Petrol brushcutter: Our comparison of the best models of the year

Top 3 best petrol brushcutters of the year

Own a garden or land, c is very nice. But, it must also be regularly cleared of tall grass, brambles and weeds. And for that, there is nothing better than a brush cutter, in particular the brush cutter with thermal engine known to fill the limits of a gasoline mower . However, it is difficult to choose the best of this tool given the many models that abound on the market. That's why we have compiled for you this review of the best petrol brushcutters of the moment.

Why buy a petrol brushcutter?

The first advantage of the thermal brush cutter is that it can be used anywhere even far from any source of electrical energy supply. It is very autonomous once the tank is full. It works with a gasoline engine. This is the preferred tool for gardeners who have to travel to somewhat more remote areas that do not have electricity.

The tool also has a large cutting capacity as well as a powerful motorization, ideal for large properties. She is capable of working on any slope in the terrain and gives no gifts to grasses and stems. This is only normal for a tool whose blade can reach a rotation speed of 15,000 rpm. This is the kind of tool to use when dealing with brambles and spontaneous vegetation in meadows and country houses. Its high strength is also an important asset.

GT Garden 4 in 1: The best petrol brushcutter sold by Amazon!

This brush cutter is a star in its category. And it owes nothing to chance. It is a garden tool which beyond its function as a brush cutter can also be used as a pruner, a chainsaw and even a hedge trimmer. It is from this multifunction that comes the qualifier 4 in 1.

A powerful multifunction brush cutter

It is thus endowed with several elements to fulfill these different functions. To properly prune trees, it is, for example, equipped with a 30 cm chainsaw bar, a chain of 44 3/8-1.3 links as well as a bar guard. The hedge trimmer element consists of a 45 cm blade adjustable from all angles and very effective for both horizontal and vertical pruning. It also has teeth with a spacing of 24 cm. The brushcutter element, the main one of the set, has a single head where it is easy to fit a semi-automatic double (2.4 mm) cutting line. You can also fit a 3-tooth mower blade.

The total weight of the elements of the model, accessories included, is 8.9 kilograms, making it a set that is not that heavy. What is also interesting about this model is its very powerful 3 HP 2-stroke engine which cools directly with the air. This power is further enhanced by a displacement of 52 cm3 volume. Another important feature is the ease of starting the device. It owes this to its priming pump. It is not a heavy consumer either, since the volume of its fuel tank is only one liter. You will not need to buy an extension, the model comes with this accessory.

MC Culloch B40 B Elite: The best petrol brushcutter of the year!

The MC Culloch B40 B Elite brushcutter is an exceptional model of 7.3 kg. It suits the needs of individuals as well as those of professionals. It is especially designed for clearing tall wild grasses and woody vegetation. The model is equipped with an engine with Oxypower ™ technology. This technology offers more power and flexibility to the engines and reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% and pollutant emissions by up to 75%. This task is made easier thanks to a displacement of 40 cm3. This displacement also makes it possible to develop an engine speed that can reach 12,000 revolutions per minute. It's a guarantee of extreme power.

An easy-to-use brushcutter

The dual handlebars, brushcutter shaft and handle are further designed for operator comfort. The first two are thus equipped with an anti-vibration system which promotes long-term work. The height of the U-type handle is adjustable to guarantee you an equally comfortable job. The tool also features a McCulloch SoftStart ™ Technology priming pump, making it a very easy to start brushcutter. The model comes with a double harness and two cutting tools which are the wire head and the grass blade.

The protective cover of the The machine adapts, whatever cutting tool you choose.

TimberPro 52 cm3: The best petrol brushcutter on sale

The TimberPro 52cc brush cutter is a very powerful model, but also efficient. It is essentially designed for heavy work, even in inaccessible bursts. It is a good ally, no matter how tall the grass in your garden is. The model is indeed equipped with 3 mowing blades, 3, 4 and 8 teeth which will certainly be adapted to your different tasks.

A powerful brush cutter, light and easy to use. ranger

The model's engine is a single cylinder with a power of 3 HP, at 2 stroke which cools by air. It is energized with a displacement of 52 cm3 which allows an engine speed of up to 9,500 revolutions per minute to be developed. It is also a very resistant model with a reinforced and padded back frame. The blade guard is also very robust.

This tool is definitely made for you if you like brush cutters that are easy to start and to store. It is equipped with a starting device composed of a priming pump, a choke, and a geared launcher.

It can be disassembled into two parts. You can also move it wherever you want thanks to its lightness (only 5.9 kg). Finally, let's mention the user comfort offered by this model thanks to its extended flywheel handle.

Comparison of the 10 best petrol brushcutters of 2021

How to choose the thermal brush cutter? Editorial advice!

The thermal brush cutter can be a real opportunity for your garden, but on condition that you choose the right one. Several criteria can guide you to the petrol brushcutter you need. These are the cutting area, engine power and weight:

Like any tool, the thermal brush cutter is chosen according to the intended use. Choose a model that is compatible with your terrain. Expressed in CV, the power of the engine brings speed to your work. The minimum power of your engine must be 3 HP to avoid slowdown problems. Too heavy a petrol brush cutter also slows down work and tires the user. Choose a tool that weighs less than 10 kg and has a weight evenly distributed over all the equipment.

What to remember? The thermal brush cutter is the ideal tool for ridding your gardens and green spaces of weeds and brambles. To fully benefit from its advantages, however, it is important to choose this tool taking into consideration your needs and prioritizing quality.

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