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The onslaught of vintage (retro) shoes in current fashion

Shoe fashion is a throwback to the past

Current fashion is more and more influenced by retro trends (clothing, sport, shoes, transport, furniture, decoration, etc.). Old models are either reissued or influencing new creations. How can we explain this phenomenon? Opinions on this debate diverge, between those who say that designers lack inspiration on the one hand, and those who think it is a simple adaptation “of the successes of the past in the current fashion.” Here are three relevant arguments to decide.

Nostalgic sports brands of the past!

The first reason could be the brands nostalgia for models that have been “wildly successful” in the past (Air Jordan , Adidas Samba, Adidas Dragon, Nike total 90 etc…). Indeed, those who have worn his shoes often find it difficult to part with them and even go so far as to collect them, thus expressing a desire to see them reign in fashion again. In addition, this presence can be explained by the fact that the creators decided to go back in time to benefit the new generation. In other words, it allows the current generation to wear old models on the one hand and reconcile the fashionable modern trend of previous decades on the other. Which in this case would be a successful bet because, vintage models have an apparent influence on fashion today. The other explanation one could give for the onslaught of retro shoes in current fashion is the inability of new brands to assert themselves. Indeed, rare are the new designers (from the 1990s) whose models have conquered consumers, acquired a notoriety equal to that of the pioneers (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Coq Sportif …). It is therefore not in vain that its ancient glories influence fashion today. Hopefully they don't take us back to the 1800s for good.

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