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TOP 3 best survival knives of the year

A good survival knife is the only thing that has helped me survive because I am an outdoor enthusiast who has been in some tough survival situations many times. A lot of people don’t realize that the difference between a normal knife and a survival knife can mean the difference between life and death, but since you are reading this, I count you among the most intelligent and sensitive people who like to plan to. advance!

Everyone will have their own opinion on what the best survival knife should be, so I thought creating this resource might help people through detailed reviews and objective analysis of all the best survival blades on the market.

My personal review of the 5 best survival knives

There are a lot of survival knives that can do a decent job. However, I wanted to spare my readers the trouble of doing all the research themselves and that’s why I’ve included my personal list of the Top 5 Survival Knives along with a detailed review of each. This will not only save you hours of research time, but you can rest assured that these were only chosen and put on this list after extensive personal testing and discussion with other knife experts. So without further ado, let’s review these amazing survival knives.

Ka-Bar Becker Survival Knife Campanion

One of the most popular survival blades on the market these days is the Ka-Bar Becker Campanion companion and its popularity can be judged by the fact that this knife got over 500 positive reviews on Amazon which means that not only me, but other knife enthusiasts, too, have used this survival knife and enjoyed it. One look at the blade is enough to make your heart beat fiercely for it. It looks pretty solid wise and it’s designed to withstand outdoor grilling. The knife is quite long at 10.5 inches (with a blade length of 5.5 inches) which means there is plenty of room to cut and chop your way through thick foliage or to use it in other survival situations.

I have used this knife personally for skinning fresh meat and the Cro-van 1095 steel is perfect for the job. Apart from that, it can also be used for skinning potatoes especially in times when there is no meat around. Another reason why I liked the Becker BK2 Companion Ka-Bar knife is its very economical price. Considering the quality, durability, and craftsmanship of this survival knife, you would expect it to cost over a hundred dollars, but that’s the best part about it-you can get this excellent survival tool for less than 200 euros!

Survival knife ESEE-6 Plain black blade with removable Gray Micarta

One of my own favorites based on the size and quality of the blade is the ESEE-6 black plain blade with removable gray Micarta handle. The overall length of the knife is approximately 11.75 inches while the blade length is roughly 6.5 inches which makes it one of the largest knives I have ever used personally. However, the greater length means that the ESEE-6 comes in handy when it comes to chopping wood or clearing the head through fresh foliage and a sharp blow from the blade is enough to get the job done.

I also like the fact that it weighs just under 12 ounces which for me is the ideal blade weight and gives it an extra longevity factor ( and also because it is a 1095 carbon steel blade so the quality and workmanship is really good). This one is priced at a little over 160 euros, but you can rest assured that you not only get an incredible fixed blade knife, but that this one has been thoroughly tested and appreciated for its quality. And it’s not just me who loves this knife; the ESEE-6 also received a perfect 5 star rating from other folks on Amazon!

Tops Tom Brown Survival and Combat Knife

At#2 on the top 5 survival knife list is the Tom Brown which is literally like a mini ax in your hands! With this super strong blade, I cut myself a 3 inch wide tree without a drop of sweat because this one exerts some super power.

The blade is carbon steel and is 3.5 inches in length and comes with a nice Kydex sheath with 2 steel spring clips to keep this beauty in place. This full flavor knife is a true outdoor knife and I have personally used it in many situations like cutting fish into fillets or gutting. He’s solid, has just the right balance, and throws beautifully! And at just under $ 200, this one is a steal.

Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 plainedge Knife survival knife with leather sheath

If you’re looking for the best survival knife on the market, then another that I think fits the bill is the Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Plain Edge knife. This amazing bushcraft knife was designed by renowned expert Chris Claycombe and is truly one of the best full flavor knives on the market right now.

While the total length of the knife is 8.75 inches, the edge of the blade is 3.9 inches. It also has a 0.23 inch blade hole with a 0.14 inch blade thickness and features a Scandinavian sharpener. It’s well balanced and the polished Micarta is extremely comfortable to hold. I have not found any difficulty sharpening the blade on a whetstone and the sheath works well for holding the blade. Since this is made of carbon steel, I personally apply a touch of oil when using it outdoors, as it really helps prevent rust from forming on the blade. Overall, this knife really deserves its place in this list and the best part is that currently Amazon is offering a whopping 48% off this beauty.

Survival knife: Benchmade BN710D2

Top on my list of the 5 best survival knives is the Sequel survival knife that literally takes your breath away in just one look. I got this as a gift from a close friend of mine, and since that day it has become a constant companion on each of my outdoor jungle excursions. With a blade length of 7.3 inches and an overall length of 12.5 inches, the Sequel comes with a coating and a curved blade. This survival and full flavor knife has a really sold out handle and is scratch resistant while the BK1 coating helps prevent the blade from being corroded when exposed to salt water.

Personally, I like the balance of this survival knife and I appreciate the amount of work that would have been done to make the design and quality high range. Also, it’s a great way to pay tribute to American soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq because this knife was designed as a tribute to Agent Marc Lee of the US Navy SEAL. It’s a bit pricey at around $ 250, but well worth the money!

Take a look at my detailed survival knife chart below:

Even though you’ve already read my review of the top 5 survival knives, I also wrote a huge chart guide that compares all of the best survival blades on the market today.

This guide will help you make an informed choice about which knife to choose based on your needs and help you determine the best survival knife for yourself I prefer the knife for survival bear grylls . This table includes both types of fixed and folding knives and although many experts tend to prefer fixed knives, my personal preference is to have 1-2 folding knife in your kit as well.

Guide and comparison of the best survival knives

What exactly is a survival knife?

For anyone who enjoys hiking, camping, or any other arduous environment outdoor activity, one of the most essential tools that can mean the difference between life and death is a survival knife, just like the telescopic fishing rod . Believe me when I say this is your best friend and defense in the world in case you get lost in the wilderness (it happened to me) and can be used in a number of rescue situations such as building shelters, skinning food, setting fires, digging pits, clearing branches and a whole bunch of other things.

Survival knives are generally of two types: a fixed blade (full Tang) and a folding knife (partial Tang). A fixed blade knife is considered by many experts to be more reliable than one with a folding blade simply because it is less likely to break and allows the user to use the blade safely under extreme pressure.

However, a folding knife also has its uses, as it is more affordable than a full flavor knife and can be used in a lot of similar situations as well. These days it has become a popular choice to own at least 2-3 good survival knives and even Hollywood is making people aware of this fact. I’m sure many of you would know about sitcom “Lost” so you wouldn’t have missed seeing John Locke use those amazing Ka-Bar Full-sized USMC and Master Bowie knives in so many situations. Obviously, in survival, any good specialist will tell you, your life will depend on the quality of your knife. If you think you can get by with simple cheap kitchen knives , the bet is lost.

What are the differences between a survival knife and a bushcraft knife?

While doing some research, I found that many people ask what are the differences between survival knife and bushcraft knife. So I wanted to make a point on this subject, and you will see it, the answer is more than obvious. But first, let’s go back to the definition of survival and bushcraft. Survival is the ability to manage, and therefore survive, in a hostile environment, without resorting to any modern object or technique. Forget the lighter to light the fire or dehydrated meals since in this specific case, you will have to light your fire yourself using stones or else hunt the animals that you will eat later. Survival can be achieved in any environment, whether in the mountains, by the sea, in the forest or in the countryside for example.

Bushcraft is a more specific discipline. Concretely, it is identical to survival, with the difference that it is practiced only in the woods since bushcraft is referred to as the art of surviving in the forest. So let’s come back to the differences between the survival knife and the bushcraft knife. In reality, there are very few differences, if any in some cases, since these two types of survival knives are developed to allow you to live independently in nature. From the blade to the ergonomics, all the features are the same. However, for some bushcraft knives the blades may be slightly thinner than for survival knives.

TOP 3 of the best bushcraft knives

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