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Treadmill: All our tips for choosing the right one!

Comparison of the TOP 3 of the best treadmills of the year

To stay healthy while optimizing your physical condition, you know it It is essential to practice a regular sporting activity in addition to a varied and balanced diet. If for this, some prefer to go to a fitness room, others unfortunately do not have this possibility and are therefore obliged to invest in home sports equipment. In addition, keeping in shape does not necessarily mean sweating for hours at a time since a simple workout of a few minutes a day may be sufficient. If you want to get back to sport slowly while taking care of your body, then a Treadmill might be of interest to you. As you will see in this buying guide, sports equipment of this type offers many more advantages than it seems.

What is the point of a mat walking?

By choosing to buy a treadmill , you will have in your possession a fitness device with which you will be able to work your endurance and resistance to effort and which, thanks to its various programs, will be useful for losing weight, for keeping you in shape or for doing muscular work in order to gain tone or even muscle mass. Behind its very minimalist appearance, the motorized treadmill therefore offers many more advantages than it seems, a point to which we will come back later in this article.

What is also the point of the treadmill is the fact that it remains a very affordable fitness equipment, even if some high-end models can be relatively expensive. In most cases, less than $ 250 will be enough to buy an efficient and practical treadmill. Compared to a gym membership for example, your purchase will quickly pay off, and above all, you will be able to practice a sporting activity directly at home, a very interesting point if you have little time. to devote to sport.

Maxofit Greeline MF-16: The best treadmill of the moment

The treadmill Maxofit Greenline MF-16 amply deserves its reputation as the best equipment of the year because it is ultra sophisticated while remaining very easy to use and particularly practical. Indeed, it is equipped with a 550 watt motor thanks to which you can walk at a maximum speed of 10 km/h. Designed for regular use, it tolerates a maximum weight of 100 kilograms and offers a walking space of 89 x 36 centimeters.

What we really liked about This Maxofit Greenline MF-16 treadmill is the fact that its motor is particularly discreet, which will allow you to work and exert yourself comfortably. Designed for intensive or occasional use, this fitness or weight loss device will inevitably offer you results that meet your requirements, especially since its LCD screen will allow you to know the number of calories in real time. burned, the distance traveled or even the speed at which you walk for example.

The advantages of the walking mat

The walking is one of those versatile fitness accessories, like the indoor rower or the mini stepper which will allow you to take care of your body but also of your health, in a truly efficient and simple way. Indeed, even if you have never had the opportunity to practice a physical activity before, the treadmill will be suitable for you, and there is no doubt that after trying it for the first time, you will be convinced to have made the best decision by buying it. Very concretely, here are the different advantages offered by the treadmill.

Efficient sports equipment for your physical goals

First of all, the treadmill is a piece of equipment that will work on different muscles in your body, such as your calves or your thighs of course, but also your arms and your abdominals, to name a few. By practicing walking, you will therefore be able to tone many of your muscles which will then be more powerful, and within the framework of intensive brisk walking, you could even gain muscle mass if you wish, especially since some models offer a number of predefined programs dedicated to this objective. You will still need a good pair of shoes to avoid injury!

In addition, the treadmill is particularly recommended equipment for rehabilitation as well as for weight loss since each step you take will burn your calories and superfluous fats, which will allow you, in the long term, to find the silhouette of your twenty years, even in the context of use occasional. If you are looking for exercise that is simple and effective at the same time, then choosing a treadmill is the best thing you can do.

Optimizing your health and well-being with the treadmill

Like any other physical activity that you could exercise, the use of the treadmill will obviously allow you to take care of your health and improve it. Indeed, during the effort, your heart rate will increase, which will have the effect of improving your cardiovascular system since your heart will be involved. The latter will then be more resistant to the effort and will better withstand the different exercises that you impose on it.

This is also what explains why the mat walking is considered a cardio training device in the sense that it has an immediate positive impact on your general health and that of your body. Just walking for ten minutes a day will be enough for you to see noticeable improvements in your health and general well-being. As you will have understood, in addition to helping you stay in shape, your treadmill will improve your general condition, which will also allow you to drastically reduce certain health problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular accidents.

Our two favorite treadmills of the moment

ISE SY-1005: The best foldable treadmill

The ISE SY-1005 motorized treadmill is a piece of equipment that could make you happy as it is efficient and easy to use at the same time. By developing it, it must be admitted, the brand, relatively little known in France, made a real show of force. Even the smallest detail has been thought of so that your satisfaction reaches new heights, and the chances that you will be disappointed with this model are almost non-existent.

Can scroll at high speed maximum speed of 10 km/h, the ISE SY-1005 folding treadmill can withstand a maximum weight of 120 kilograms and gives you a walking surface of 105 x 35 centimeters, which turns out to be a little more generous than the average . Finally, this device offers a very easy to use LCD screen that will allow you to adjust each parameter very easily, without even needing the user manual.

    Homcom Fitness Treadmill: Best Value

    If you are looking for the best value for money treadmill , then this device should be of great interest to you since it is one of the most efficient but also one of the most economical of its generation. Even if it is not possible to adjust the incline or the max speed is not more than 6 km/h, the Homcom magnetic treadmill is nonetheless extremely interesting in many ways.

      The treadmill of fitness Homcom is a piece of equipment that stands out from all the others in the sense that, for optimal space saving, it can be folded and moved on its two wheels which will facilitate handling. In addition, its minimalist digital screen will help you set it up in just a few seconds. Clearly, immediately after receiving it, the only thing you will have to do will be to turn it on and start your training, being sure to quickly get closer to your goals.

      Comparative table of the 10 best-selling treadmills of the year

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