Buying quality LED bulbs: how do you go about it?

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Lighting solutions have evolved a lot. In a constant quest for performance, manufacturers of lighting objects must also take into account the ecological nature of modern alternatives. Truly revolutionary, LED bulbs come to relieve consumers. More efficient than previous products, these bulbs also stand out for their exceptional longevity. Naturally adopted by many users, the LED bulb is very beneficial. To help you get hold of them at a good price, trust this buying guide.

E27 Lakes LED bulb: our choice

A60 E27 Lakes LED bulbs are supplied in sets of 6 units. They keep their promises. Many customers are happy with their purchase and appreciate the excellent value for money. Easy to install, this 13 W bulb is a valid replacement for our old 100 W halogen bulbs. Customers can therefore save a lot on their electricity bills. In addition to being economical, the product is ecological. It does not emit noise and there is no annoying hum to report during operation. In addition, the accessory provides instant lighting, to the delight of users. It provides full brightness ( strong 1200 lumens ) from the start. With a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin , it provides a cool white light, very close to daylight.

This light bright and intense that tends towards blue helps brighten up your workspaces or energize your workouts and business meetings. In addition, its very high color rendering index (CRI greater than 80) provides vivid and natural colors. This is ideal for having a clear view of objects. This quality product is suitable for general lighting of your room, with a wide beam angle of around 270 degrees. In addition, A60 E27 Lakes LED bulbs have a fairly high lifespan. Indeed, their use can go up to 30,000 hours . On the basis of this major criterion to be taken into consideration, these bulbs stand out for their efficiency. This ampoule has many benefits and is available at a very good price. This is why we highly recommend this product to you.

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Why buy LED bulbs?

Incandescent bulbs, although cheaper, but energy consuming, have disappeared of our lights in favor of more economical and more efficient bulbs: bulbs incorporating light-emitting diodes or LED bulbs. They offer many advantages over other bulbs (incandescent, compact fluorescent, halogen, etc.). If this bulb is widely used today, it is mainly because it is the most economical of all. It consumes very little, 10 times less than a conventional incandescent bulb and 5 times less than a compact fluorescent bulb. In addition to being insensitive to impact, LED lamps do not buzz during lighting. They are easy to install and recycle. They are ecological, because they contain neither mercury nor polluting gas.

Some bulbs need to wait a few minutes after switching on to illuminate to their maximum. This is not the case with LEDs which offer instant maximum illumination. This is a very practical high-brightness bulb, for example in the kitchen when you prepare your fresh pasta or your pastries. You can even adjust the intensity of some models. These bulbs have a lifespan unmatched on the market. They can last up to 40,000 hours, compared to 1,000 hours for incandescent bulbs, for example. One of the great advantages of these lamps is the low heat generated. The outside temperature of a bulb is 35 degrees. There is therefore no risk of burns during installation. They also offer excellent color rendering.

How to choose the right LED bulbs?

It is important to know which LED bulb best for the lighting you want to achieve. Many criteria are taken into account before proceeding with your purchase. We have the light output, energy consumption, beam angle, color rendering index, color temperature, light life and finally warranty. The central information about LEDs is the light output expressed in lumens. It expresses the amount of light produced by the bulb. The more lumens, the brighter the bulb.

The choice of beam angle will be up to you. However, it should depend on the space to be covered. 180 ° to 360 °° are suitable for general room lighting. On the other hand, an angle of less than 120 ° is indicated for office lighting. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) represents the ability of a bulb to reflect natural colors. An index of 80 is more than enough to obtain functional lighting. The color temperature defines the light atmosphere of the room to be lit. Warm shades are preferred for homes and cool shades for work rooms. Choose LED bulbs with long lifespan to enjoy it for a long time. Also pay attention to the stated warranty.

Buy your LED bulbs on Amazon

We strongly recommend that you make your purchase online. Online shopping sites have tempting offers. A giant in e-commerce, Amazon is particularly effective in this area. Thanks to a large supplier base, the platform sells a variety of LED bulbs. To make it easier for you to choose the product you need, the merchant site provides relevant information in relation to the items sold. You just have to make your choice and order the product that enchants you. Packages are delivered within a reasonable timeframe in France.

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