Comparison of the best office chairs in 2021

To work in good conditions, you know that you necessarily need some essential equipment, among which the office itself or the office chair. The latter is unfortunately very often chosen at random by consumers since many think that all office chairs are the same which, in reality, is very far from the case. Today, we invite you to discover this complete file on the office chair in which, in addition to presenting you the best products of the moment, we wanted to list you in the most detailed possible all the criteria for choosing such equipment. Thus, in a few moments, you will have in your possession all the necessary knowledge to choose the best office chair, which will then allow you to be able to work more comfortable and therefore, to be more efficient.

The Gamer Songmics office chair

Currently, the Gamer Songmics office chair is very successful and is even the subject of a real plebiscite from customers since in addition to being economical, it is ultra comfortable and ergonomic, which will give you the possibility of working for hours without seeing the time pass. The brand has indeed been able to develop a product that adapts perfectly to all body types, without exception. It is certain that once you try it for the first time, you will not imagine being able to do without the Gamer Songmics office chair which was also manufactured in order to be able to be used extensively without showing any weakness or wear whatsoever.

To design the Sport Racing Songmics office chair, the brand used high quality plastic for the structure. As for the seat and backrest, these are covered with a high-end PU (a leather substitute) and the padding was made from high density sponge. So the moment you sit down, you will immediately feel at ease. We also really liked the seat width of 53 centimeters and the depth of 51 which allows you to feel perfectly seated without being squeezed into the Gamer Songmics office chair. Finally, the seat height can be adjusted between 45.5 and 54 centimeters in order that once again, you will not find fault with this model which, in our opinion, is very close to perfection.

The Songmics OBG24B Adjustable Office Chair

The Songmics brand has always appealed to us because it is particularly committed to always improving the experience of its customers to offer them quality, durability, comfort and utility. This is why in this article we wanted to present the Songmics OBG24B adjustable office chair. The brand has tried at best to think of all the activities of its potential users to allow them to carry out various activities in a pleasant way and while thinking of their well-being as well as their physical health. You will be able to discover this adjustable office chair and imagine yourself already comfortably installed inside before ordering it without having to think about it.

An office chair with unequaled comfort

Songmics OBG24B adjustable desk was designed in black color. Thus, it will suit any interior and any user. You will immediately see its comfortable appearance. Made from double-layered imitation leather, it has a pleasant feel and is ultra resistant to tears and therefore to wear. This material is also an asset in terms of maintenance since a wipe of the sponge will suffice to clean it. Thanks to an adjustable height ranging from 114 to 124 cm and whose backrest alone has a height of 76 cm, it will suit many users by adapting perfectly to their stature. As for the seat of this ergonomic office chair, with a width of 50 cm and a depth of 55 cm, it happens to be really comfortable. The latter, like the backrest, are equipped with high-density sponge padding, but also good elasticity, which allows you to enjoy a pleasant, comfortable seat where you will not see the hours pass by during your work or play sessions.

The Songmics OBG24B Adjustable Office Chair has been tested, but also has a standard that assures you of its stability, sturdiness and its durability as well as its comfort and the quality of its materials. Indeed, its foot has been made in the shape of 5-pointed stars, for optimal stability . Each of them has a multidirectional roller at the end that will allow you to move around without having to get up, while its diameter is 70 cm. Made of PU, they are ideal for quiet travel. You will be able to make various adjustments with a large screw and a lever, both located below the seat, and thus adapt it to your size or your situation, whether you need to work, play, relax or read a book. You will also find with this Songmics chair additional screws and wheels in case of concern. Finally, know that this adjustable office chair will fit any user up to 150 kg.

Our opinion on the Songmics OBG24B

office chair

What appealed to us in the first place was the vision of its comfortable appearance thanks to the extra thick padding. The Songmics OBG24B Adjustable Office Chair immediately invites you to sit down and use it. The ability to make different settings is ideal for each user of different height to use them effectively. The same goes for being able to use it in different situations conducive to working in good conditions as well as a comfortable and pleasant moment of relaxation. An excellent price/quality ratio for a strong, durable and multifunctional chair.

The Songmics OBG62B Gamer Office Chair

If we decided to test the Songmics OBG62B Office Chair, it’s just because we wanted to present you a quality product that can provide you with all the comfort you need during your long working sessions, sitting at your desk. If your professional activity requires you to sit for long hours in front of your computer, having a high-quality chair is essential for your comfort, but also for your health and well-being. Discover quickly thanks to this article the presentation of this armchair which will allow you to work in optimal conditions.

A perfect office chair for daily use

The Songmics OBG62B Office Chair is black in color; very aesthetic, it will be perfect for any office style thanks to its sober and timeless design. Designed using high quality materials, it will bring you real comfort, in particular thanks to its PU cover and its sponge padding whose density is quite high. In addition, its coating has a pleasant touch and you can clean it very easily. The armrests are also equipped with padding that will allow you to sit comfortably, their shape has been specially designed so that you can rest your arms in a pleasant way. You will then be able to lift them up so that you can conveniently store this excellent office chair under the desk without taking up too much space when not in use. In terms of height, the latter are found at a height of 70 to 80 cm from the ground. Finally, know that this Songmics OBG62B armchair will suit anyone whose maximum weight is 150 kg.

The Songmics OBG62B office armchair also has an adjustable backrest whose the height is up to 81cm from the ground and has been designed specifically to conform to the shape of your spine. Also, its shape allows your head and shoulders to be perfectly supported, ideal for long workouts in all the necessary comfort. As for the seat, which is 53 cm wide and 51 cm deep, it can be adjusted to be between 45.5 and 54 cm from the ground, depending on your height; you will thus have the possibility of adjusting it thanks to a small lever located under your seat for a practical use. In addition, the backrest has the particularity of being able to tilt at an angle between 90 and 110 °, which will allow you to relax a little after a few hours of work. Its PU-designed casters adapt to any type of ground and roll smoothly and smoothly, and have the undeniable advantage of rolling very quietly. The 70cm diameter leg, like all other parts of this chair, has been tested for completely safe use. Finally, you will find additional parts in your package so that you can change them in case of wear. You will be supplied with this office chair with instructions in different languages ​​as well as a tool to facilitate assembly.

Our opinion on the Songmics OBG62B office chair

After testing this Songmics OBG62B office chair, we can only recommend it. Its price is really attractive compared to the quality of the materials, its comfort and all the options it will offer you. Indeed, the possibility of adjusting it in height, or of adjusting the armrests, of tilting the backrest, and of perfectly adapting it to your size for an optimal comfort makes it an armchair of office of choice. You absolutely cannot regret it. In addition, its silent appearance allows you to work in optimal conditions and finally, the folding armrests allow it to be stored very conveniently.

What are the different kinds of office chairs that exist?

Ergonomics is at the center of everyone’s concerns, and this, the manufacturers have understood very well. This is why, over the years, new equipment capable of meeting specific needs have appeared. Today, there is therefore only one kind of office chair since in reality, these variations are five in number. So that you know which type of office chair is most suitable for you, we will present them to you below, which should also help you to better orient your research when it comes. when to look for the best office chair for you.

The classic office chair

The classic office chair is the most common. It is especially suitable for occasional users who are looking for a comfortable and economical office chair. Thanks to it, you will be able to work in excellent conditions while preserving your budget. However, if you are using it for several hours, you may want to switch to another kind of office chair.

However, the chair classic office desk remains very popular with consumers since it adapts to all body types . Even if the settings are fewer, they still allow you to work comfortably. Clearly, the classic office chair is a basic model that will suit all those who plan to use it only from time to time.

The sport bucket office chair

The sport bucket office chair is aimed at demanding people who plan to use their new equipment intensively. Indeed, it is an office chair with a sporty look that is essentially inspired by the automotive world and the bucket seats that equip racing cars. Concretely, the sport office chair is designed with the aim of offering the best possible comfort .

In addition to its very sporty appearance, the sport bucket office chair also stands out for its unique shapes that help make it an ergonomic office chair. You can actually sit there for hours without ever feeling any pain whatsoever in the buttocks or lower back.

The office massage chair

If you spend most of your time sitting at your office desk, then the office massage chair is sure to be the right equipment for you. It is a generously padded product that will offer you incomparable sitting comfort and at the same time take care of your body.

The chair The massage desk is also popular since it can be plugged in, after which its built-in adjustable massage system will activate to help you relax while you work. However, this type of office chair is actually a little more expensive to buy than other types of office chairs.

The heated office chair

Just like the massage office chair, the massage chair heated desk is designed to relax your body , especially your muscles when you work. Designed for both occasional and intensive use, it will allow you to enjoy a gentle warmth that will make you never feel the slightest discomfort when you work.

Obviously, if you wish, you can deactivate the heating function of your office chair which will need to be plugged in to operate. At present, this type of equipment is very successful, both in individuals and in companies.

The office chair for children

Younger people also had the right to power do their homework or have fun in the best conditions. And for that, a good kid’s desk chair is the best. Indeed, this equipment is specifically designed to protect and respect the morphology of the child who can then use his chair intensively without ever experiencing any problem whatsoever during his growth.

If the office chair for children is so interesting, it’s also because there are all styles and colors, which will allow you to please your little one while respecting his own tastes.

How to choose an office chair adapted to his needs?

As you may have noticed previously, there are many kinds of office chairs with very different characteristics. Depending on your own needs, it will therefore be essential that you take all the time necessary to choose your office chair, which will depend on several specific criteria. In order that you can easily find the perfect office chair from all points of view without having to devote hours to it, we have chosen to list you and detail all of the criteria for choosing an office chair . So when doing your research, you just need to follow these tips one after the other to make sure you’re buying the best office chair.

The right type of office chair for you

Obviously, before even starting your research, you will have to take stock of your expectations regarding your chair. office. Previously in this comparison, we presented the different equipment that exists in this field. At this level, it will especially be necessary to show patience and a lot of rigor, in particular by analyzing your rhythm of use of your office chair as well as the possible needs relating to your health that you could have. For example, if you are looking for a product of this type with a view to using it only very occasionally, a classic office chair will do the job perfectly, especially since the purchase it will cost you much less .

On the other hand, if you spend many hours sitting at your desk each day and regularly suffer from back pain or lower back pain, an office chair with massage or heating will be preferred since it will allow you to enjoy better comfort . When doing your research, therefore, pay close attention to the type of office chair that suits you because this very precise criterion will be directly responsible for your satisfaction. Indeed, as you can imagine, if a few minutes after receiving your office chair you realize that it is not perfectly comfortable, unfortunately, you will regret having made the decision to buy it.

The dimensions of the office chair

From one office chair to another, the dimensions can vary greatly, and of course, comfort will also depend on these dimensions. To put it simply, when the time comes to choose an office chair, you will have to take into account the seat width, the seat depth as well as the height of the backrest. But it is true that it is never very easy to know exactly what are the ideal dimensions of an office chair . Here are some tips to better orient your research. First, sit on a classic chair, and using a tape measure, at your hips, calculate the number of centimeters between your right side and your left side. Add to this result 10 centimeters (5 centimeters on each side), and you will obtain the ideal seat width. However, you can also choose an office chair with a slightly larger width.

As for the ideal depth of an office chair , it is also very easy to assess since when you are seated your knees should be at a right angle. To find the right depth, therefore, measure the distance between your buttocks and the crook of your knees and try to find the office chair that comes closest to this result. Finally, as regards the height of the backrest, it must be at least equal to or greater than the distance between your buttocks and the top of your head. Finally, if the office chair you are interested in has a headrest, then you will need to calculate the distance between your glutes and your neck. It is rare for office chairs to offer exactly the same dimensions for your needs, however, as we will immediately see, some models offer precise adjustments that will make your daily life much easier.

The adjustments offered by your office chair

Each person is different, whether in terms of height, weight, build or needs. And of course, manufacturers can’t afford to make every office chair custom. That is why, when you receive your new office chair, you will notice that it has several adjustments, the number of which may vary depending on the model. In most cases, you will be able to adjust the seat height or backrest angle , which are basic settings. However, some brands have gone much further by offering office chairs that can adapt with extreme precision to your body and your needs.

By example, as we started to tell you about it previously, you will find office chairs when you search for office chairs whose headrest can be adjusted in height so that you can support your neck in an ideal way. Others also suggest that you adjust the height of the handles or even the inclination of the seat, always with the aim that your body is subjected to as little pressure as possible , which will allow you to work more efficiently. more comfortable and therefore, to feel less tired after your working day. Finally, for massage or heating office chairs, generally, a remote control will allow you to adjust the intensity of these features.

Why buy the best office chair possible? All the advantages!

If we wanted to be ultra precise on the criteria that concern the choice of an office chair, and if we have done everything to to help you choose the best equipment, it is mainly because the advantages of an office chair are numerous and particularly important, as regards your well-being as well as your health or as your productivity. In order for you to know more about this topic, and to understand why it is so important to ensure that you choose the best possible office chair, we suggest you find out below what are all the advantages of an office chair. quality.

Improve your productivity with the office chair

Making sure to choose an office chair that is comfortable and that meets your own needs, you will be comfortably seated when you work. So you won’t have to search in vain for the ideal position and will not constantly gesticulate. Clearly, since immediately after sitting down you will feel at your ease, you will not have to concentrate on your comfort, which will give you all the necessary latitude to be able to fully devote yourself to your work. which will then make you much more productive.

Protect your body from any muscle or joint pain

Sitting is unnatural for the body, and it puts a lot of pressure on your muscles as well as your bones and joints. Therefore, sitting too long in a position that is not ergonomic can lead to real chronic problems, which can affect the back, legs, arms or even the neck. To overcome these possible problems, unfortunately all too frequent, the best solution is to buy an ergonomic office chair, which will improve your posture significantly without you even realizing it.

Prevent risks health

It is also important to take into account that when you are sitting for a long time, blood circulates much less well in your body. over time, can cause real health risks. The office chair, if chosen correctly, will allow you to protect your health, although it is also true that it will not be sufficient on its own. If you can, get up for at least two minutes every two hours to allow your body to regain proper blood circulation.

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