Our full review of the Harry Potter Sorting Hat!

If your child or loved one is a big fan of the Harry Potter saga, then gifting them the Sorting Hat is bound to be the best choice you can make. Much more than a toy, it is a Harry Potter collector’s item that will prove to be a must-have in his collection, and which will allow any fan of the magician with the scar to experience his favorite adventure in life size. Currently, Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat is enjoying tremendous success, which is explained by the fact that it is a perfect duplication of the one present in the first episodes of the saga. Let’s take a closer look at why giving yourself the Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat or why gifting it to a great admirer might be such a good idea.

The Sorting Hat of Harry Potter Harry Potter, what is it?

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At the start of each school year, in Hogwarts School of Magic, passing under the Sorting Hat is an unmissable and obligatory rite called the dispatch ceremony. In the saga, it is this Sorting Hat that, depending on the possibilities and the mentality of each student, will make the decision of who will join the four houses among Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Of course, the Sorting Hat made a big impression on fans as soon as, as far as Harry Potter was concerned, he hesitated widely between the idea of ​​sending him to Slytherin or Gryffindord. This Harry Potter magical hat with the gift of Legilimency quickly established itself as an iconic character that every great admirer desires to own, no matter what.

If Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat has become one of the essential characters in the eyes of fans of the saga, it is also because he is a character with a unique personality of his kind and to say the least well-tempered, who is both sure of himself and on whom he can count, and who proudly admits never having been wrong in his career. And although it is stored the rest of the year in Dumbledore’s office until the next dispatch party, the Harry Potter Sorting Hat has yet another interest in the Harry Potter saga, and not the least. And for good reason, if unfortunately the members of the red and gold house were in immediate danger, they could use the Sorting Hat to bring out the ‘iconic enchanted sword of Godric Gryffindor .

How does Harry Potter’s Electronic Sorting Hat work?

Even though it is a truly representative imitation of the original, Harry Potter’s Electric Sorting Hat remains however a toy that must be both useful and interesting for its owner, just as it could be the case of dart targets or a children’s writing tablet . And if one thing is certain, it is that this magic hat perfectly meets these requirements since, in order to use it, your child will have very few handling operations to perform. Objectively, all he needs to do is turn on the toy and put the Sorting Hat on his head. Immediately afterwards, the toy will kick in and will utter random phrases which will all be perfect replicas of those you have heard at least once in the Harry Potter saga.

On the other hand, unlike the original model, this duplication of Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat does not have its own soul or the genius of Legilimancy, and it will not be yours. not conceivable either to be able to bring out the enchanted sword of Goldric Gryffindor. However, we have to admit, the Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat is truly a pleasant find, and we greatly appreciated the fact that it was so representative of the original. To conclude, if your child or anyone else you know is a big fan of the saga, then there is no doubt that the Sorting Hat is the best gift to give to a big Harry Potter admirer.

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