Which bear grylls knife to choose?

There is no doubt that the MAN VS WILD show was a huge success from its first airings. From there, Gerber and Bear Grylls teamed up to create and market survival items and accessories. For those who have not had the opportunity to see MAN VS WILD, this is a program broadcast in France on the channel NT1. This show features Bear Grylls, the great “survivor” who has a fairly sustained and very atypical career.He is a black belt in karate and was a member of the British SAS for 3 years.The man is also considered the youngest Briton to ever climb Everest, at just 23 years old.His goal in MAN VS WILD is to survive different harsh environments in the desert, in the jungle, resist the Amazon and even survive in Alaska.To do this, he is left at a given point, and his mission is to survive with almost nothing in his pocket.Nothing in your pocket is what is on offer.

Bear Grylls knives: survival accessories like no other

The environment in which he is immersed requires several tools to have the minimum with oneself in order to survive.Indeed, one of the key elements that allow Bear Grylls to resist danger is his famous knife.That said, several models are available to you:

GERBER Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

The dagger type bear grylls knife is much larger than the presented knives, and therefore offers a lot more action.At sea as on land, this knife will prove exceptionally effective in the face of obstacles that will get in your way.Sharpened for hunting at sea or in the forest, you will be surprised at its usefulness and resistance, and for good reason.This model is made with a 12.2 cm stainless steel blade and is 4.5 mm thick.As for its total length, it is 25.4 cm.Its handle is also ergonomic and made of Nylon in gray or orange color according to preferences.The same handle is covered with ultra resistant TacHide.The advantageous option of this Ultimate dagger is its steel pommel that can act as a hammer, not insignificant when you know the number of things you will have to break or flatten in “survivalism” mode.An emergency whistle is delivered with this model.

The Compact Knife Gerber Bear Grylls Compact 2 Folding Knife

One of the favorite bear grylles knives is the Compact Scout II GERBER Bear Grylls Knife, thin and ergonomic at will, it is compact and can be put in a very pocket.easily for the most difficult trips.It has a 6.7 cm blade made of 420 stainless steel and comes with its legendary LockBack closure.With its ergonomic nylon handle mounted with a rubber grip, it offers excellent grip.In terms of its dimensions, it is 8.5 cm in length when closed, and 15.6 cm in length when open.This bear grylls knife comes with its survival pocket guide.

The AO GERBER Bear Grylls GE Survival Knife

For use more precise, here is the Survival AO GERBER Bear Grylls GE, a little bigger than the previous one but just as effective in the natural environment. With this knife, you will be able to tackle very tough tasks like removing bark from trees, cutting up dried plants or dry branches to make a fire, preparing your game for supplies and many other activities in hostile environments. This model is manufactured with an assisted opening F.A.S.T. 2.0. As for the blade, it is 7.6 cm semi-toothed high carbon steel. The closure is a Button Lock, very resistant. Because the handle is one of the most important elements for a solid and efficient grip, this model features an ergonomic nylon handle with the famous rubber grip. The Survival AO GERBER Bear Grylls GE has a length when closed of 11 cm, and an open length of 18.8 cm. This model is supplied with its Belt clip to carry it without discomfort.

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