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The plate lifter is a lifting platform used in the field of building construction. It is useful for installing false ceilings or even for fitting out attics. Used by do-it-yourselfers and professionals, it facilitates various jobs, just as a Bosch Professional circular saw could do. It is manufactured by various brands and comes in several models that are suitable for everyone to choose, depending on its characteristics and mode of operation. It is therefore important to have the necessary information to make a good purchase. Discover in this guide some useful and necessary information for a successful purchase.

TOP 4 of the best plate lifters of the moment!

The WilTec 50790 plate lift: the editor’s choice

The WilTec plate lifter is a remarkable piece of equipment. This is a material that serves both as a panel lifter, as an XXL plate lifter. This equipment is used to lift and hold plasterboard in height as well as in horizontal position. It has an easily adjustable height of 140 cm to 350 cm. It can withstand a very heavy load, up to a weight of 68 kg. The WilTec plate lifter weighs 40 kg. To make it easier to use and allow for success in its various jobs, it is tiltable and suitable for both sloped ceilings and walls. It should be noted that this is a small device with the following dimensions: 130 cm long, 80 cm wide and 20 cm high.

In addition, the WilTec plate lifter is very quick to lift panels or plasterboards. It can be used as an assembly aid for the construction of drywall or interior wall. Among the loads that it can lift are plywood sheets, wood or metal panels, plasterboard, protection boards. It is also composed of two arms, having a width of 90 cm and which carries the loads up to a length of 290 cm . They are also fitted with two retaining brackets. This is what makes it a handy assembly aid for anyone. For your great pleasure, the WilTec plate lifter can be completely dismantled and comes partially assembled.

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What are the advantages of a plate lifter?

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Using a plate lifter to its full potential, or in part, has many advantages. The main advantage of this product is the fact that it is easily removable and above all very easy to transport. It is then ideal for interior work around the house. As its name suggests, it allows you to easily lift the plates, but also to easily mount the partitions higher, above your head. It also allows a plate to be correctly positioned in the desired location and to hold it in position while it is properly fixed. Clearly, as for the riveting pliers or the professional random orbit sanders , this equipment is designed to do all the work for you.

The plate lifter has a base stable tripod, ideal for precise installation of plasterboard and particle board. It is suitable for sloping ceilings, and for walls with inclined lifting platform. The XXL plate lift can be lowered to a loading height of 86.4 cm above the ground. As other advantages, we have the maximum span for the walls which is 595 cm, declined to 465 cm for the maximum lift added to half the length of the plasterboards. The device is completely maintenance free.

Comparison of the 10 best-selling plate lifters on the internet

How to choose a quality plate lifter?

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Like all devices that we use every day for DIY, whether it is a electronic multimeter or a crimping pliers , it is necessary to know the selection criteria before you decide to buy them. The plate lifter is no exception to the rule! There are essential criteria that should be stated for the choice of a good quality plate lifter. First, it is about the weight and the bulk. The plate lifter must be light in order to be easily transportable and offer optimal comfort of use. Likewise, once dismantled, assembled or folded, it should not be bulky, so as not to inconvenience anyone.

As other selection criteria, there are the installation height. The installation height of a plate lifter is generally at most 3.50 m. It is important and essential to take into account depending on the work envisaged and the site configuration. De facto, the work envisaged and the configuration of the site are also the criteria of choice. We also retain the load and size. A plate lifter can support a load between 65 and 75 kg . When the arms of the plate lifter are fitted with brackets, they stretch up to 290 cm in length and 90 cm in width.

Where to buy a plate lifter at the best price?

It is available in several models and manufactured by different brands. In case of urgent need, you can find it on the online sales site. It is one of the preferred platforms for online shopping because of its efficiency and the many benefits it offers to its customers. It offers prices that already include VAT, and you also benefit from free delivery in mainland France for any purchase. You will not fail to be satisfied! What is certain is that you will get what you pay for. You should also trust Amazon because it allows you to get a feel for the product you are buying through the reviews of many customers like you.

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