Which yogurt maker to choose? Reviews and comparison of the best in 2021

The trend these days is for eating healthy foods. Thus, more and more people are turning to homemade products. To support this dynamic, several appliance manufacturers have invested in the creation of functional appliances so that the task in the kitchen is simplified. The yogurt maker is one of those devices. It allows users to make natural, tasty products in no time. This changes industrial products whose compositions are not always known. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of the yogurt maker , it is important that it is of high quality. Discover in this article the essential criteria to take into account when buying your appliance.

Severin JG3525: Our favorite inexpensive yogurt maker!

Which is very interesting in the field of yoghurt maker, unlike at pressure cooker made by Seb or at homemade bread maker is the fact that it is not necessarily worth paying a fortune to equip yourself with the correct equipment. and the Severin JG3525 yoghurt maker is the perfect illustration of this since, despite its very attractive price, it is one of those which develops the best performance but also the best cooking reliability. If you are looking for an inexpensive yogurt maker that is capable of being ultra practical and efficient at the same time, and which helps you to make delicious desserts whatever your craving, we can only recommend the Severin JG3525!

Regarding its technical characteristics, the Severin JG3525 yoghurt maker can accommodate up to 7 jars of 150 milliliters each, which makes it the perfect family yogurt maker. Dear. In addition, on each jar you can write down the date of manufacture and the expiry date to maintain impeccable food hygiene. But in our opinion, what makes this yogurt maker so interesting is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use . Indeed, thanks to its central dial, you will be able to manage absolutely everything in just a few seconds, while having the certainty of obtaining a perfect result. To conclude, the Severin JG3525 yogurt maker has everything to please, and by choosing it, it is very unlikely that you will find anything to complain about, except for its very classic design.

What are the characteristics of a yogurt maker?

The yoghurt maker is a device with well-defined characteristics, which does not prevent a multitude of models from being found on the market. Their mode of operation, which allows to transform milk into yoghurt by a transformation process , remains however the same. These devices having a structure similar to an oven generally consist of three parts. This is in particular a heating base intended to support pots, sometimes made of glass. A cover covers everything. However, it is possible to integrate certain elements into the different models of yogurt maker to optimize their operation. It can for example be a timer for programming the heating time and an end of heating notification system with an automatic shutdown.

It is quite easy to use a yogurt maker. The process of making yogurt is indeed very simple. First, you need to choose your ingredients and mix them well. If you want to flavor your preparation, try to cook the fruit beforehand. You will then have to place the pots, in which you will have placed the mixture, on the heating base. The temperature released by the latter will speed up the fermentation process of the milk. Remember that the temperature, which can be set, is often around 40 or 45 ° C . Regarding fermentation, it can be triggered by the addition of lactic ferments or a conventional fermented yogurt. In addition, you have to wait at least eight hours before the yogurts are ready. The cooling time is not taken into account in this period.

The criteria for choosing the best yogurt maker

It is enough It’s easy to find a yogurt maker, but when it comes to finding the best yogurt maker, that task may require some knowledge. Especially since the multitude of models on the market does not make things easier. However, taking into account certain criteria, you will be able to find the model that meets your expectations. Here are the main ones.

Device capacity

It is defined by the number of pots that the appliance can contain. It is therefore important to take into account the amount of yogurt that can be made on a regular basis. For this feature, the Seb YG6581FR yogurt maker is much better placed since it has 12 glass jars. It has two high performance heating systems.

The temperature variation

This is a fairly important parameter since it conditions the fermentation process. Be sure to choose a device with a system that allows you to adjust the heating temperature as desired. Being able to vary the temperature will allow you to obtain several different types of yoghurt.

Automatic shutdown

With a device with an automatic stop, you will not have to systematically monitor your preparation. As soon as the yogurts are done, the yogurt maker stops on its own. The Lagrange 439101 yoghurt maker has this feature as well as a small electronic display with backlight for adjusting the heating time. With its seven glass jars, it offers a certain margin in terms of capacity. This model is one of the best available.

Several other criteria can be added to these depending on the different yogurt maker models. For example the presence of a timer for adjusting the heating time. The latter can also be accompanied by an audible alarm. For those who place particular emphasis on aesthetics, the Moulinex YG231E32 yogurt maker will satisfy them. You can concoct all kinds of dessert with this model. It completes the two models mentioned above in the range of the best models.

The advantages of yoghurt makers

By its sophisticated operation and its automation , the yoghurt maker makes yoghurt production simpler and easier. It’s a reliable device that will allow you to make delicious yogurts that you will have the pleasure of making yourself. The most important thing with the yogurt maker is that you get homemade yogurt, which is healthier and without additives. You even have the possibility to vary your recipes according to your tastes and your desires, by a change of texture or the addition of an aroma made from fruits.

Other information on the yogurt maker

Apart from all the criteria mentioned above, it is important to choose a device allowing easy cleaning of the pots. It is best if they can be put in the dishwasher. The capacity of the jars you will find on the market generally varies between 100 and 200 ml. Depending on the model, the number of pots that the heating base can accommodate is between 6 and 12. Remember that homemade yogurts can be stored for up to 8 days. The yogurt maker is also a very economical device. Indeed, there are good models for a low price. Among all these advantages, we must of course not forget an essential element, the cost price of a yogurt. Without being an expert in mathematics, you will quickly realize that you will save money.

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