Why choose the Comlife ceramic heater?

If you are looking for a space heater that combines efficiency with good value for money, the Comlife ceramic heater is for you. It is a radiator which also offers an ultra attractive design! It is for all these reasons that we wanted to share it with you. Combining efficient innovative technology and compactness for a very competitive price, it will allow you to obtain all the necessary comfort in the very cold of the winter season. It is a very easy to use auxiliary heater that will find its place in any home. Quickly discover this little gem of heating and click at the end of the article to order it and be serene for the next winter!

Presentation of the Comlife ceramic radiator

Discover a backup heater really attractive while being impressively efficient. Indeed, the Comlife QN13 ceramic radiator has been designed in black and gold color, an ultra modern design that will delight lovers of interior decoration. In addition, it is very light, which will allow you to move it wherever you want and even take it to your vacation or work, with ease. Discreet and compact thanks to its dimensions, it measures 17 cm wide, only 11.5 cm deep and 20.4 cm high. You can imagine that it will easily find its place in the room of your choice. With a power between 900 and 1800 watts depending on the speed at which you operate it, it diffuses heat quickly and evenly, in particular thanks to its oscillating system operating at an angle of 70 degrees laterally; the heat is distributed everywhere to every corner of the room in question.

If its efficiency is increased tenfold compared to other heating models similar, it is among other things thanks to its design made of ceramic. It is a very recent material which allows very appreciable efficiency. In addition, various functions have been installed for a pleasant and simplified use. First, we can see the presence of a touch screen and sound; displaying the current temperature of the room, it allows you to monitor its evolution in real time and predict which mode to use among the 3 available. It also allows the time to be displayed and to program both the desired temperature, but also the time for putting the device on standby or starting up, up to 9 hours deferred . Use it with peace of mind thanks to its two safety systems against overheating and tilting and finally, no longer move to make adjustments thanks to the supplied remote control and its range of up to approximately 4 meters.

The editors’ opinion on the Comlife ceramic heater

In a nutshell, the editors loved it! Rarely have we seen such a modern and stylish space heater , and frankly that’s one aspect that really shines. If it was just that … but no! With a touch screen and a remote control that offer very easy operation, the Comlife ceramic heater is easy to use and very intuitive. Various possible settings both in terms of modes and speeds as well as the possibility of programming it in advance make it an ingenious and practical device that you are sure not to regret.

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