Vintage decoration wall plaques: how to choose?

Your room needs a new touch of decor and you don’t know what decorative accessories to take for the walls. But why don’t you go for the wall plaques in a vintage style? Here are some tips for choosing the right one

Selection criteria

To cover the walls of your bedroom or a room, the choice of decorative items must be made according to your needs and preferences, exactly as you would if you had to buy a plate lifter or a Bosch brand circular saw .

The type of room : whether it is a bar, a restaurant, a club, a room, you will choose the atmosphere you want.The first element to consider is to know what use you want to make of the part.So for a kitchen or a bar for example, you will opt for a metal wall plate in a vintage style with the effigy of a glass or a well-stocked dish.

The plaque must be decorative and protective : the Choosing a decorative wall plaque should be the subject of refreshing the room.The protection panels chosen must have the effect of a protective envelope and retain the walls in their very first instance, even after several years.The material must be robust and must not require renovation or maintenance after the installation of the plates.

The quality : on the quality side, the product or wall decoration plate chosen must bear a label showing its level of emission of flying pollutants.Because it is not enough to place an object to decorate but it is also necessary to preserve the environment and human health.

Aesthetics and the durability of the plate : first of all, the vintage style is a type of decor that never goes out of fashion.It easily accompanies all forms of parts.The plaster should hide the hollows and dents in the wall and prevent cracks from forming.

For the installation of your decoration you will need a established , a screwdriver and screws.

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