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How to choose your electric toothbrush?

It is not always easy to have the best possible dental hygiene on your own without ever going through the dentist's office to remove the excess tartar that will not go away. This is not easy with a conventional toothbrush, but is now possible if you use an electric toothbrush! Why, what is the difference with a classic, manual brush? It's very simple: those that are electric make numerous movements of their own, which will allow you to very easily and completely remove all dental plaque, even in the most difficult to access places. Indeed, the head of these brushes is specially designed to be effective everywhere without you having to think about positioning your device correctly. Everything is now done simply, all you have to do is bring the head of the brush to the tooth and it will do the cleaning for you. With an electric toothbrush you will no longer have the famous tartar worries, so you can say goodbye to cavities but also to gum problems. This is the best way for a deep clean in the easiest way possible. Want to get started on the electric toothbrush but are not yet convinced of its effectiveness? Which is more effective, the electric toothbrush or the manual toothbrush?

For efficient and fast dental hygiene

The question of the effectiveness or not of the electric toothbrush compared to the manual toothbrush is one of the great debates of the 21st century. And of course, as one would expect the electric toothbrush wins a lot of votes. The electric toothbrush is very hygienic and very sharp. It contributes to good oral hygiene. The electric toothbrush is recommended by dentists because the device is similar to the instruments they use in their dental office. Thanks to their rotating heads which are generally round, the electric toothbrush offers good brushing because it allows you to reach both back teeth inaccessible to simple manual toothbrushes, the interstices of the teeth and the gum grooves.

the best electric toothbrushes in 2021?

For a healthy oral hygiene: Oral-B Pro 5000

It is more than important to have an oral hygiene impeccable in order to protect against nasty bacteria and possible cavities. To do this, here is the Oral-B Pro 5000 electric toothbrush, a marvel of technology that will act automatically to brush your teeth. Indeed, with this toothbrush, you will have a hygiene without waving the slightest arm. Completely electric, the Oral-B Pro 5000 from Oral-B, world leader in innovation and the manufacture of toothbrushes, is equipped with CrossAction brush heads, which allow, through inclined bristles, to eliminate and clean a lot more dental plaques. The Pro 5000 therefore differs from manual brushes with its ability to leave teeth consistently clean and get rid of 100% of harmful plaque.

Features and accessories of the oral-b Pro 5000 electric toothbrush

With its 5 main functions, the Pro 5000 offers users several ways of using it. The first function is the standard mode, and which offers a 3D movement of the head, this function is also equipped with a visible pressure indicator. The second function concerns the care of the gums. Third function: gentle mode, for gentle brushing for the most sensitive. Fourth, the polishing mode and finally, a wireless SmartGuide screen. One of the most remarkable innovations of Oral-B Pro 5000 is its 3D technology which makes the head oscillate by pulsating and rotating it, something that a conventional toothbrush cannot do. As the toothbrush is cordless, and therefore rechargeable, it allows for very free movement to any desired side of the mouth, and a maneuverability that will make the user feel comfortable while brushing. Upon purchase, the box of the Oral-B Pro 5000 toothbrush will contain a toothbrush handle with a charging base that will also be used to store the 3 brushes: 1 CrossAction, 1 Sensitive, 1 3D White, a screen SmartGuide wireless, plus a classic travel case to take it with you wherever you go.

Flexcare Platinum brush Philips rechargeable electric toothbrush

The different brushing modes of the Philips toothbrush-HX9112/02 are designed to adapt to all everyday situations: sensitive gums or that one is looking for a cleaning of dental plaque for example. In addition, it is possible to adjust the brushing density between low, medium and high levels, even while brushing your teeth. The head of the brush has short and long bristles to ensure the most complete cleaning possible of the space between the teeth. Using this electric toothbrush fights plaque and healthier gums in just two weeks. The toothbrush also has 2 timer systems, one for 2 minutes (Smartimer), and the other vibrating at regular intervals (Quadpacer) to allow equal brushing of all areas of the mouth. On the other hand, an integrated pressure sensor warns the user when brushing is too strong, and this through light and sound signals (but it is also possible to deactivate this option). The brush is rechargeable, and has an autonomy of up to 3 weeks; when it is on, it is also possible to check the battery charge level, indicated by three indicator lights on the handle. Another advantage of this sonic toothbrush is its low noise level when brushing, as well as an easy to grip non-slip handle. Finally, the toothbrush has a bright screen indicating the mode selected for each brushing. The three modes offered by the Philips rechargeable toothbrush-HX9112/02 revolve around the care of the gums, the cleanliness of the teeth and their whiteness. The gum care mode lasts 3 minutes and takes the form of a massage that helps fight against loosening of the teeth. The teeth clean mode lasts 2 minutes and also allows you to adjust the intensity of brushing. Finally, the mode for treating the whiteness of the teeth is added to the previous mode for intensive cleaning of the teeth (an additional 30 seconds). To the ergonomic design of the handle are added accessories such as two additional Intercare brush heads (one standard and one small) to enhance cleaning in difficult areas. The toothbrush has a small multi-purpose charger (with a power consumption of 2W) as well as a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The brush also comes with a very useful travel case for this type of very long battery life. With its options to ensure cleanliness, whiteness, or gum care, the Philips rechargeable toothbrush-HX9112/02 offers multiple features necessary for the maintenance of teeth and gums.

Oral-B Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Pro 4500 Duo

The Oral-B Pro 4500 Duo electric toothbrush revolutionizes oral hygiene with flawless toothbrushing. This brush has already proven its worth and is now a must. Lauded by many users, it is a toy for dentists. Carefully designed, Oral-B Pro 4500 Duo provides three brushes whose actions complement each other to take care of your teeth as at the specialist. The sensitive brush head is ideal for brushing teeth without attacking them and thus protects teeth and gums simultaneously. It is recommended even for those who do not have sensitive gums because it preserves the whole tooth and gum line in the long term. The CrossAction brush head also removes virtually all plaque from even the most stubborn teeth at the root of the teeth, with a minimum brushing of twice a day. There is also the 3D white with its rotating head that cleans everything thoroughly. The old plates will not resist the pulsating and oscillating movements of the Oral-B brush, for a fast and very satisfying result. Use the Oral-B brush after every meal, you will see how your teeth will shine in record time. The kit also provides two rechargeable handles for the brushes; this to avoid possible interruption during your brushing. Also, a visible pressure sensor is associated with these sleeves, which lights up when you press it hard. After that, short beeps will alert you when 30 seconds of brushing has passed and a long beep will sound after 2 minutes of brushing. Everything is studied in detail at the Oral-B brand, which is why many dentists recommend it to everyone. The blue bristles around the edges fade with use, to let you know when to change the brush. Taking care of teeth and gums on a daily basis, incorporating gentle polishing of the enamel from the bottom upwards without softening it, these are the objectives of the Oral-B 4500 duo professional brush. You'll be able to move around safely by taking care to keep your complete kit in the travel case.

But each dentition needs special treatment.

Some people have sensitive teeth, others have stains that appear from coffee, tea and other cigarettes, others need soft bristles so as not to hit the gums which open easily. Others will want special care for their own comfort without any real medical need and will prefer whitening treatments. All of this is possible! Indeed, to meet the growing demand of users, the major brands in this field are constantly innovating in their production and offering you models more and more suited to your needs. These innovations are not only about comfort but can also be in the field of brushing assistance with, for example, an integrated timer so that your brushing lasts long enough to be complete and therefore effective. All these innovations are also made on the many models intended for use by children. With all this, investing in an Oral B electric toothbrush or another brand is not at all a mistake, on the contrary. This will allow you to have home and do a thorough brushing on your own like the one your dentist would do in his office. The new innovations also allow you to have the right material for your teeth. Be careful, however, visits to the dentist are still necessary. It is still necessary to continue to check that all is well. In addition, if you do not know which model to choose, which specific treatments are important to you, your dentist will be able to answer you. As a professional he knows the best models and will therefore be able to tell you which one will suit you best. If you do not have the patience to wait for your dentist appointment, know that there are comparators on the internet that allow you to take a good look at the characteristics of each model to see which of them will best meet your needs. dental. With so many qualities and advantages compared to a classic model, you probably imagine that the purchase of a brush of this type is significant. While some models are, it is true, quite expensive, going up to more than 150 €, others, with less various functions, are accessible from 20 or 30 €. It is therefore up to you to define the real needs you have, to define a maximum budget and then to see which model corresponds to your different selection criteria.


If you want more information on dental hygiene devices, you will surely find what you are looking for on our site. There are two types of electric toothbrush: the disposable electric toothbrush and the rechargeable electric toothbrush. The disposable models work with batteries and are not rechargeable, they are more suitable for nomadic people because they are easy to carry; rechargeable models, on the other hand, like the electric beard trimmers , work with a battery and are ideal for use at home .

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