What do we think of the Qlima SRE8040C electronic kerosene stove?

If in this article we have decided to present the Qlima SRE8040C electronic kerosene stove , it is not for its price. doubt, because it remains more expensive than some similar models. But, that’s good for the many strengths it has. Its power is higher than models of similar size, which allows it to demonstrate remarkable efficiency. In addition, it is a design device, compact and practical at the same time. In short, it has it all, and the editorial staff always strive to bring you the best products on the market. Get to know him precisely by reading this article, and go get it in one click!

Introducing the Qlima SRE8040C electronic kerosene stove

To start, let’s talk about its sound first. aesthetic aspect. Sober and modern, white in color, except for the ventilation grille which is gray in color, this electronic kerosene stove from Qlima is very compact. Indeed, it is 44.5 cm high, 46.6 cm wide and 34.9 cm deep, which will allow you to place it where you want without it encroaching too much on your living space. In addition, it is quite light with a weight of only 12.1 kg, which makes it easily transportable, even to take it to your vacation spot or to your workplace. And as we told you, it has a power which makes it very efficient since it is 4000 watts at maximum speed; at slow speed, it operates with 1280 watts. Thus, you will be able to heat an area of ​​up to 69 M2, which represents a volume of 170 M3 in total , which is a little more than the electronic oil stove Inverter 5747, and what s turns out to be a big advantage for such a compact stove. In addition, the integrated thermostat makes it easy to select the preferred temperature.

Using the programmable electronic kerosene stove Qlima SRE8040C is rather pleasant since its noise level during operation is rather low: it is only 25 decibels at low speed and 38 decibels at full speed. Which ranks it among the quietest electronic stoves. Odor level, you are recommended to consume Qlima oil to preserve the quality of your stove and especially to be able to enjoy it without odor nuisance. Thanks to its large 9-liter tank , the Qlima poem can run for 56 hours straight, which is very convenient since you won’t have to refill the tank too often. One of its main strengths remains its programming function, adjustable over the next 24 hours. You will also find a CO2 detector that allows it to stop autonomously as soon as it detects too much. Various safety systems are in place, including child safety and a second in the event of overheating, which will allow you to use it serenely while being protected from possible dangers.

The opinion of the editorial about the Qlima SRE8040C electronic kerosene stove

We were very satisfied with the Qlima SRE8040C electronic kerosene stove for several reasons: it is designed in a nice design and its compact size is practical, the screen allows us to access all the necessary information, but also to make settings easily. The built-in thermostat , various operating speeds to choose from and programming options provide convenient, simple, yet effective operation. Its efficiency is also due in particular to the high power of the device. Despite its small size, it can heat a large room quickly, which is practical and enjoyable. We recommend it with your eyes closed, because it offers additional comfort that you should not miss every day during the winter.

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