The complete comparison to help you choose your Dutch oven!

To cook, you will need a large number of utensils. These utensils can quickly become bulky. Fortunately, there is a material that replaces the majority of these utensils by itself. This is the Dutch oven which, as the name suggests, is almost a miracle solution for cooking enthusiasts and professionals. Considering the high demand, this versatile tool exists in different models in the market. Choosing for the best casserole dish will require a great deal of judgment. In this guide, find out what criteria will help you choose the best 9 casseroles to have at home in 2021. Each year, the makers of casseroles compete in ingenuity. For this year, 9 models stand out for their quality.

The Cristel Dutch oven-F22Q

It is the favorite of this ranking. The Cristel-F22Q 18/10 stainless steel Dutch oven is recommended for large restaurants. Its perfect finish favors its maintenance. Individuals who want better cooking quality can also buy it. It is compatible with all lights. It comes without a cover. It is a French quality Dutch oven. Its triple-thick base optimizes cooking.

Le Creuset enameled cast iron Dutch oven

You want a Dutch oven that doesn’t consume a lot of energy. This model is the one for you. It is built in two materials. The handles are in stainless steel and the rest of the pot is in enamelled cast iron. Also of French manufacture, this Dutch oven has a capacity of 3.2 L. Professionals and amateurs can use it. It can go on all fires.

The Cflagrant pot

Many people are reluctant to buy casseroles because of the prices considered prohibitive. This prejudice is challenged by the Cflagrant casserole model. Its value for money is unbeatable. It has a good cooking capacity, and it is suitable for all hobs including the oven. It is made of cast aluminum.

The Kamberg Dutch oven-0008033

The Kamberg Dutch oven-0008033 is a device for small purses. It is made of cast aluminum. No matter your heat source, this Dutch oven will adapt to it. It comes with two silicone handles.

The Tefal Dutch oven C6344602

This Dutch oven is the ideal device for slow cooking. Made of cast aluminum, it is compatible with all lights. This Tefal brand Dutch oven benefits from the reputation of this well-known brand. It can be used in an oven up to 175 ° C. Its longevity justifies its good reputation.

Pradel Excellence Dutch Oven-52340 M

This Dutch Oven is recommended for restaurants and large families. With a capacity of 5.8 L, made of cast aluminum, it is reinforced with a non-stick coating. It is compatible with all lights. Its glass cover has no holes. This may seem crippling, but in reality, this characteristic does not affect the quality of the cooking. This pot is also easy to clean.

The Tefal C3674602

Tefal remains true to its principles. The French brand offers quality casseroles at low prices to users. The Tefal C3674602 casserole is one of those devices for small purses. Made of cast aluminum, it adapts to all fires. Made without PFOA materials, this Dutch oven has a good finish and comes with a glass lid.

The Lagostina Armonia Dutch Oven

A thick base and unparalleled lightness: this is what characterizes this Dutch oven. The Lagostina Armonia casserole dish is made of 18/10 stainless steel. The manufacturer has bet on durability. This is why the purchase of this Dutch oven comes with a 25 year warranty. It works on all hobs and is available in different sizes.

The Bekaline 12061264

7 liters of capacity! This is an impressive capacity for a Dutch oven. And that’s what the Bekaline 12061264 offers. The user experience is optimized thanks to an internal dosing unit. You will be in control of the exact amount of water. The quality of cooking is improved by its anti-splash cover. This technology allows better heat distribution. Its glossy finish gives it a nice design.

Why buy a Dutch oven?

For those who don’t know, a Dutch oven is a cooking tool shaped like a container. It has two handles and a lid. A Dutch oven is intended to go on the fire. It is therefore useful for cooking food. So it is with good reason that some also use it as a casserole dish. Lovers of beef bourguignon can also use it to simmer their dish. What explains the success of this kitchen device? Its greatest asset is its versatility. As the name suggests, the Dutch oven serves almost anything . By investing in such a device, you will have more space in your kitchen.

The Dutch oven replaces other utensils such as the pressure cooker SEB for example. As such, the cook does not have to separately purchase a pot, a slow cooker and a saucepan, which in the end are equipment that represents a significant investment. For a restaurant, it will be necessary to find very efficient equipment. All this increases the fixed assets of the establishment. However, by buying a Dutch oven, you will save money. It is therefore a rather strategic choice whether you are a professional or a home cook.

How to recognize the right pot?

You will be spoiled for choice in the market. There are pots of all colors and qualities. Their prices vary depending on the brand and the integrated technologies. A user who is unfamiliar with it risks making the wrong choice. However, it suffices to rely on a few basic criteria to identify the best casserole dish. Here are the most relevant.

The quality of the cooking of the pot

The difference in the price of casseroles is basically explained by the material of construction. The assemblies in durable material are obviously more expensive than those in precarious structure. It is better to opt for casseroles made of durable materials. Even if they are more expensive, you will benefit from them for a long time. A few materials stand out for their good quality.

The unalterable stainless steel

This is the best. It is a very light and easy to clean material. You can also put it in the dishwasher. But its main advantage lies in the fact that it is practically indestructible and that it is completely neutral to food, unlike aluminum which, as we have already said, can pass through. food.

The resistant cast iron

The cast iron casseroles are among the best on the market. This material is renowned for its robustness. It’s heavier than aluminum, but cast iron maximizes heat retention. The cast iron Dutch oven is ideal for restaurants. It has a good longevity. It is a device intended especially for slow cooking.

The traditional aluminum

The most famous casseroles are made of aluminum. This is understandable, because this material conducts heat well and is easy to work with. It is therefore inexpensive. That’s why many manufacturers are choosing this choice. Be careful though. It must be checked that the aluminum has been isolated from the food by a non-stick material. Note that aluminum can pass through food and thus be ingested. Aluminum is poisonous.

Other quality materials are also available on the market. Copper, sheet iron and ceramic are also interesting options.

Other important information about the Dutch oven

You have an induction hob, gas or ceramic hob. Check the compatibility of the pot with your quality of fire. There are devices that can go on all lights. Others, on the other hand, are made for a specific type of fire. The manufacturer always specifies.

Not all casseroles have the same capacities. You will make your choice according to the number of people for whom you are cooking. The size of your family or the number of customers you see at a restaurant per day are certainly not the same. As an illustration, a pot of 20 cm will suffice for a family of 4 people.

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