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Reflex Camera Comparator: Buying Guide and Ranking of the Best Models!

Despite the fact that smartphones are equipped with cameras, sometimes powerful, the classic models have not lost their splendor because they offer advantages quite one of a kind. And if you’re looking for the best way to capture your fondest memories, then getting the best DSLR camera is bound to be the best decision you can make. Such equipment effectively offers many features but also particularly exceptional photo quality, provided you choose the right one. To allow you to know which model will best meet all your expectations, and for you to be fully satisfied with your new acquisition, we wanted to provide you with a complete buying guide in which, in addition to our various buying advice, you will find a ranking of the best reflex cameras of the year.

Ranking of the 3 best reflex cameras of the year

1. Canon EOS 4000D

Do you want to treat yourself to a powerful camera that is also affordable and practical? Then the Canon ESO 4000D digital SLR is necessarily the one that will satisfy you the best. The brand, leader in the field of Reflex cameras, has taken care to develop a completely unique equipment of its kind that will allow you to immortalize all your most beautiful memories with extraordinary reliability. Aimed at both amateur and professional photographers, the Canon EOS 4000D is a model that keeps all its promises and which, despite all the possibilities it offers, remains particularly easy to use. thus guaranteeing you can take exceptional photos even if you are not quite used to this type of camera.

The Canon EOS 4000D Reflex camera offers a sensor with a resolution of 18 megapixels thanks to which you can take your various photos while having the certainty that the result will be clear, especially since you can also choose the element on which you want the focus to be done for more precision. Another interesting point is that it is also possible to shoot with the Canon EOS 4000D, and the Full HD 1080p format you will get will also be faithful to your original memories. What we also really liked about this model of digital SLR camera is the fact that it is equipped with a screen of 6.8 centimeters of diagonal thanks to which you will be able, on the one hand, to see the final result of the photos or videos that you will take, but also to carry out your various adjustments with an ease which could well impress you.

An ultra easy-to-use reflex camera!

Image resolution The Canon EOS 4000D SLR camera offers 18 megapixel resolution, as well as the ability to shoot in Full HD 1080p so that your fondest memories can be immortalized with the best fidelity. One thing is certain, you won’t regret making the decision to equip yourself with this particular model. Ergonomics If the Canon EOS 4000D camera is so successful, this is partly due to the fact that it is ultra easy to use and intuitive at the same time. So whether you are a beginner or a pro, using it will not be a problem for you at all, and right now this device is one of the few that is so interesting at this level. Versatility We really liked the Canon EOS 4000D Digital SLR for its versatility. It offers many different photo modes as well as all kinds of presets whereby the photos you end up with will meet all of your requirements, however high they may be. Value for money In view of all the advantages it offers but also its strength and longevity, we must recognize that the value for money of this Canon EOS 4000D SLR camera is really satisfactory, which will allow you to to be able to please you without breaking the bank.

Our opinion on the Canon EOS 4000D SLR camera

Of all the digital SLR cameras that we have had the opportunity to analyze, the Canon EOS 4000D is by far our favorite because it is powerful and relatively economical at the same time. Admittedly, its 18-megapixel resolution is a bit below some high-end models, however, thanks to its latest-generation sensor, it will allow you to get superb photos even if the brightness is somewhat reduced . Finally, if our opinion on the Canon EOS 4000D is also intended to be positive, it is also because it is a digital SLR camera for beginners or professionals ultra easy to use which will allow you to photograph your most beautiful moments with extraordinary ease.

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2. Nikon D3500 digital SLR kit

Do you dream that all the next photos you take will be impressive with their quality and sharpness so perfect? Then there is no doubt that the Nikon D3500 Digital SLR Kit is the right equipment for you. Thanks to it, the risk that you may miss a photo is almost reduced to zero, but also and above all, because it offers an almost infinite number of different settings, you can let all your talent express itself to obtain pictures. unique that you will never tire of looking at. Shooting portraits, landscapes or even very small objects, the Nikon D3500 gives free rein to your imagination and no more limits will be imposed on you.

Today the Nikon D3500 digital SLR kit is considered one of the best digital SLRs because it is equipped with a DX sensor with 24.2 million pixels , which in itself represents one of the best performances in this field. Of course, you can also shoot in Full HD if you wish. What we also like is that this Nikon D3500 DSLR offers a sensitivity range of between ISO 100 and 25,600, so you can take true-to-life shots in all conditions, even when the light comes on. to lack. Finally, you will also be able to use this model with the SnapBridge smartphone application in order to have your photos automatically transferred to your smartphone or tablet.

One of the best digital SLRs in the world world!

Image resolution From the first picture you take with the Nikon D3500 Digital SLR Kit, you will be blown away by so much beauty and perfection in the details. This camera indeed offers a 24.2 megapixel DX sensor thanks to which every shot you have the opportunity to take will be simply perfect. Ergonomics It is true that in view of all the possibilities offered by this digital SLR camera, it can be tempting to believe that its use is complex. But in reality, the Nikon D3500 remains very intuitive and will therefore allow you to make all kinds of adjustments easily, even if a learning phase is to be expected. Versatility The Nikon D3500 digital SLR kit is considered one of the best SLR cameras of the year by many consumers since it also allows to photograph than to film, but also because it sends your various shots directly to your smartphone or tablet if you wish. Value for money The price of a good digital SLR camera can reach heights, but in this case, the Nikon D3500 SLR kit remains financially very affordable and will therefore allow you to be able to indulge yourself without having to weaken yourself financially. .

Our opinion on the Nikon D3500 digital SLR kit

The Nikon D3500 digital SLR kit is an exceptional piece of equipment that we can obviously only recommend you so much its functions are numerous and will allow you to leave the field free to all your creativity. And what we also really appreciated is the fact that despite all its breathtaking features, its price is ultimately very interesting since some of its competitors whose features are similar can be up to 2 times more expensive. Clearly, if you want to equip yourself as well as possible while taking care of your budget, then buying the Nikon D3500 digital SLR kit is, at the moment, one of the best decisions that you can take.

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3. Nikon D5600

You may be particularly demanding, and you are looking for a high performance DSLR camera capable of capturing your fondest memories on the spot while you delivering breathtaking fidelity. And in those cases, the Nikon D5600 digital SLR camera is the right choice for you as it is currently the top rated SLR camera by customers . Such notoriety can be explained in part by all of its characteristics, each more interesting and impressive than the next. There’s no doubt that right after you find out what it’s capable of, your only hurry will be to equip it asap.

The Nikon D5600 digital SLR camera comes with an 18-105 VR zoom kit that deserves your attention for a moment. Indeed, this accessory will allow you to photograph or film in very close up, but also from very far, which will then open the field of all the possible to you. In addition, with its resolution of 24.2 megapixels , the Nikon D5600 Reflex camera offers perfection in details as few models can offer. But what is also very satisfying is the fact that this photography equipment offers various settings that are very easy to use, thanks to which you can reduce red eyes or even increase the contrast to obtain shots that will not even no need for retouching.

An ultra versatile Nikon digital SLR!

Image resolution This may explain the reputation of the Nikon D5600 digital SLR camera for excellence, it is is the fact that it comes with an image resolution of 24.2 megapixels that will make every shot you take, bar none, a perfection that you might even struggle with to believe. Ergonomics Some digital SLRs can be relatively complex to use since they offer many different functions, which is far from the case with the Nikon D5600 which, despite all the possibilities it offers you, is still a SLR today. easy to use that you will enjoy handling. Versatility The Nikon brand has been particularly ingenious in developing the Nikon D5600 digital SLR camera. Indeed, it is a device which can sometimes photograph, sometimes film and which, in all cases, offers various pre-installed settings so that you obtain shots that correspond in all respects to all your expectations. . Value for money Generally, the more a digital SLR is technically developed, the more its price can reach really high sums. However, the price of the Nikon D5600 remains quite acceptable, especially in view of its technical qualities which could even bring it into the category of professional digital SLRs.

Our review of the Nikon D5600 digital SLR camera

Nikon is considered one of the best brands of cameras in all categories. And by developing the impressive Nikon D5600 digital SLR camera, it struck hard on the table as it proved to the world that now, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice several thousand euros to afford a digital SLR worthy of the name. If you are keen on getting a really good deal while making sure that all your next shots will have exceptional quality and fidelity, then buying the Nikon D5600 is bound to be the best choice you can make in current time.

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How to choose a digital SLR camera that suits your needs?

Through this digital SLR comparison , you have already been able to realize it , many different devices exist, and their technical characteristics are particularly numerous. It is true that choosing a digital SLR is not the most obvious thing as it is imperative to focus your attention on a number of criteria. To help you find your way around and so that in the end, you are truly certain of making the right choice, we suggest you discover below a precise buying guide in which you will find all the selection criteria in full. of a digital SLR. You just have to follow them very carefully to find the best digital SLR camera according to you.

The size of the sensor and the lens of the digital SLR

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In the vast majority of cases, when you want to buy a digital SLR, you will have the choice between two different sensor sizes . Others exist, such as medium format or APS-H, however, these are rare and intended for a very specific audience. Concretely, you will then have the choice between the APS-C sensor which offers a format identical to that of a negative, i.e. 25.1 x 16.7 millimeters, which represents a format of 3: 2. The second possibility that will be available to you is the Full Frame sensor, which offers the possibility of photographing large formats to enjoy, for example, photos in 4: 3 or even 16: 9.

As for the lens, obviously, this one is essential to study with a lot of attention since it directly concerns the quality of the photos that you will obtain. Again, you will have the choice between an APS-C lens and a Full Frame lens. However, be aware that if your lens already integrated on your digital SLR is an APS-C, you can purchase a Full Frame lens in addition, which will therefore give you additional image formats. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that a Full Frame lens (sometimes referred to as an FX lens) costs a lot more than a simple APS-C lens. Today, and as standard, most digital SLRs are equipped with an APS-C lens.

The resolution and ISO sensitivity of your camera

The resolution of a DSLR camera relates to the quality of the image you will get, just as it can be for televisions, screens of cell phones or computer screens for example. The higher this value, the higher the number of pixels per square centimeter, which means that the image will be sharper and more precise. Today, many digital SLRs offer a resolution of 18 megapixels, which is more than enough to obtain superb photos identical to the reality that you can use in a vectorial way afterwards. However, if you are particularly demanding and are looking for a professional digital SLR, you can also opt for equipment with a resolution of up to 24.2 million pixels .

The ISO sensitivity of a digital SLR is the ability of your equipment to photograph faithfully in conditions where light may be lacking. Concretely, the ISO sensitivity is between 50 and 100,000 . The higher this number, the more efficient your equipment will be in dark environments, such as night photography for example. Ideally, it is therefore preferable to turn to the digital SLR offering the best ISO sensitivity. However, also take into account the fact that manufacturers have been able to adapt and that now it is quite possible to afford a digital SLR that offers an ISO range adjustable according to your own needs.

The autofocus and collimators of a digital SLR

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The autofocus of a digital SLR camera is an essential feature that must absolutely be integrated into your equipment, since it is about the ability of your camera to do focusing automatically on a particular subject. Indeed, take the example of a landscape for example. The autofocus will automatically determine which element of the scenery it should focus on in order for the photo taken to be visually closest to reality. However, it is also important that this autofocus can be contradicted and that you can choose for yourself, if you wish, which element to focus on. This is where the collimators will come into play.

The collimators are predefined areas on the screen, the number of which generally varies between 11 and 65 . These different areas are distributed all over the screen and will allow you, for example, to be able to make your update rather on an element located at the top left of your shot or at the bottom right, etc. Obviously, the more the collimators are numerous, the more the possibilities of shots will be. However, this is an advanced technology, which means that the more the number of collimators of a digital SLR, the more the device will be expensive.

overall use of your equipment

Whether you are a professional photographer or new to this exciting field, in any case, so that your satisfaction reaches heights, choosing an easy-to-use DSLR is essential for many reasons. But above all, it is important to go against a popular belief that an easy-to-use high-tech device is poor performance. In reality, things are even rather reversed since brands work a lot on ergonomics. In the field of digital SLR cameras, as in the field of autonomous robot vacuum cleaners , you will therefore find exceptional models, which certainly cost several thousand euros, but which are as easy to use as a inexpensive digital SLR .

Most of the time when taking pictures you want to capture a moment to moment T. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have time to make a lot of settings to get the perfect shot. This is why the digital SLR you choose should be as easy to use as possible in order to ensure excellent responsiveness. To get a very precise idea of ​​the ergonomics of a Reflex camera in particular, do not hesitate to read customer reviews to be sure that it is indeed equipment capable of meeting your different expectations.

Comparative table TOP 10 of the best digital SLR cameras of the year

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