Outdoor trampoline: how to choose?

Today there is an impressive variety of fun activities, ranging from baby foot from bistros to plastic slides for the garden . One of the most famous games is the outdoor trampoline. It would be number one for outdoor games, in front of the swing and the slide. It has many advantages in the lives of children and even adults. In this guide, we explore some of the benefits of this accessory. We will share the criteria to be observed before purchasing this toy. We will finally offer you the right place to find a quality outdoor trampoline.

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What is the point of having a trampoline outdoor?

The outdoor trampoline allows you to perform regular jumps. He gives the game a very spectacular touch. That’s what makes it very attractive. These leaps help increase the physical condition of its users. Their athletic ability improves, as does their cardiovascular health. The physical effort here helps maintain a healthy heart rate. The trampoline then helps to keep you away from diseases and cardiovascular accidents. It promotes the building of the skeleton and the development of muscles. This is because when you use it, you increase bone mineral density. Hence, it leads to the strengthening of bones. During the exercises, you keep the posture upright. This position requires a general mobilization of the muscles which develop over time. Regular use of a trampoline has other health benefits.

Outdoor trampoline users face a wobbly surface. They have to make an effort to keep the balance. Since the jumps are repeated and well paced, finding this balance ultimately requires good coordination. You then strengthen your balance and coordination by using this game. It also helps detoxification. During your movement, you promote a good flow of lymphatic fluid. It is generally rich in white blood cells. These more effectively remove toxins (poisons) from bacteria, fungi and other microbes. Remember that these exercises are performed outdoors. The oxygen is therefore exploited to the maximum. As a result, breathing capacity increases. In addition, you enjoy the garden and its peaceful environment. Let’s not forget the sun, which is a source of vitamin D. This vitamin plays a role in the growth and development of bones. All these advantages confirm the important place that the trampoline enjoys in our life. However, you will have to make a wise choice to get the most out of it.

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How to choose your trampoline outdoor?

The size must be taken into account, as when choosing a wooden dollhouse since you will need to make sure you have enough space in your home. The larger the trampoline, the stronger the rebound capacity. It is also linked to the age of the user. The diameter of an outdoor children’s trampoline must be between 1.10 m and 4 m. You should also look at the structure of the trampoline. It is an index of stability and resilience. The trampoline must be hot-dip galvanized steel. The number of feet (or pillars) is important. The larger it is, the greater the stability. The structure of the trampoline consists of a set of tubes which should be at least 1.5mm thick and 35mm in diameter. This diameter is inseparable from the maximum accepted load. The third criterion concerns the jumper or the rebound. This is what allows you to jump. It must be well attached to springs, the number and size of which are guarantees of quality. For children, at least 72 springs are needed for a 4m diameter trampoline. The denser the jumper, the stronger it is.

The fourth criterion is the frame cushion. It helps protect users when they leave the jumping surface. The thickness and quality of its foam must be fine. A thickness of 30mm should be fine. The fifth factor concerns standards. Your trampoline must comply with the following different standards in force: NF EN 71-14 (relating to the safety of toys), NF EN 13 219 (relating to the manufacture of trampolines), NF EN 913 (relating to the use and trampoline test), the TUV GS Certificate which proves that the trampoline has been tested by an independent body. The labeling must indicate the name of the manufacturer of the outdoor trampoline. The last criterion concerns the accessories. A trampoline should be accompanied by a ladder, a shoe storage net, and a protective net that keeps the user in the right space. A protective cover against the elements and an inking kit will not be too much.

Where to get an outdoor trampoline?

You can buy your outdoor trampoline in sports shops and those that have a toy department, as is often the case when the time comes to choose an electronic dart target . You can also do this online. There are several online stores where you will find them very quickly. You have access to a wealth of information on this subject. It is therefore easy for you to make price comparisons. When your choice is made, it’s easy to order the accessory. Without going to a store, you get your product at home or elsewhere as you wish. You are now safe from long journeys in search of the right trampoline. You no longer have to submit to store opening and closing hours. Online trading is simple, convenient and efficient. However, to take advantage of better opportunities, you should visit reference sites.

Amazon is the reference for online commerce. Its notoriety in the market is due to the quality services it offers to its customers. Many merchants prefer to sell their products on Amazon. The products enjoy high visibility and have the possibility of being sponsored. It is this convergence that gives Amazon a rich catalog of the various products it sells. Regarding the outdoor trampoline, you have a variety of products on offer on the site. Chances are you will find what works for you. In addition, on the platform, different buyers share their experiences. You can then choose, based on your experience, an outdoor trampoline that suits you.

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