How to choose the right outdoor slide for children?

Who speaks of children speaks of play. Among all the games that exist in the complex world of children, we have the outdoor children’s slide. It occupies a special place in amusement parks. It is one of the top three most popular toys for children. It’s no wonder! It provides special entertainment to them and to the great pleasure of their parents. In this guide, we suggest you better understand its benefits. Then, we will discover the aspects to take into account for an excellent choice. Finally, we will give you the right address to facilitate its access.

Best outdoor children’s slide: The top 3

Why buy a children’s outdoor slide?

The outdoor children’s slide can be used alone or in groups. It brings joy and enchantment to children. They strengthen their bond and acquire a sense of discipline. Even more interesting, you can make the game more exciting by organizing competitions between them much like in football . Their enthusiasm grows, they cultivate a taste for effort and acquire a team spirit. The outdoor slide can be used by children from 2 to 10 years old. It is not difficult to climb. You just have to follow the instructions in the user manual. It exists in various forms, offering several play activities according to the models. It is very practical. You no longer need to line up at amusement parks. When you have it in your garden, your children can access it more easily and regularly. You can see your children having fun at home where it is easier to take care of them.

The advantages of the outdoor children’s slide also lie in the aspect of health. This device is a good alternative to the television that makes the children go out. The slide is healthier. It develops the physical condition of children. They acquire speed, agility and good coordination in movement. When exposed to the sun, children receive vitamin D. This substance is essential for their growth and the development of their bones. The game takes place in a healthy environment. The outdoors provide maximum oxygen. In addition, the greenery of the lawn or garden generates positive energy. The colors of this toy are generally bright. They are adequate to keep children alert. Now, you have to be sufficiently equipped to make a good choice.

Comparison of children’s outdoor slide: The 10 best-selling models on the internet

What are the criteria for choosing your outdoor children’s slide ?

The most important criterion is security. The outdoor slide for children must comply with French or European safety standards (NF EN 1176-3) . It must have an anti-slip system on the steps or on the ladder. Make sure the stairs have a handrail. The entry of the slide must have handles or bars to facilitate the change of position and give more stability to the child. The slide must have a side barrier or a guide ledge. This will prevent you from getting out of the slide and falling during its movement. It must also have a base to ensure high stability. You should also consider the type of material used. It can be plastic or wood. If you opt for plastic, it should be used for the youngest (under 3 years). Wood is better because it is stronger. However, it must be able to withstand the elements.

The length of the slide is important.A one-meter slide is best for children under two.A 1.10 m long slide is suitable for children under 4 years old.Finally, a 2 m slide is sufficient for children over 4 years old.Choose your outdoor slides according to the activity.They are either of the simple type or of the multi-activity type.The second type seems to be better, because it prevents children from getting bored quickly.The fifth factor to consider is the type of slide.We distinguish: the easel slides, the slides combined with other structures, the ring slides and the relief slides.You will choose according to your sensitivity.Children often prefer the less simple slides.The options offered on board the slides are also to be considered.For example, some are enriched with a jet of water.These are handy in times of blazing heat.

Where to find your best price outdoor children’s slide?

We find outdoor children’s slides in several physical outlets.You can also find them on online sales platforms.On the internet, you have plenty of information to make shopping easier, which also applies to a  XXL wooden dollhouse .By visiting several e-commerce sites, you compare the different prices.E-commerce is simple and practical.No matter where you are on the Internet, you can shop more easily from your computer or your phone .You can receive your product right at your doorstep.You will no longer have to roam the city, let alone queue in the shops.You can shop without worrying about store opening and closing times.With e-commerce, save time, money and energy.

Among the various e-commerce platforms, Amazon is a global benchmark. The services offered by this platform are of high quality. When you search for your kids outdoor slide on Amazon, you get thousands of results. With such a large catalog, it’s hard not to find what suits you. The description of the models is so detailed that it is close to the expertise of a salesperson. In addition, the merchant site provides you with a selection of the best-selling products to better guide your choice. You can benefit from the experience of consumers who have tested the toy you are looking for. The prices are competitive. They are accessible to practically all budgets. Amazon’s delivery service is interesting. Delivery is free in mainland France when your purchases reach € 25. So, don’t hesitate to log into Amazon to take advantage of it!

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