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What is the muscle massage gun? We tell you everything!

It is well known that today there are devices for all needs. And of course, the field of sport is no exception to the rule since the various manufacturers are constantly imagining new equipment capable of responding ever more precisely to the requirements of athletes, such as vibrating and oscillating platforms that allow you to lose weight quickly or like connected elliptical trainers thanks to which it is now possible to exercise directly from home. The newest in this category is the Muscle Massager , an accessory that at first glance looks more like a torture device than an ally for your body. But in reality, its effectiveness is formidable, and it must be admitted, after having had the opportunity to try it, we find it difficult to do without it. But what is a massage gun? In which cases should it be used? And what can it really do for you? In this article, we tell you all about the muscle massage gun.

ABOX: The muscle massage gun we tested for you!

Just a few weeks ago, we had only vaguely heard of the Muscle Massage Gun. It is therefore natural that we wanted to know more about it, and to do this, what could be better than a test? So we got the ABOX Muscle Massage Gun which is considered to be the best value for money today. And it is true that its price is particularly attractive, especially since models designed by major global brands such as Theragun or Hypervolt are sold up to 10 times more expensive, for features that remain more or less the same, with a few exceptions.

A deep muscle massager with 20 intensity levels and 4 massage heads!

As soon as you unpack the ABOX massage gun, you will find that it is a superb product, with very neat finishes, which only portends the best for the future. With its matt black and its LCD screen , this sports equipment immediately makes you want to use it. However, we recommend that you take the time to read the instructions before switching it on to make sure you use it correctly, which is not, however, very complicated. In reality, this is a muscle massage gun that offers many features and therefore it will be up to you to find the right intensity and massage head for your needs.

In total, the ABOX muscle massage gun offers 20 adjustable levels from the LCD screen. The more you increase the intensity, the more frequent the jolts will be. Interestingly, this deep muscle massager keeps your settings in memory so that you can find them automatically the next time you use it. What we also liked about this model is the fact that it is a rechargeable muscle massage gun which then offers a battery life of 3 to 5 hours (depending on the intensity chosen). Finally, using it turns out to be a real pleasure since it is ultra quiet . This will allow you to work out or relax after a tiring workout in peace, an advantage offered by very few competitive models.

Why is our review of the ABOX muscle massage gun so positive?

In our opinion, the ABOX muscle massage gun deserves your full attention since it offers many advantages and because it is aimed at all types of athletes , without exception. Thanks to its 4 interchangeable heads, it can also be used for yoga or aerobics as well as to promote blood circulation or physical recovery for example. In addition, and this is for us the main advantage of the ABOX deep muscle massager, this equipment can be used on all muscles in the body and obviously does not cause any pain whatsoever. Like many other customers, therefore, we agree that this is probably the best muscle massage gun of the year .

What is the muscle massage gun for? Who is this type of sports device for?

At first glance, a muscle massage gun has a very targeted action on the muscles, and it can therefore be tempting to think that it is only for hyper demanding athletes who seek perfection at all costs, that is to say who want to gain muscle mass or strengthen their power for example. But the reality is quite different since in fact, a muscle massager is for everyone , without exception. This sports device does offer many advantages, and because it has several interchangeable heads (in most cases), and several intensities, anyone can use it. Whether you are a totally beginner athlete or you regularly participate in high-level competitions, in any case, the muscle massage gun will give you significant advantages that, let's face it, are not offered by any other. sports equipment at present. It is even obvious that once you have tried a muscle massage gun yourself, you will quickly get a taste of it and it will be very difficult to be able to do without it again.

Concretely, the muscle massage gun generates a back and forth movement which will allow the head to strike your muscles at regular intervals, up to 3200 percussions per minute. Thus, whether you use it on your thighs, your calves, your pecs or even on the rhomboid muscles of the back, you can relieve all the pain or possible classic muscle stiffness , you can also improve noticeably the range of motion and your blood circulation. But the muscle massage gun is also very popular for its ability to hyper effectively oxygenate the muscles in order to speed up the recovery process following physical exertion. Finally, the last advantage of the deep muscle massager concerns the fact that it significantly reduces the risk of injury during physical exertion since your muscles will have been warmed up in the best possible way.

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