What is the Stufa Tectro Laser Elettronica electronic kerosene stove worth?

If you need additional heating or even heating for a small home, the Stufa Tectro Laser Elettronica electronic kerosene stove will show you its efficiency during the cold winter months. It is a high quality stove sold at an attractive price, convenient to use, but also to move wherever you want. It has different assets that we will present to you in this article, this will allow you to form your own opinion. Do not hesitate to order it by clicking at the bottom of the page or to offer it for a gift which will be able only to delight your close relations.

Discovery of the electronic oil stove Stufa Tectro Laser Elettronica

Aesthetically, the electronic oil stove Stufa Tectro Laser Elettronica is versatile and modern at the same time, and will fit in any room and in any type of decoration thanks to its timeless black color. It’s very light and can be moved very easily from room to room if needed, and can be taken everywhere with you, whether it’s on your winter vacation or even in the office to keep you warm all day. It is conveniently placed in many places thanks to its very compact size; indeed, it measures 49 cm high, but only 41.7 cm wide and 34.7 cm deep, so it will not take up much space on the ground. It is not because it is small and light that it is not efficient, because it has an innovative electronic injection system , ideal for effectively combating cold weather conditions. winter seasons and enjoy really pleasant comfort.

With the Stufa Tectro Laser Elettronica kerosene stove, you will be able to heat rooms whose surface maximum is 48 m2 , which is a nice room, or even the size of a small apartment. So it’s not just a backup heater. In addition, it has a generous capacity tank since you will be able to fill it with 5 liters of oil. This then allows it to heat between 16 and 44 hours depending on the heating rate you use. Convenient buttons on the top of the device allow settings to be made intuitively and easily while all information is visible at a glance on the screen located in one place. In addition, the integrated electronic thermostat automatically regulates the temperature; if the desired temperature is set up quickly, it will be maintained thanks to this thermostat, which is both practical and economical. Finally, its operation allows a pleasant use and does not emit any odor, whether it is when starting or stopping the appliance.

Customer reviews of the kerosene stove electronic Stufa Tectro Laser Elettronica

We were first of all seduced by the design of this heating method: modern, discreet, in black dressed to harmonize with any accommodation. Then, it was its weight that we appreciated, because the device is very easy to move while its compact dimensions allow the heating to be placed wherever you want. The display and buttons make adjustments very easy, and its operation is efficient and economical . The reservoir has a practical capacity for the size of the device, which eliminates frequent refilling. With the Stufa Tectro Laser Elettronica electronic kerosene stove, find real extra comfort in everyday life and enjoy appreciable warmth when the cold winter comes to life outside.

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