All about the Seb pressure cooker: Reviews and comparison of the best!

Invented in the 17th century and returned to fashion in the 1950s, the pressure cooker revolutionized the culinary world. It allows fast, healthy and efficient cooking. It has since evolved a lot and there are several models today. The pressure cooker has become a necessary tool for all modern kitchens. How do you find the right pressure cooker for you? The objective of this Seb pressure cooker comparison guide is to help you discover how it works, how to use it well and which are the best models currently on the market.

The best Seb pressure cookers

Discover a selection of the best pressure cookers manufactured by the Société d’Emboutissage de Bourgogne, the world leader in small domestic equipment.

Seb Clipso Plus P4371406 8 L

With the Seb Clipso Plus P4371406 8 L , cooking has never been so easy. This is a high-end, multifunction casserole dish. Its weight of 4.54 kg, its dimensions 40 x 30 x 24 cm as well as its easy opening and closing system make it practical and easy to use. With a capacity of 8 L, it can be widely suitable for a family of 8 people. Designed in stainless steel, it offers two cooking programs in order to facilitate your preparations. Even if it is a bit heavy and expensive, it has 5 levels of safety, including 3 at overpressure. In addition, its folding handles ensure perfect storage. On delivery, it comes with a guide of 50 practical recipes as well as a stainless steel steamer basket to make you ace in the kitchen. It is dishwasher safe.

Clipso Chrono 8 L

Perfect for cooking a wide variety of healthy and delicious meals. This ingenious device opens gently with one hand and has a pressure indicator that lets you know when to lower the fire. As its name suggests, it has a capacity of 8 l and it can also be fitted with a steamer basket to save as much flavor and nutrients as possible for healthy cooking. Its timer allows you to set the cooking time to your liking. It offers two cooking modes to allow you to enjoy a variety of dishes. A detailed recipe manual will allow you to achieve perfection in the preparation of your dishes. It is also made of stainless steel. The Clipso Chrono 8 L has respectable proportions (48.5 x 37.6 x 26.4 cm) and is a bit heavy (5.32 kg), but that does not prevent it from d ” be compatible with all types of fires, including induction. You can clean it in the dishwasher.

Seb P4411406 Clipso Precision 8 L

This casserole has an effortless opening and closing system, which makes it easy to use. Its stainless steel steamer basket promotes healthy cooking. Its folding handles offer more space and it is easy to use. With the Seb P4411406 Clipso Precision 8 L pressure cooker, you can cook the dishes you want and more with the recipes from the cookbook offered with this pressure cooker and which contains 50 exquisite recipes and easy to do. It is relatively light (4.47 kg), which makes it pleasant to handle. In addition, it is compatible with all lights. Its price is a bit high and the strength of its lid handle leaves a little to be desired.

Seb P0531100 Authentique 8 L

The Seb P0531100 Authentique 8 L pressure cooker has a stirrup-type opening and closing system. It’s a reliable appliance that gives you flawless cooking. It is also equipped with an optimized clamping limiter which ensures its longevity. From a safety point of view, it has 4 systems, including 3 for pressure cooker overpressure. Despite its slightly bulky appearance, the Seb P0531100 is ergonomic and robust. In addition, it is also at your disposal, a cookbook to inspire you additional ideas in the preparation of your dishes.

Seb P4221403 Nutricook 8 L

The pressure cooker Seb Nutricook 8 L P4221403 is an equipped kitchen utensil of 4 cooking programs which are very easy to carry out. Its peculiarity lies in its timer and its unique steam function. Its timer tells you the cooking time of the dishes you put in it. Its exceptional steam system gives you gentle cooking that allows you to make mouth-watering, healthy and nutritious dishes. By adopting this pressure cooker, you have as a bonus a collection of 60 splendid recipes. Its price is high, but we must admit that it is top of the range.

Seb P4605100 Clipsominut Duo

The Seb P4605100 Cliposminut Duo pressure cooker is not a classic pressure cooker. It has a nice design and a fairly compact and light appearance (3.08 kg). This appliance allows you to steam or simmer. Its small capacity of 5 liters is ideal for small families. You can open it without embarrassment. It is made of aluminum which reduces its resistance a little, but it cooks very quickly. It is also very easy to clean.

Seb P4624900 Clipso Minut 9 L

Its large 9-liter capacity makes it an ally for large families. It is very light (3.31 kg), but incredibly resistant. The lid of the Seb P4624900 Clipso Minut 9 L pressure cooker has an easy-open system. It has a timer that starts as soon as the pressure cooker reaches the right temperature and sounds when your food is ready. The cooking is remarkable even if the food sometimes has a tendency to cling to the bottom of the pot.

Qu do we mean by pressure cooker? How does it work?

Also called a “pressure cooker”, the pressure cooker (registered trademark of the SEB company) is a kitchen accessory made up of a sealed container closed by a cover which adheres to the contours of the pot and which is equipped with ‘a depressurization valve .Round or oval in shape, its stainless steel or glass composition allows it to be particularly resistant.Food is cooked at high pressure directly in the pot or steamed in a wire basket.It is therefore a home-made kitchen appliance, just like the bread and baguette machines or the  fresh pasta machines for example.It is also called a pressure cooker, pressure cooker or even steamer.Cooking is done in a short period of time while preserving the tastes and main constituents of the food.To better benefit from its advantages, you must understand how it works.

The principle of the pressure cooker is to cook under pressure.After placing your food in a basket on a water base or having immersed it in water to 2/3 the height of your pressure cooker, you will cover it with an airtight lid.Then place the pot on the heat and let the temperature rise to over 100 ° C.As soon as the valve starts to whistle, lower the heat and start counting down the time. In 10 minutes, cooking is largely ready for most foods (vegetables or meats).Cooking in a steamer basket is suitable for vegetables.But you can also use it to cook meat directly in the bottom of the container, cook sauces, soups or other traditional dishes.What are the advantages of this kitchen utensil for its user?

The advantages of cooking in a pressure cooker.

The There are many advantages to using the pressure cooker since, at first, you can save time .Indeed, the properties of the pressure cooker allow it to cook faster than a normal pot.The cooking time is considerably reduced which makes it practical for last minute preparations.

The Seb pressure cooker also allows healthy cooking because it does not require using fat and with the pressure cooker the vast majority of vitamins and minerals in your food are preserved . Finally, you can also save energy: cooking faster and with less energy is the motto of the pressure cooker. In addition, when the pressure has reached a good level, you can let the food simmer over low heat.

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