Petrol mower: Price, test and comparison to find the best one for your garden!

Maintaining your garden is a particularly rigorous task which also becomes very recurring and time-consuming when the good weather returns. And one of the most regular jobs is obviously mowing the lawn which usually requires a lot of effort as well as high quality equipment. To save you time when maintaining your lawn, while obviously ensuring you get impeccable results, we wanted to present here our complete comparison of the best petrol mowers . This type of motorized device has indeed many advantages, and no doubt that after using it for the first time, you will not imagine for a second being able to do without your new petrol mower.

Murray EQ500: The best self-propelled petrol mower!

The Murray EQ500 petrol mower is an exceptional material which aims to complete all the work you entrust to it, even the most rigorous. It actually has many different qualities and functions that will allow you to benefit from optimal precision during your mowing work. It is also important to take into account that this is a self-propelled petrol mower, which means that to use it you will simply have to activate its handle and it will move forward on its own, allowing you to to minimize your efforts significantly. And if the Murray EQ500 petrol lawn mower can boast of being so efficient, it's also because it is equipped with a 140 cc 500E Series petrol engine from Briggs & Stratton , considered to be ultra reliable and efficient at the same time.

To help you get your work done quickly, the Murray EQ500 self-propelled petrol mower offers a cutting width of 46 centimeters as well as an adjustable cutting height in 6 different positions (between 28 and 92 millimeters). What we also liked is the fact that it offers a large collection box whose volume of 60 liters will prevent you from having to empty it constantly. Finally, the Murray EQ500 can also be considered as a multifunction petrol mower in the sense that it offers 4 different functions which are bagging, mulching, ejection from the rear or from the side if you are a fan of mulching. . Clearly, this petrol lawn mower has it all, and it is certain that by choosing it, you will not regret having made such a decision!

Why consult a petrol lawn mower comparison to choose your equipment?

Anyone who owns a garden, let this one measures a few square meters or several hectares, always needs a lawn mower to maintain it. And this, the brands have understood very well. This is why today there are hundreds of mowers all very different from each other. Some are fortunately exceptional, however, others are a little less recommendable or are rather intended for a very specific use. In concrete terms, choosing the right equipment is never a simple formality. This is why we wanted to provide you with this comparison of petrol lawn mowers in which we reveal the best devices of the moment but also the various selection criteria to be respected during your research.

By taking the time to go through this buying guide on the petrol lawn mower, you will therefore discover which are the best models of the year, that is to say those which are likely to suit the greatest number of gardeners. And as you will be pleasantly surprised to see, a good towed or self-propelled petrol mower is not necessarily the most expensive. To be sure to choose the device that will best satisfy you, and so that your next gardening work can be carried out in the best conditions, we therefore strongly recommend that you pay your full attention to all the advice that we offer you in this comparison of gasoline lawn mowers.

Greencut GLM660SX: The best inexpensive manual traction petrol mower!

If your budget is tight or you just don't want to have to invest several hundred dollars in equipment to mow your garden, then the lawn mower manual traction Greencut GLM660SX is very likely to please you. Indeed, although it is a cheap petrol mower, its performance is quite there, and the results that you will obtain in the end will necessarily meet your expectations. Its reliability is explained in particular by the fact that it is equipped with a 139 cc OHV 4-stroke engine which will allow it to tackle even tall grass without stalling and while ensuring a clean and regular cut.

The Greencut GLM660SX self-propelled petrol mower was also able to seduce with its 7 adjustable cutting heights between 25 and 75 millimeters as well as by its 407 millimeter cutting width thanks to which you can mow your lawn quickly and efficiently. Finally, this Greencut GLM660SX manual traction petrol mower is also very popular with customers because with its weight of only 19 kilograms, it is one of the lightest devices in its class. In short, this mower has a lot to offer, even if it is more intended for owners of small to medium gardens.

Greencut GLM690SX: The best value for money self-propelled petrol lawn mower!

In just a few short years, the Greencut lawnmower brand has established itself as one of the benchmarks in this field, and we have to admit, this is no coincidence. It has always taken particular care to develop efficient and economical devices at the same time. And the Greencut GLM690SX self-propelled petrol lawn mower is a perfect illustration of this. Powerful thanks to its OHV Greencut 4-stroke 130 cc engine of 5 HP and its dynamic self-propulsion system, it will quickly establish itself as your best ally when it comes to mowing your lawn. lawn in record time.

What is also very appreciable about the gasoline lawn mower Greencut GLM690SX is the fact that it offers a width cutting of 40 centimeters and 7 different cutting heights, ranging from 25 to 75 millimeters. In addition, even its Easy-start starting system has been designed with the aim of minimizing as much as possible any effort that you would have to put in to work. Quite honestly, the Greencut GLM690SX self-propelled petrol mower is particularly interesting, and in the field, it knows how to rise to the occasion, which has allowed us to say of it that it is currently the best-value self-propelled petrol mower. price.

Yard Force: Customers' favorite 125 cc petrol lawn mower!

Do you have a small or medium-sized garden and you would like mowing work to be no more than a simple formality? In this case, the Yard Force petrol lawn mower is bound to interest you since, in addition to its very attractive price, it develops very interesting performances thanks to which you will be able to mow your land easily and very quickly. . Thanks to a 125cc Briggs & Stratton 300E petrol engine, the Yard Force gasoline lawn mower will stop at nothing, but above all, it will be able to offer impressive mowing regularity.

The Yard Force 125 cc petrol lawn mower is also illustrated by its robust steel frame which will allow you to be able to use it intensively without ever having to fear any breakage. it would be. In addition, thanks to its adjustable cutting height between 25 and 75 millimeters and its cutting width of 41 centimeters , it will allow you to mow your lawns exactly as you wish, all with extreme simplicity. the fact that it is a self-propelled petrol mower that will require almost no effort on your part. Finally, its ultra high performance engine has been designed to be both less noisy and less energy intensive, which will then offer you the possibility of reducing your gasoline consumption for your garden maintenance work.

Makita PLM4120N: Our favorite gas mower!

The Makita PLM4120N petrol lawn mower is one of our favorite devices because it is ultra reliable and powerful at all at once, which will help you finish heavy mowing jobs in record time. The brand specializing in the field of DIY and gardening signs here an exceptional product that we have nothing to complain about. Whether it is about its power, its ease of use or even its features, everything is perfect about this model which could even boast of being one of the best petrol mowers in the world today. year.

With just one refueling, the Makita PLM4120N gasoline lawn mower can mow up to 1000 m² of land at once, giving you will obviously save a lot of money on the purchase of fuel. In addition, its 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton 500E engine guarantees you the best possible performance, helping you to buy your jobs under the best conditions. Finally, the cutting width of the Makita PLM4120N is 41 centimeters and its cutting height can be adjusted between 25 and 70 millimeters. In conclusion, if you want to invest in a reliable petrol mower that you can count on for many years to come, then this is the equipment for you.

Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW: The petrol lawn mower with the widest cutting width!

Do you have a large piece of land and would like to be able to mow it in a minimum of time? So there is no doubt that the self-propelled petrol mower Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW will please you since thanks to it, with only one tank of gasoline and in a minimum of time, you will be able to mow up to 1400 m² of land, which will help you to no longer consider mowing the garden as a chore in its own right. This towed gasoline mower is a huge success nowadays, which is due in part to the fact that in addition to being ultra powerful, it is incredibly easy to use.

The Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW self-propelled petrol lawn mower has a disengageable self-traction system and a non-slip handlebar thanks to its coating so ftgrip . Of course, for more comfort, you can adjust the height of this handlebar to 3 different positions. What we particularly like about this self-propelled mower model is the fact that its 75-liter grass collector is ultra generous. In addition, 6 cutting heights are available to ensure that the final result obtained is perfectly in line with your expectations. Finally, if our opinion on the Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW is also positive, it is also because it is a device designed only from high quality materials, thus ensuring you can keep like new for very long years.

Einhell GC-PM 51 S HW-T: The best mower thermal with mulching function!

Ecological and practical, mulching consists of ejecting the freshly cut grass on the ground in order to enrich the latter since when it decomposes, this grass will then act as a natural fertilizer. But it is also a very interesting practice in the sense that you will no longer have to go back and forth to the recycling center. Anyway, to benefit from all these advantages, you will obviously need a petrol mower with mulching function like the Einhell GC-PM 51 S HW-T which, as you will be able to to discover it, develop exceptional performances at all levels. From its power to its efficiency, everything is perfect with this extraordinary machine.

The petrol lawn mower with mulching function Einhell GC-PM 51 S HW-T is equipped with a 196 cc 4-stroke engine, which will allow you to mow your lawn with impressive ease since it is currently one of the most powerful petrol mowers . In addition, unlike many other models, it is equipped with a unique front front wheel which significantly improves handling. Finally, if you do not want to take advantage of the mulching function, then all you have to do is unplug the mulching adapter from the Einhell GC-PM 51 S HW-T petrol lawn mower and replace it with the grass collector supplied.

How to choose a petrol lawn mower?

You You may have noticed through this thermal mower comparison, equipment of this type generally costs several hundred euros, and as it could be the case for any other purchase that you may make, as if to offer you a new gasoline brush cutter or a cordless electric hedge trimmer , you want the confidence to invest your money in equipment you can rely on. This is why, to support you as best as possible during your research, we wanted to list you below all the criteria for choosing a petrol mower .

The petrol lawn mower motor

To start your research, first of all look at the petrol lawn mower motor. This must be renowned for its reliability, such as OHV, Briggs & Stratton or even Honda engines. In addition, it is important that the engine power matches your actual needs. For example, for intensive work, favor at least a 150 cc engine while for short, regular mowing, a 125 cc petrol mower engine will do just fine.

The cutting width of a gasoline mower

The cutting width offered by your next petrol lawn mower will have a very strong impact on your final satisfaction. Indeed, if your land is large, a large width of 46 centimeters will allow you to mow your lawn quickly since less back and forth will be necessary to complete the job. On the other hand, if your land has flower beds for example, or if the places are relatively narrow, it is better to choose a petrol mower with a smaller cutting width.

The different cutting heights

When you mow your lawn, you obviously want the end result to be aesthetic. Therefore, depending on your desires and personal tastes, you will not necessarily cut the grass to the same height as your neighbor. This is why it is essential to choose a gasoline mower that has an adjustable cutting height, which will allow you to achieve perfect results with every use. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, petrol mowers now offer at least 4 different cutting heights.

The ease of use of a petrol mower

Finally, mowing your lawn is generally a grueling and tedious job. To minimize your effort while being sure of getting perfect results, take the time to learn about the ease of use of your next petrol mower . Some devices offer, for example, a handlebar adjustable in height so that you can work with your back straight, whatever your height, or even handles with a non-slip softgrip coating.

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