Why choose this Pro Breeze mini fan heater?

Last winter you suffered from the freezing cold of the season and struggled to warm up. For the coming winter season, you want to prepare and anticipate this difficulty in order to enjoy absolute comfort even during the lowest outside temperatures. To help you improve your well-being during the winter, today we offer you the mini fan heater Pro Breeze , sold at a very competitive price and made up of cutting-edge technology that will bring warmth and comfort during this harsh season of the year. You will be able to discover it in detail in this article and we are sure of one thing: it will seduce you very quickly.

Presentation of the Pro Breeze mini fan heater

This mini fan heater Pro Breeze really deserved to be featured on our site. For starters, it is very compact and light, which will allow it to easily find its place in the room of your choice. At 26 cm high by 18.5 cm wide and only 15.5 cm deep, it will slip discreetly into a corner and its weight of only 1.75 kg allows it to be transported with ease. You can even take it with you to the office easily. In addition, it has a practical 1.50 meter cable, which allows it to be placed away from the electrical outlet if necessary. White in color, it blends in perfectly with the decor of your choice and allows pleasant use with only 57 decibels of sound level. It fulfills its role of backup heater very well for small and medium rooms; it therefore allows you to efficiently heat a living room or bedroom.

In addition, it is very easy to use and starts up by pressing a simple button located on the top of the device and if it allows to heat a room efficiently and quickly, it is first of all thanks to its system of oscillations at 90 degrees. This concept allows optimal heat distribution to the corners of the room. Its efficiency is also due to its manufacturing process and ceramic heating discs; this represents the most recent technology in terms of heating. Thanks to this innovative technology, the room quickly reaches the desired temperature. The power of the Pro Breeze mini fan heater is 1200 watts at low temperature and 2000 watts for the highest one , but two settings are possible thanks to a hot/cold thermostat which allows you to adapt operation of the device to your needs. Finally, an overheating safety device as well as automatic shutdown in the event of the radiator tipping over allow you to use it with complete peace of mind. All you have to do is enjoy the comfort of your home despite the extreme cold!

The editorial staff’s opinion on the Pro Breeze mini fan heater

If we wanted to try the Pro Breeze mini fan heater, it is first of all because of its price, its practical compactness and its light weight which allows it to be easily transported wherever we wish. And we were not disappointed ! It heats the room at an impressive rate , and the predicted oscillations distribute the heat evenly to feel good wherever you find yourself in the room. Very easy to use, it offers really appreciable comfort and the thermostat will allow you to adapt it to your needs. You risk nothing with the purchase of this Pro Breeze radiator if it is not a real satisfaction.

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