Complete comparison to choose the best portable air conditioner in 2021!

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Faced with the heat waves of summer, the mobile air conditioner is a useful tool. proves to be of vital use, just as much as the electric car cooler when you go on vacation. It reduces the ambient temperature in a room and filters the air. It is not always easy for a novice to choose the most suitable model between a monobloc air conditioner and a split air conditioner. This guide presents practical advice to follow to choose the right portable air conditioner!

General information on portable air conditioners

The portable air conditioner is a temperature control device that has the advantage of being portable. It can therefore be moved for its use. There are several types of portable air conditioners including:

  • The monobloc air conditioner equipped with an exhaust pipe.
  • The air conditioner monobloc equipped with two exhaust pipes.
  • The split mobile air conditioner.
  • The mobile air conditioner without exhaust.

When choosing a portable air conditioner, it is important to keep in mind some important parameters which are indeed a little more complex than those to be studied during the choice of a fan . For example, before any approach, you must precisely determine the surface you want to air-condition. By way of illustration, the air conditioning system that will go wonderfully with a small studio of 15 m² will have no effect if it is installed in an apartment of 75 m².

Next, you have to identify your energy consumption needs and constraints. The more powerful the air conditioner, the more energy it will consume. You must be able to find a balance between your needs and the type of air conditioner that is best suited to your energy constraints (preferably use class A air conditioners). Noise is also a major factor in choosing a portable air conditioner. Considering the sensitivity of human hearing, it is important to turn to an air conditioning solution that is quiet or almost. This makes it possible to avoid health problems such as stress, fatigue … In technical terms, your choice must be an air conditioner that emits a noise equal to or less than 50 dB.

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How a mobile air conditioner works

How an air conditioner works is analogous to that of a refrigerator. It has two main components that are totally dependent on each other: the vaporizer and the condenser. The refrigerant contained inside the air conditioning system captures heat from the room in which the air conditioner is installed and evaporates. This mechanism takes place in the vaporizer. Once in the condenser, the fluid under the effect of the hot outside air will become liquid again. In a simple way, the air conditioner extracts warm air from inside a room and then expels it outside through an outdoor unit or an exhaust pipe (it depends on the type air conditioner).

An automatic control device fitted with a temperature sensor allows the air conditioner to operate optimally. This ensures the comfort of the occupants, regardless of changes in the ambient temperature. Indeed, thanks to the automatic regulation, the quantity of fresh air produced is neither insufficient nor exaggerated. In addition, if the user wants, he can manually adjust the room temperature.

The different types of portable air conditioners

The models of the mobile air conditioner can be grouped into several categories mentioned above.

Monobloc air conditioner

The monobloc mobile air conditioner is a model that does not have an outdoor unit. Both condenser and vaporizer are compacted within the internal device. A pipe is used to evacuate hot air from the inside to the outside. There are two types of mobile packaged air conditioners:

  • One-pipe packaged air conditioner;
  • Two-pipe packaged air conditioner.

The monobloc one-pipe air conditioner is suitable for a room of about 30 m². Its advantage is that it is economical in energy consumption. It has a single pipe allowing the hot air to be evacuated to the outside. It is not necessary to be a specialist in the field before installing it. However, it is important to keep in mind that this type of air conditioning is more or less noisy. On average, mobile monoblocs emit noise around 55-60 dB. It can be unpleasant at times. In addition, the drain pipes sometimes have to go through windows. The need to leave a window ajar is therefore also a factor to take into account when making your choice. The two-pipe model has the same characteristics as the single-pipe model. The only difference is that the extra pipe is used to bring in the fresh air from the outside. This model is much more efficient in the treatment of air flows. But, it is also a little more expensive.

Mobile split air conditioner

The majority of portable air conditioning kits that we often come across are monoblocks. However, some accommodations are not compatible with monobloc air conditioning. Another very discreet way to bring fresh air into a home is the split dual air conditioning system. It is a more or less ideal mobile solution for regulating the temperature in a home.

What is a split air conditioner?

As its name suggests, the split air conditioner is an air conditioning system in which the units are separated from each other. This system consists of two main parts: the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is a box usually installed against the outer wall of the room housing the air conditioner. The outdoor unit contains the refrigerant gas compressor used to treat the warm air in the room to return cool air to it. The indoor unit consists of the vaporizer, an air filtering device and a cooling device. Its appearance is aesthetically more polished.

Specificities of a split air conditioner

A split air conditioner does not require major works for its installation. The indoor and outdoor units are interconnected by a set of electric wires, cables and tubes. The special feature of this dual air conditioning system is the absence of ducts. This drastically reduces the energy expenditure necessary for the operation of the device.

The other particularity of the split air conditioner is the absence or almost no noise. The elements that generate more noise in an air conditioner are the condenser and the cooler. In a split device, these elements are installed outside the room. This eliminates the main sources of noise. Unlike monobloc models, a split air conditioner emits an almost imperceptible noise which is estimated at around 30 dB.

In short, this model is lighter, less mobile ( because of the unit attached to the outside) and less noisy. It is also much more expensive than packaged models.

Mobile exhaust air conditioners

The mobile exhaust air conditioner is a device that cools the air. air by evaporating water. It is not an air conditioner in the proper sense.

The exhaust air conditioner draws warm air from inside a room. Then, it cools the hot air drawn in with water or ice cubes (previously introduced). Finally, the cooled air is expelled into the room. This causes a drop in temperature. The advantage of a ventless air conditioner is that it allows significant energy savings. But, it should be noted that this air cooler will not cool your room as much as a air conditioner. To obtain a more or less optimal result, it is necessary to limit the use of these coolers to dwellings with an area of ​​less than 15 m².

The characteristics of a mobile air conditioner

To afford a good portable air conditioner, it is important to check whether it meets basic air conditioning requirements. The following factors should be taken into account according to your needs, but also according to your budget.

The sound level of a mobile air conditioning

Nobody wants to have a noisy air conditioner installed in their rooms with a flapping fan! It is therefore important when you want to choose a portable air conditioner to take into account the noise emission level of the model that interests you. In terms of decibels, the threshold that must not be crossed is 60. In reality, when a device makes noise at the level of 50 dB, it is already a bit annoying. You should therefore prefer devices that make noise below 50 dB. The type of portable air conditioner compatible with this criterion is “Split”. Indeed, the latter emits a maximum noise of 30 dB. Some models even have a function allowing to completely reduce noise.

The ideal cooling capacity of the mobile air conditioner

Before buying an air conditioner, you can quickly calculate depending on the area of ​​your home, the optimal power of the unit you need. To do this, you only have to multiply the area of ​​the room by its height (from floor to ceiling) and by 45 W/m³.

À As an illustration, suppose that your home covers an area of ​​30 m² and its height is 3 m. The cooling capacity required to cool your home will be: 30 × 45 × 3. This gives 4050 Watts. You will therefore choose an air conditioner with a power of approximately 5000 Watts. However, this calculation is only a generic estimate. It is therefore advisable to consult a specialist for more precise figures. An air conditioning expert will be able to take many additional factors into account.

The size of the air conditioner

If you have opted for a portable air conditioner, it is surely because you do not want to burden yourself. So it is also important to check the size of the device you want to buy. You have to be able to match the size of the air conditioner with the size of your home.

The energy consumption of a good portable air conditioner

Air conditioning systems are very power intensive. This is why the energy class of each model is notified there in order to allow the buyer to have an idea of ​​the energy consumption of the device. In the typical case of air conditioners, it is recommended to choose the models of class A. This can be an A +, A ++ or A +++. As long as you are in category A, you are guaranteed to obtain a very economical and environmentally friendly device.

The coefficient of performance (SEER)

The higher the coefficient of performance, the more efficient your air conditioner will be and the less energy it will consume. This will save you money.

Additional features and options

Additional features can simplify the operation of your air conditioner and improve thus your daily comfort.

The integrated thermostat on a mobile air conditioner

The thermostat allows you to control the level of cooling offered by an air conditioner. A digital thermostat is easier to use to adjust cooling. When the thermostat is automated, the device itself regulates the temperature level according to variations in the ambient temperature.

The “Silence” option

An air conditioner with a Silence option is very convenient for bedrooms. With this option, the air conditioner runs at full speed without making any noise to disturb your sleep.

The remote control

A remote control allows you to operate the air conditioner without having to move around. Using the remote control, you can control and adjust the temperature as well as the speed of the air conditioner.

The programmable timer

The programmable timer allows you to pre-set the time to turn the air conditioner on or off. With this functionality, you will avoid wasting energy as much as possible.

Reversible air conditioning

This practical option is useful for using your air conditioner mobile as auxiliary heating. It therefore keeps your home warm during cold winter periods.

The type of filter

Air conditioners have filters to provide a healthy air flow inside the home. Standard filters will need to be replaced periodically. Washable filters, on the other hand, can be cleaned and they withstand many washes.

Maintenance of a mobile air conditioner

As the air conditioner is constantly exposed to incoming and outgoing air flows, it must be cleaned after a certain period of operation. This optimizes its operation. Before any maintenance session, the device should be unplugged to avoid electrocution. You must:

  • Thoroughly clean the louvers and the entire hull.
  • Empty the waste collection cassette regularly. water.
  • Clean the filters if necessary and change them if they are worn.

If the device has an outdoor unit, also maintain it periodically. Remember to put on gloves when servicing your portable air conditioner.

Installing and using a portable air conditioner

The installation of a packaged air conditioner is relatively simple and is even much easier than the installation of a vacuum robot . All you have to do is place it near a window, making sure that the drain hose is facing the outside. If it is a Split model, have a qualified installer perform the installation.

Regarding the use of your air conditioner, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you’re ready to go. Remember that for an air conditioner to work properly, you must ensure that the room is completely closed. Otherwise, the cooling will not be optimal.

What to take away from this guide on the portable air conditioner? Choosing an air conditioner is not just about luxury. Your well-being depends on it. So do not compromise with any of the important criteria in choosing a good portable air conditioner.

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