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Our advice for choosing your 26 inch mountain bike!

Where some people invest their money in ephemeral products, others prefer to invest theirs in essential things that last over time. Buying an ATV is a good investment in time. However, choosing your ATV model is always a complicated matter given the number of brands and products present in this timeless market. For this reason, we will present to you the models that we believe are the best 26 inch mountain bikes. But we will not just list them, we will give you our opinion in complete transparency. This 26 “MTB comparison will be a real time saver for you which will allow you (we hope) to guide you in your research.Let us therefore introduce you our 5 favorite MTB models :

The 26 inch Moma Bikes GTW26

This mountain bike is a real entry-level mountain bike.Despite its affordable price, the manufacturer still incorporates it an aluminum frame.Thus, the latter weighs only 12 kg.This low weight allows it to be transported anywhere without too much hassle.These fork suspensions allow it to adapt to all types of terrain during n ‘ any season.These 26-inch wheels and wide tires make him provide the comfort and stability necessary for all possible excursions by bicycle.The latter has 24 speeds, this mountain bike will therefore adapt perfectly to the different rhythms imposed by its user.Despite its skills in the mountains or in the forest, it can obviously be suitable for simple trips in town or on any flat surface. This mountain bike shows real grip on most surfaces without endangering the health of its user.You can therefore use it in the rain or in most difficult situations.

This machine is equipped by the Shimano brand.This recognized brand offers us on this bike a STEF51 dual speed selector, a TX55 rear derailleur, 24 speeds, 2 disc brakes zoom in and out as well as a derailleur.All these accessories will allow you optimal control of the bike as well as a real adaptation to your personal use.Small bonus: the manufacturer delivers this model already assembled.All Moma bikes have a 2 year warranty from the date of shipment as well as a lifetime warranty on the frame.To avoid any unpleasant surprises when unpacking the bike, it is checked in detail before packing.This way, you won’t have any missing or damaged parts.We would like to remind you, however, that this is an “entry-level” bike which will obviously not be suitable for extreme or sustained use.In addition, the latter will not meet your expectations if you want to practice on particularly dangerous terrain.

Mountain biking 26 inch KS Cycling Bliss

A bike that slams, for top performance.Here is the 26 inch KS Cycling Bliss MTB.In terms of performance, nothing to complain about, we are clearly on a top-of-the-range mountain bike with all the characteristics that go with it: A full suspension bike for foolproof comfort, 21 speeds for a perfect adaptation to your pushing style as well as different routes you will do. This is the best performing bike on our list .With it, you won’t even ask yourself the question “is my bike suitable for this route?” Because it will be in all cases.No season can resist it, the KS Cycling Bliss MTB is a rock-solid machine!

In addition to that, here we have a mountain bike that has character and who lets it know , with it, you will clearly not go unnoticed on your journeys.If we were to compare this model of ATV to a model of a car, it would clearly be a sports coupe.Its white and yellow colors are neither too garish, nor too sober.Also note that apart from its price, the lifespan of this machine is naturally greater than that of previous models.

The 26 inch Full Suspension Actimover Mountain Bike

Here we find a mid-range Actimover mountain bike supplied with its bell and battery-powered lighting. This Mountain Bike has 18 speeds allowing you to adapt the pedaling intensity to your abilities and the type of surface you are facing.Like the previous model, the latter’s wheels are 26 inches.In this way, this mountain bike will be perfectly suited to adults of all ages (the saddle is obviously adjustable according to your morphology).This model is a little heavier than the one we detailed above.Indeed, the 26 inch Actimover mountain bike weighs 18.5 kg.Indeed, unlike the previous one, this model is not made of aluminum, in reality, only the rims of this one were made in this material.Here we have a versatile mountain bike that is as suitable for exotic and adventurous excursions as it is for simple walks or trips in the city.If the latter is particularly comfortable on a flat surface, it will accompany you without problem for more sporty and intense courses.This mountain bike is particularly well suited to this kind of route, since it is “full suspension”.Thus, the 26 inch Actimover mountain bike has a double damping system which allows it to perfectly absorb any type of shock.

This mid-range Actimover bike has a clean, understated style , being mostly colored black with some undertones of blue.In terms of equipment, we find for the second time the Shimano brand which supports this part of the mountain bike.The equipment brand includes on this bike a TY21 rear derailleur.Regarding the delivery terms, you will receive this bike in a cardboard box.You will only have to do one simple thing: mount the front wheel.To conclude, here you have a versatile bike for a mid-range price, this one will suit you more than the previous one if you mainly intend to use your mountain bike for adventurous and risky routes.This bike will offer you safety and comfort in all your travels, but it will be as beneficial for your body and your health as a quality elliptical trainer as it is complete.

The mountain bike SPR 26 inch Avenger

How about you have a bike perfectly optimized for any type of excursion? Because if the previous ones did the trick, here we are going to present you a performance bike.But beware, this one borders on the “top of the range” but can still be considered a “mid-range” bike.And indeed, if its components have all the characteristics of an expensive bicycle, its price remains affordable.Let’s start with a quick description of its main components and accessories.First of all, you should know that this bike is a full suspension mountain bike, and as specified in the description of the previous mountain bike, this feature allows it comfort and optimal stability because it absorbs shocks very well (double damping).In addition, the grip of this bike to any type of surface is no longer to be proven, so you can use it with confidence even in difficult weather conditions.Once again, we would like to point out that this kind of mountain bike can also be perfectly suited to trips or trips in the city center for example.Then the frame is completely made of steel.For this reason, this model weighs approximately 18 kg.Here we are again on a 26 inch model mainly suitable for people over 155cm tall.The saddle of this mountain bike obviously remains adjustable to adapt perfectly to your size.

On the accessory side, we once again find the Shimano brand offering us here: 21-speed “Rapid Fire” trigger grips , TX35 rear derailleur, disc brakes controlled by aluminum brake levers, aluminum rims with quick release at the front as well as battery doorbell and lighting (included). Even if this product is more than satisfactory, we owe it to you to alert you to one point, Amazon customer feedback on this product is not perfect. There has indeed been some criticism of the clarity of how to use the 26 inch SPR Avenger ATV. We don’t think this is a serious problem, but we need to tell you so that you can have all the information you need to make the most informed purchase choice. Regarding the performance and general use of this mountain bike, however, customer feedback is more than adequate. We will let you visit the site directly to learn more.

The 26 inch XR mountain bike

To slow things down a bit ( no pun intended), here is a bike that we could not this time confuse with “top of the range”, a more affordable price bracket, for a bike with a good quality/price ratio.A 26 inch bike, which has 18 gears and which weighs only 5 kg while having a steel frame! For this weight, we want to take it everywhere with you, this mountain bike is a real master key.On the brake side, there is a linear pull braking system.A recurring type of braking for the price and range of this bike.Compared to the previous one, this bike certainly does not have all its qualities, but we are obviously not talking about the same kind of expense.However, this mountain bike is also a long-term investment and will last for many years.

At the time of delivery, this one for supplied “mounted at 85%” .Quite simply, all you have to do is secure the front wheel to the mountain bike with an integrated quick release, tighten the handlebars and quickly screw on the pedals.Don’t worry, this bike doesn’t require any special DIY skills to get up and running! Note also that this mountain bike differs from the previous ones by its aesthetics.Indeed, this one is mainly white with some red patterns, so we are stepping out of the “sober” side that we found for our previous models.A mountain bike that will certainly make people notice you in the street when you are in the city center, for example.In general, customers of this mountain bike are satisfied with its favorable price/performance ratio.

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