This season’s trendy football shirts

When it comes to sports, equipment manufacturers can sometimes create and deliver nice surprises, just as they can disappoint fans season after season. Originality, reminder of values, tradition, every year, the creators are torn. Most fans are unaware that the designs of the shirts are created more than a year before their future releases … The interest in expressing their dissatisfaction with the brands is then… nil.

We have listed for you some of the most beautiful shirts for this new 2021-2020 season.

AS Monaco, back to sources

With Kappa this season, the principality's club will find a well-known logo on the heart of its jersey. Indeed, the Italian brand already equipped the club at the beginning of the millennium. Both jerseys this season are a success. Classic, but refined. The home shirt is naturally flanked by a diagonal separating red and white. Under these colors, we find the motif of the coat of arms of Monaco and the family Grimaldi , in a very fine and delicate way. This jersey is a real success.

The battle between equipment manufacturers is very tough

Liverpool, in the continuity

Manufactured by New Balance and this, as since 2012 (for how long?), Liverpool jerseys are sober and elegant. The club's typical red is littered with vertical white lines while the logos are gold, to recall the glories of the team.

The jersey for the cup Europe is more original, since it consists of a light gray with original patterns and a turquoise blue at the logos. Holders of the Champions League title, will the Reds manage to keep their trophy with this tunic?

Arsenal, a great achievement

After a few years spent under the fold of Puma and considered overall disappointing by the Fans, the London club moved to the neighbor of Puma. Indeed, in the small town of Herzogenaurach in Germany, we are fighting between Puma and Adidas for to get the biggest clubs in the world. Arsenal had a long time under Nike before Puma. Today, Adidas offers Arsenal the juiciest OEM contract in club history.

This first season's collection is fantastic and can almost deliver the unofficial spot for the best looking kit of the season . The home shirt is traditional with a collar however “ old school . The visitor is a reminder of the past, with his “ Bruised Banana “, Adidas offers the Gooners a throwback to the 90s. This motif was already equipping players at the time and a return to the tastes and colors of the day for this historical kit is a great success with fans and especially visually.

The third jersey is a dark blue, ultra sober, almost perfect to be worn in lifestyle.

Arsenal Emirates Stadium will see its” Gooners “proudly wearing their Arsenal tunics

Paris-Saint Germain, something new

New era for PSG with a new main jersey sponsor. Exit Fly Emirates, welcome Accor. The first jersey remains on a classic design, but with wider vertical stripes than in previous seasons. The contrast between the three colors of the club is much more present.

The presence of “Jumpman”, the Nike brand of Michael Jordan left the third jersey of the last season and this time it was added to the visitor's jersey, the color of which remains special.

To never forget its history and its former glory, Nike offered PSG a third (European) shirt reminiscent of the club's historic shirts. To go through with this thought, the old Nike logo will itself be present on the jersey.

Juventus, beyond the scandal

Originality and creativity are not always welcome in lands where one remains anchored to certain values. Yet not far from Milan and the capital of Italian fashion, the Juventini, tifosi of the “Old Lady”, took offense at the unveiling of the new jersey.

The black and white vertical bands are no longer . Place this season at two white and black vertical blocks, separated by a pink line and the Italian flag under the collar.

The traditional The club's model was therefore set aside , but we have to go beyond the anger of some supporters. Adidas has done an amazing job and the visual result of this tunic is more than satisfactory, even more so when you watch it during a match.

Regarding the other two shirts , the creators were pleased with two ultra colorful and original patterns. We'll let you judge!

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