What steps must be taken to go skiing abroad?

Do you plan to go skiing abroad to combine business with pleasure? Would you like to combine physical activity with the discovery of a new country by going to the United States, Colorado, Canada or Japan for example? So you are aware that, like any other trip outside the European Union that you may undertake, it will be necessary to restrict yourself to some rules and administrative formalities. To help you prepare for this trip like the others, today we will reveal to you what are the different steps to take to be able to go skiing abroad while being sure to do things according to the rules of the art. .

The administrative procedures to be carried out before your departure abroad

First of all, please note that the various procedures that we are going to tell you about today must be carried out as early as possible, some of them requiring several weeks of processing by the various administrations . In addition, some can be done directly from your home, such as making a passport online for example. Concretely, after choosing your destination, we recommend that you go to the French Public Service website to begin your steps, which will save you precious time later.

To prepare for your trip abroad for the purpose of skiing, sightseeing or any other leisure activity, your passport will obviously be compulsory, but it will not be sufficient on its own. You will also need to meet the entry requirements of the country you will be visiting. To do this, inquire after the French Embassy for a precise list of the various steps to be taken. These can in particular relate to a compulsory vaccine in particular, to an application for a tourist visa or even to an international driving license if your stay is likely to last several months. Be extremely vigilant in carrying out all the procedures because unfortunately, once there, setbacks could await you if you are not completely in order with the country which welcomes you.

Are there countries who refuse the arrival of holidaymakers who have come to ski?

Also on the French Embassy website, you will find a list of countries that it is better to avoid since these are currently experiencing war or political instability for example. Obviously, for your own safety and for your next ski vacation to take place in the best conditions, we strongly recommend that you only go to countries deemed suitable for receiving French tourists.

Finally, know that in all cases, if you have the slightest doubt or a particular question, the administrations of the French State are at your disposal to offer you all the information you may have need. Therefore, don't leave any details out and make sure you do your paperwork correctly, which will ensure that you can fully enjoy your ski vacation abroad when the time is finally. come.

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