Inflatable Spa: Comparison and review of the best models 2021

TOP 3 of the best inflatable spas of the year

Winter and freestanding are two particularly difficult times of the year that come with very cold temperatures. The good news is that these two seasons lead to a sunny period with higher temperatures. In fact, summer is a time when most people often want to relax in the sun. If you are one of that majority, this is your chance to think about great massage. All this completely changes the concept of SPA which becomes an unprecedented relaxation tool for the user. However, there is an inflatable SPA for your pleasure. It must be said that these huge buoys full of water are ideal for a moment of relaxation with family or groups. Inflatable SPAs can also through bubbles give you a tt, the ever increasing success of these products has had a perverse effect. Indeed, there are a multitude of SPA manufacturers and by extension a large range of these products. It therefore becomes difficult for the user to select their dream SPA. To help you in this task, we have established this 2021 comparison to present you the best SPAs currently on the market.

What are the three best SPAs in 2021?

First inflatable SPA: Intex Purespa 28404

The first product in this classification is equipment from the Intex brand. This can be explained by the fact that the inflatable SPAs of this firm are generally recognized for their quality. It should still be added that these more qualitative products are a little more expensive than the others available on the market. This SPA is large enough to accommodate up to 4 people. It also has a capacity of 800 liters, and you can heat it up to a maximum temperature of 40 ° C. The manufacturer also provided the SPA with several accessories. Indeed there is a transport bag, a tarpaulin and a cartridge that allows filtering. However, the real difference in this equipment is in the technology. Indeed, the SPA has been designed with hydrojet technology which allows it to have 120 jet microphones. These facilitate relaxation by fighting against muscle and joint pain.

What are the opinions of this Intex brand product?

The vast majority of customers and users are satisfied with this product. Indeed, they admire the fact that the SPA is large and spacious enough for four people to relax. Customers also emphasized that the SPA is easy to use and does not require special skills to install. The only deplorable point is the relatively long time the SPA takes to heat the water. However, this factor does not really influence the comfort one can have with this product.

Second inflatable SPA: Happy Garden Pack

This is a model whose performance is similar to the first SPA in our ranking. However, the manufacturer has chosen to reduce the price of the product so at the same time to remove certain characteristics. Despite everything, it is a product that offers very good value for money. Indeed, this SPA has Hydrojet technology and is also delivered with a multitude of accessories. The product has a good capacity which can facilitate relaxation for a group of four people. In addition, the SPA has been manufactured with a tough polyester coating to increase the durability of the product. The user can heat the water temperature in the SPA up to 42 ° C. Despite all these positive factors, we can regret that the device is sold with an insufficient guarantee. Indeed the pond is sold with a 6 month warranty and just 1 month for certain elements like the motor and the filter.

What is the criticism of the Happy Garden Pack?

This model is really appreciated by users for its high performance and also for the fact that it is easy to relax. However, it should be noted that customers regret that this SPA cannot really accommodate 4 adults. Indeed the product seems intended for family use, which is a bit crude for some customers.

Third inflatable SPA: Happy Garden Leather

The difference between this model and the previous one is that the leather model can accommodate up to 6 people. Apart from this detail, many features of the Happy Garden Pack are found in the leather model. Indeed we find the same reinforced polyester coating. This model has a very good capacity of 930 liters. The SPA water can be heated to a maximum temperature of 42 ° C. This model fully covered in leather is also sold with a large number of accessories. For this product, we regret the fact that the six seats are not suitable for adults. It should also be said that the guarantees provided by the manufacturer for this product are a little low.

What other products could have been included in our ranking?

Fourth Inflatable SPA: O'Spazia

This luxury spa can hold up to 1000 liters of water. Water that the user can heat to a maximum temperature of 40 ° C. The product is designed with 130 micro jets to facilitate your relaxation. This is due to the hydrojet technology incorporated in it. It must also be said that the spa inflates very quickly, in just five minutes. Note that the spa is made with a good polyester coating. It should also be added that this product comes with a large number of accessories and that it is large enough for the relaxation of 6 adults. The only point of uncertainty regarding this equipment is the little guarantee for this spa, especially according to this price.

Fifth inflatable SPA: Happy Garden Spa round

This circular model can accommodate up to 4 people. The equipment has a capacity of 700 liters, which means that it is an excellent instrument for your relaxation, both indoors and outdoors. This spa is sold with other small equipment such as the groundsheet. An accessory that considerably extends the durability of your equipment. This spa, like those in our ranking, is equipped with hydrojet technology. A final plus is the very good value for money of the spa. You have to admit that the pool is not spacious enough for four adults.

Where to buy a quality inflatable spa at the best price possible?

You have seen it previously through our comparison of inflatable spas, such equipment remains quite expensive, even if, very often, its price is quite justified. Either way, however, it remains extremely important that you be very careful not to buy your next spa anywhere, and not at any price. Indeed, many brands offer spas for sale, unfortunately, not all are as recommendable as the others. Before finalizing your purchase, it will be particularly important that you find out about the guarantees that are offered to you.

To be certain of buying a quality inflatable spa at the best possible price, we strongly advise you to turn to brands recognized in their sector for their professionalism, as can be the case with for example which, for many years, has been considered the leader undisputed. In addition, do not hesitate to inquire about the reputation of the brand to which you will turn, which could save you many mishaps. Finally, it goes without saying that a price that is too attractive could also be the sign of a poor quality item. So beware of offers that are too good to be true, and above all bet on the seriousness of the dealer.

What are the elements to take into account when choosing an inflatable spa?

The choice of a spa must be done by following certain essential criteria. So in the ranking that we did above, there are factors like price and quality that came up time and time again. The logic of this classification is to present a wide range of inflatable spas which still have a good value for money. However, if you want to make a comparison specific to your expectations, here are some criteria that you should follow.

First criterion: Size

You should know that this is a factor that varies greatly at the level of spas. Thus we find models of two, four, six, eight and ten places. So that's a factor to take into account, especially depending on how you want to use it. It is therefore necessary to define whether you plan to buy the spa for family use or just for relaxation for two.

Second criterion: the form

The market for inflatable spas presents models of several types. Indeed, we distinguish inflatable spas with round, oval and square shapes. It should be noted that the shape of spas does not really correlate with their technical characteristics. So the form is essentially aesthetic. But you must pay attention to the shape, especially thinking about where you would like to put your spa.

Fourth criterion: Bubbles or Hydrojets

Inflatable spas can have one of the two following technologies, the hydrojet functionality or the bubble one. You should know that the prices of spas vary depending on the technology with which they are equipped. In fact, inflatable bubble spa models are really suitable for relaxation. Those with hydrojet technology are a little more expensive but they can help solve particular painful problems.

Fifth criterion: Reliability

The purchase of an inflatable spa should be seen as an investment. It must therefore be said that this is a product that must last over time to be profitable for its user. We must therefore avoid rushing for low-cost products of poor quality. The choice must be made taking into account the materials the spa is made of, the warranty and other small factors. The ideal in this case would be to trust benchmark spa manufacturers like those in our ranking. Another option is to browse the forums to get opinions on a not very well known product.

Sixth criterion: The coating

You have to know that a large part of inflatable spas have a reinforced polyester coating. This coating is present inside and outside the inflatable spa. There are also some higher range spas on the market that have more suitable coatings to absorb shocks or increase their durability.

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