What is the best pressure washer in 2021? Complete comparison!

Top 3 best-selling high pressure cleaners in 2021!

Living in a house requires the maintenance of the latter to avoid unsanitary conditions and diseases. In addition, you can breathe clean air and above all feel good about yourself at home. For this, maintenance must include both the exterior and interior of your home. Whether it is the garden, the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage …, all its rooms must be examined in order to clean up the house. However, maintaining a home is quite a tiring activity. Generally, no one likes to be entrusted with the different chores they involve including the different tasks to be performed.

Certain chores such as ironing, laundry and others are less restrictive thanks to the appliances designed for these different tasks. However, cleaning remains a rather painful chore as the devices on the market do not yet meet the expectations of users. Indeed, users complain because they cannot get rid of the stains that are on their various surfaces. This, despite all the appliances, products and detergents used. We therefore present to you the high pressure washer. It is a device that takes care of removing stains, dust, grime, mud or any other dirt from the surfaces of your home.

It is also used to clean some places like rims, seats, furniture, leather furniture etc. With the commercial success of this device, several manufacturers have started production. However, the leader in the manufacture and sale of this device remains Kärcher. You have decided to have your own high pressure washer, we invite you to read the rest of the article. Indeed, you will discover the best models as well as the criteria to check during the purchase.

Comparative table of the best high pressure cleaners of the moment

The best models of high pressure cleaners

Kärcher K7 Premium Full control

This is the most complete model on the market. With its power of 3000 W, it has a maximum pressure of 180 bar for a maximum flow rate of 600 L/h for easy and quick cleaning with a certain efficiency. A pressure regulation is integrated into the device as well as the detergent located at the motor handle which is used by means of the Plug n ’Clean System. Thanks to this system, you can use the container directly, once it is integrated into the device. In fact, the device works with a water-cooled induction motor which considerably increases the life of the device. Although the electric motor powers the device, it also has its own cooling system. Indeed it is observed that the engine is systematically cooled with water after the engine is warmed up. This is why it is one of the bestselling models.

You also have a multi jet with three different functions. In addition, the flexible aluminum pump has a length of 10 meters to facilitate the use of the device. You also have a telescopic handle that will allow you to clean the surface you want regardless of the height. As other accessories, you have a storage net, an integrated water filter, a garden hose adapter, a high pressure pistol grip. For more convenience, you also have a high pressure flexible hose reel and a G 180 Q Full Control Plus. Thanks to its various accessories, you can easily adapt your pressure washer to the different surfaces of your apartment. However, this model from Kärcher weighs around 20 kg, compensated by a 10 m extension, which will avoid dragging the device around.

Kärcher K7 Compact

No need to talk about Kärcher as a market leader, its products speak volumes about it. Indeed, with Kärcher you have quality products with multiple functions and an excellent lifespan. The K7 Compact model is no exception to the rule. On the performance side, it is one of the most powerful models on the market with a maximum pressure of 160 bars. It is supplied with several accessories such as the water filter, the adapter for the garden hose and a gun with the quick connect system. Its dimensions offer a real advantage to users.

Unlike the previous model, it can be easily stored even in small spaces like a garage or basement. It is one of the efficient models that take up the least space. It is also practical thanks to its installed wheels which make it easier to move the device. Like its predecessor, the cooled electric model is also integrated to extend its life. Thanks to the 10 m extension, you can move your device to clean all surfaces of your apartment. It is even more practical also for cleaning your vehicle or any other surface needing cleaning.

Bosch-AQT 37-13

Apart from Kärcher, Bosch is also one of the manufacturers offering quality products. This model has been designed for ease of use and maintenance. With an electrical power of 1700 W, it offers a maximum pressure of 130 bars for a maximum steam flow of 370 L/h. Although it has a 6-meter-long hose made with PVC, it more than makes up for it with its light weight (6.5 kg). You can easily transport it to the different rooms of your apartment.

What is the Kärcher K2 Basic high pressure cleaner worth?

When you want to do a total and effective cleaning, you must necessarily use a high pressure cleaner. It is the only equipment that allows to thoroughly clean the nooks and crannies of a home without killing oneself. In this article, we introduce you to the Kärcher K2 Basic, a high-pressure cleaner that is both compact and efficient. Be convinced, you will not be disappointed to acquire it. It is the ideal device for a shiny garden.

The characteristics of the Karcher K2 Basic

 Kärcher K2 Basic high pressure cleaner see promo With a height of 44.3 cm, a length of 28 cm and a width of 17.6 cm, the Karcher K2 Basic weighs only 4 kilograms. It is therefore a small device. It comes in two colors, namely: yellow and black. However, its smallness has nothing to do with its performance. With a power of 1,400 W, it has a maximum pressure of 110 bars and offers a flow rate of 360 liters per hour. Other no less important information of the device are:
  • Style: Pressure washer;
  • Power type : electric wire;
  • Cord length: 5 meters;
  • Measuring system: Metric;
  • Usage: Outdoor;
  • Components included: Carrying handle, 3m high pressure hose, hook for hose and cable, storage for lance and pistol grip, rotabuse , 5 m power cable, pistol grip, faucet nose;
  • Battery/cell type: Lithium.

What we think of the high pressure washer pressure Kärcher K2 Basic

Who does not know the Karcher brand? It is a large German brand which mainly specializes in the manufacture of high pressure cleaners. It always focuses on quality. And the Karcher K2 Basic, despite being the smallest model in its range, is no exception to the rule. As proof, the brand offers you a 3-year guarantee. In addition to being a quality cleaning device, the Kärcher K2 Basic pressure washer is one of the cheapest on the market. If you compare it to other cleaners, it offers great value for money. You can use it all day long to store your terraces; you won’t have any endurance problem. It is light, compact and easily transported. The pressure delivered by the Kärcher K2 Basic is well suited for home use. You can use it for all your light cleaning jobs. It is recommended for cleaning the paths of your gardens, external stairs, slabs. In addition, it can be used to clean outdoor furniture, house facades and exterior walls.

However, like any product, the Kärcher K2 Basic is not not without drawbacks:
  • It doesn’t have a detergent tank;
  • It doesn’t is not equipped with wheels which can make it easier to pull;
  • You must change the rotabuse after one year of use;
  • It is not suitable for too frequent use or for too large surfaces;
  • Its plastic fitting is fragile.

Our opinion on the Kärcher K3 Full Control high pressure cleaner

There is nothing like a high pressure washing to thoroughly clean mud-clogged surfaces such as vehicle bodies. es or machines, the facade, the terrace, the gardening tools. To help you choose the right equipment for you, follow our review of the Kärcher K3 Full Control High Pressure Washer.

Kärcher K3 Full Control High Pressure Washer, a perfect cleaning of a multitude of surfaces

The Kärcher K3 Full Control High Pressure Washer lives up to its name. Indeed, it eliminates the dirt that becomes encrusted on the surface to be cleaned.

Features of the Kärcher K3 Full Control High Pressure Cleaner

The Kärcher K3 Full Control High Pressure Washer offers optimum results thanks to its four pressure levels:
  • 0: Mix;
  • 1: SOFT ;
  • 2: MEDIUM;
  • 3: HARD.
Endowed with ‘a pistol grip, this high pressure cleaner is ergonomic. It makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places. For your safety, this appliance is equipped with a locking device. In other words, there is no risk of accidentally activating.

With a power of 1600 W, the Kärcher K3 Full Control High Pressure Washer can exert a pressure of up to 120 bars, and a maximum flow rate of 380 L/h. With such a performance, you will be able to strip a metal surface, rid a wall of moss, clean a stone terrace …

To treat dirty surfaces, The Kärcher K3 Full Control High Pressure Washer has a full control Rota nozzle lance. Ultra-efficient, this accessory allows you to get rid of stubborn dirt. To obtain an extremely clean surface, it is strongly recommended to opt for the HARD pressure level. The Full Control Vario Power, on the other hand, is ideal for everyday cleaning jobs.

With a compact structure and light weight, this high pressure washer Kärcher brand offers great maneuverability. You can easily drag it from one place to another thanks to its folding handles.

The Kärcher K3 Full Control Pressure Washer is designed for home use. Efficient and robust, it can treat an area of ​​25 m2/h on average. This device is ideal for cleaning your outdoor space in just a few minutes.

Criteria to check when buying a high pressure washer

If you want to buy a pressure washer, it is best to take inspiration from our comparison of the best models for 2021. However, you have a second option. You can carry out your own investigations concerning the product yourself. However, we invite you to check the criteria that we will list in the rest of the article.

The performance of your high pressure cleaner

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When we talk about performance, we are mainly talking about engine power, especially maximum pressure. You also have the steam flow and sometimes the electric power. As for the latter, it is defined as the energy which the high pressure washer needs to function and it is expressed in W. The more the electrical power increases, the more energy your appliance uses.

Make no mistake, this doesn’t necessarily mean your device will excel at maximum pressure. On the contrary, you have less energy consuming devices on the market which have a suitable maximum pressure. The pressure is expressed in bars and at the moment the maximum pressure is up to 180 bars. So the choice will be up to you.

If you are used to cleaning small areas, you can therefore select a model with a maximum pressure of 130 bar . On the other hand, for harder surfaces, a device with a maximum pressure of 160 bar will do. You will understand, it is therefore a question of finding the perfect balance between your needs and the effective power of your next equipment.

The different functions and high pressure washer accessories

Indeed, any purchase of your high pressure washer will depend on the surfaces of your apartment. You should therefore consider the surfaces you will be cleaning, especially those that will require certain functions or accessories. Only then can you choose an appliance with the functions and accessories you will need.

The sound level of your next pressure washer

Some powerful devices unfortunately have the downside: noise. You are one of those people who don’t like noise, let alone those who don’t like to disturb neighbors. Take care to check the decibels associated with each model selected.

The ease of use and maintenance of the high pressure cleaner

If you are not a maintenance professional, these different criteria should be taken into account. You must therefore turn to devices that will allow you to easily clean your various surfaces without any complications. Also, don’t hesitate to inquire about devices that you can easily take apart for maintenance. Apart from the cooled induction motor, maintenance also helps ensure excellent service life.

The general reliability of a good high pressure washer

This is one of the criteria that comes up every time when buying a device. Indeed, you may come across items that have very good performance. However, it damages after just a few months of use. This is why it is essential to check the reliability of the device before any purchase. There are a number of ways you can make sure your device is reliable. You can buy it from some reputable brands. In addition, brands like Kärcher or Bosch have been recognized brands for years. So you can buy your pressure washer without any fear. You can also look for models sold with guarantees to be sure of the reliability of the device.

To be more sure, select the models that interest you . Then consult the online merchant sites, taking care to read the reviews and comments on the articles. You will therefore be able to observe the stars checked for devices concerning their reliability. The 3rd option comes down to communicating with the owners of the preselected models. To do this, look for forums on the models you are interested in to read user reviews. This will give you the advantage of communicating with owners or ex-owners to learn not only about reliability but also tips for use.

Our opinion on the brand of high pressure cleaners Wilks USA

If some big brands are known to develop powerful high pressure cleaners and ultra easy to use, as can be the case of Kärcher by For example, others, slightly less known, are also illustrated by their ability to innovate, with the aim of providing concrete answers to consumers’ needs. And this is particularly the case of the Wilks USA brand which, although very young, has established itself in a few weeks as one of the most professional in its field. By choosing to buy a Wilks USA high pressure washer, you will benefit from equipment that is both easy to use and formidably powerful, such as the Wilks USA RX550 cleaner which develops an extraordinary pressure of 262 bars, you thus allowing to be able to consider any cleaning job while being certain to achieve all your objectives.

Avis Wilks USA

If the brand of high pressure cleaners Wilks USA stands out from its competitors, this is also explained by the fact that it ensures to offer devices which remain financially very affordable. It can even be said of her that she is the one who knows better than anyone how to offer high pressure cleaners at the best value for money of the moment. By comparison, its second flagship model, the Wilks USA RX545 is marketed at half the price of devices from major brands that offer exactly the same features, power and quality. Clearly, by choosing to buy a Wilks USA high pressure washer, you are not taking any risk since, whatever happens, you will be fully satisfied with its performance while having been able to take care of your finances at the same time. .

Comparison of high pressure cleaners Wilks USA

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