare sweet or savory popcorn without adding of fat. It generates hot air that will pop your corn kernels to your delight. Its power of 1200 W, its weight (0.921 kg) and its dimensions (31.4 x, 17.4 x, 17.2 cm) assure you a good performance as well as a good quality/price ratio. Like most devices with high power, it will make a slight noise when in use. Its handling requires a certain vigilance, because its walls can be very hot. The Domoclip DOM336 popcorn machine has a detachable cover that is easy to clean. It is also equipped with a measuring cup and non-slip feet.

The Siméo CC120 popcorn machine

The Siméo CC120 offers you a kitsch look. She uses hot air to pop the corn kernels. Preparation is almost instantaneous. The absence of oil makes cleaning this popcorn maker very easy. As evidenced by its dimensions which are 16 x16 x 30 cm, this device is very compact. With a weight of 0.848 kg, it logically has a small volume, but it nevertheless offers a significant power of 1100 W. Such power explains its speed of execution. Its only downside is that its blower system is a bit noisy. It’s small, but tough and easy to handle and can be stored anywhere.

The Aicok Popcorn Machine

With Aicok Popcorn Machine, your popcorn is prepared in record time. This popcorn maker uses a hot air system to produce healthier popcorn with no added fat. It is a powerful machine (1200 W) which benefits from a very affordable price. With a light weight of 0.921 kg and dimensions within the standards (28.6 x 19 x 13.4 cm) it does not take up much space which makes it easy to store. The loading opening is wide and the corn kernels can easily be poured into the machine. The maximum amount is around 50-70g of popcorn per cycle, which makes it quite ideal for couples. As with other hot air popcorn makers, the sound volume of Aicok Popcorn Maker is high.

What is a popcorn machine?

This is an appliance that is used to prepare popcorn, which therefore makes it a home-made cooking appliance, like the breadmakers . Popcorns are popcorn kernels that are popular with children and adults alike. They are obtained by heating the corn until it bursts in the machine. The popcorn maker is very easy to use. Just pour in the kernels of corn, plug it in and turn it on. There are different types of popcorn maker with different characteristics like power, capacity as well as heating mode.

Features of popcorn maker

The power varies between 70 Watts and 1,400 Watts, and defines the speed of the temperature rise and therefore the heating time. A more powerful machine will pop the corn faster.

The capacity

Equipment with a large capacity will allow you to make popcorn in quantity, but it takes up more space in your kitchen.

The heating mode

There are two ways to wear the corn at the right temperature: with an oil bath and hot air. The second type of heating is faster and without fat. It is therefore less caloric.

The design and the possibility of cleaning

Popcorn machines can take on different aspects including retro styles or more modern styles. Look at models that are easy to maintain and make sure they can be taken apart for easier cleaning.

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