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What do we think of the Extel Lesli wireless videophone?

If you want to improve your home’s security system, but also to be able to see who is outside your home before opening, then the videophone without yarn Extel Lesli will satisfy you fully. It is equipped with efficient technologies that will allow you to perform different actions that will make you feel more secure. In addition, it offers very pleasant everyday practicality for your comfort. You will therefore be able to find out immediately through this article. To order it, don’t hesitate to click at the bottom of the article, this Extel videophone is even better than a real watchdog!

Presentation of the Extel Lesli wireless videophone

The wireless videophone Extel Lesli is a high-tech device that will completely change your life by bringing you both a very safe side, but also a practical side improving your daily comfort. This videophone is composed of 2 parts: the one for the interior and the second for the exterior. Inside your home, you will find a 7-inch color touch screen ; very practical, it can be placed where you want it. Indeed, place it on a piece of furniture or hang it on the wall. You will have the choice between 6 different ringtones to set it according to your preferences while the sound volume of 85 decibels will allow you to hear it even from another room. Regarding the size of the screen, it measures precisely 18 cm long and 15 cm high and only 4 cm thick and its weight of 1.9 kg makes it a light device easily transportable from one place to another.

The exterior part of the Extel Lesli wireless videophone, for its part, will blend into the decor thanks to a dark and discreet color; this will prevent any visitor from seeing it. As for you, the range of 500 meters will allow you to see what is happening outside with precision. Especially since you can adjust the brightness and contrast and its invisible infrared LEDs provide a high quality image. It doesn’t need to be plugged in since it just works with batteries, which is very convenient. This color wireless videophone is also designed to withstand winter weather and summer heat. You will have the possibility to record photos and videos of your visitors using a micro SD card (not supplied), but also that of adding 3 additional cameras as an option. In addition, you can chat through the videophone thanks to the built-in microphone, which comes in handy if you don’t want to go out. Finally, open the gate to visitors or cars or the gate to those visiting you on foot using a simple button on the inside. This represents at the same time an additional security, but also a very appreciable comfort since you can do everything remotely.

The opinion of the editorial staff on the Extel Lesli wireless videophone

The Extel Lesli wireless videophone is a real ally for your daily life. Not only will you be able to see who is ringing at your door, chat with your visitor, but also open them remotely. Its battery operation is convenient, as does not require any connection work and the interior part can be moved wherever you want. Its additional options are appreciable for upgrading your videophone according to your needs and the technologies that constitute it, in particular its nocturnal LEDs, offer an impeccable image day and night. With the Extel Lesli videophone, remain serene and treat yourself to extra comfort day after day.

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