Our complete comparison of the best fans of the year!

During heat waves and hot periods, the use of equipment to cool off becomes essential. It must be said that there is a lot of equipment on the market for freshening the air, however the fan is the simplest option and one that is suitable for small budgets. Regarding fans , there is also a wide range of these products which are often versatile and can be used in different conditions. Thus we distinguish ceiling models, others which are made on a stand and many other models.

A fan is preferable to a mobile air conditioner because the fan is equipment that consumes very little energy compared to the air conditioner. Note that the fan and the air conditioner do not cool rooms in the same way. In fact, while the air conditioner moves the hot air which it replaces with cold air, the fan creates an artificial wind. The air he creates produces a change of air that refreshes the room. To help you choose a fan suited to your needs, we've created this review which shows you the best fans.

We tested the MyCarbon fan, here's our review!

If there's one product that stands out from all the rest right now, it's obviously the MyCarbon fan . It is the subject of a reputation for excellence among the thousands of consumers who have already chosen to equip themselves with it. We wanted to know why this model of silent fan with remote control is so popular, which is why we, too, made the choice to buy it. And the least we can say is that we were not disappointed! It is effectively a small desktop fan capable of cooling several tens of square meters, and the use of which will therefore go much further than just cooling you down when you work. To be completely honest with you, we were blown away by this fan whose value for money is particularly striking.

What makes the strength of MyCarbon , it is initially the fact that it is ultra powerful with its maximum air flow of 1800m3/h , and that it is also a silent fan which, at full power, will only emit 30 decibels. Clearly, the brand has been able to offer a device that offers all the advantages of a fan and that does not present any particular drawback. In addition, and this is a real technical feat for a free-standing fan, the MyCarbon is able to automatically detect the temperature of the room in order to adjust its level of ventilation accordingly. According to our research, this is the only fan that offers this functionality in 2021. And of course, for more comfort, you can program it until 12h thanks to its timer so that it turns off automatically without that you don't have to do anything. To conclude, in our opinion, the MyCarbon fan is the best of its generation!

The fan, in concrete terms, is what and how does it work?

The main role of the fan is to provide fresh air by creating a totally artificial wind. It should therefore be understood that the fan has the same function as an air cooler, for example. In fact, when the weather is hot, it can be used to make the house cooler and to make the air more breathable in the spring. It is important to know that the fan does not work like the air conditioner by lowering the ambient temperature of the room. In fact, the fan behaves like a fan. Instead of cooling the room like the fan, it circulates the air inside which creates a displacement between hot and cold air.

This movement between the two types of air thus decreases the temperature of the room and brings more freshness. It should be noted that the room gets cooler and cooler as the amount of air displaced is greater. Air volume is a factor that changes depending on the fan power and the area of ​​the room. It should be noted that there are fans on the market that allow you to perform several other additional tasks. In fact, there are fans that cool but can also serve as dehumidifiers, ionizers or misters. When the fan is used as a fogger its main role is to provide pressurized air and water. This is in order to make the room cooler.

A fan can also offer other features!

On the other hand, in its role of humidifier, the fan is used to make the air in the room more breathable. In this function, the ventilator produces air which is not too dry, which avoids certain respiratory problems. This is particularly interesting because it saves the user the expense of an air humidifier. Ionization mode allows the fan to transform the chemicals in the air to make them more stable. To do this, the fan sends anions into the air. The latter are ions that carry negative charges. When a balance is established between the positively charged ions, cations, and anions, a sense of comfort and well-being is felt in the room. It should be noted that it is difficult for devices to find this balance. Because the ambient air is often polluted by several gases emanating from the kitchen or dishwashing products. So it's important to try to balance all of this with an anion intake.

Who are the best fans of 2021?

These are the best-selling fans, so we can say that they are the most efficient and the most efficient. So we have the Pro Breeze Mini Clamp Fan. This model is known for its small footprint, in fact it is very small, easy to store and move. It is also a fan which produces very little noise when in operation. The product which has two speeds is only 15 cm in size and is priced at 21.99 euros. The second fan on this list is the Honeywell HT-900E Turbo. This fan has phenomenal power. This does not prevent the device from being very quiet. This is a product that costs 30.10 euros. The third and final fan is the Mini USB Table Fan. This model is really very small, which has earned it the name of pocket fan. It is also very quiet. The product which is sold at 6.99 euros is sold with a battery and an LED Light.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool: A high-end fan with multiple functions!

The particularity of this Dyson Pure Hot + Cool fan is that it is not equipped with a blade. It should still be noted that this is one of the most expensive products from Dyson. Indeed this fan is sold at a price of 449 euros, excluding promotions. However, it must be said that Dyson brand products are known for their quality and durability. This fan is very complete because it can perform several functions on its own, such as cooling the air, purifying it, ionizing it or acting as a dehumidifier. It is very powerful as an air purifier. It is therefore a device to recommend for those who suffer from respiratory problems or allergy.

The little extra of this ventilator is that it can be used as heating in winter for example. The user can also control the fan remotely with the Dyson Link app which works great on Android and Apple systems. An important point to emphasize is the power of the fan which is at 2100 Watts. This allows the fan to easily cool your rooms even during a heat wave. The product has 10 speeds which allow you to vary the power . Also noteworthy is the advanced fan technology that allows programming one week in advance. Finally it is a noisy model because during its operation the sound pressure is 64 dB.

How do I choose the best fan? All our tips.

To make the right choice for your fan, you must first define what the device should be used for. Thus, we notice that high-performance fans are more effective in combating heat unlike comfort models. You also need to think about where you plan to install your fan. Other factors that should get your attention are noise, power or wind from the fan. As a last resort, remember that the ultimate choice depends on the use you plan to make of it and your expectations.

Define the location of the fan and its discretion.

To choose your fan, you must consider where you would like to install it. In fact, base fans with low power are more suitable for offices. On the other hand, free-standing models or those that can be placed in the ceiling are recommended for larger spaces. As far as noise is concerned, the ideal would be to have a totally silent fan. However, most of the available models still emit noise. There is therefore a limit not to be exceeded in terms of sound pressure. It is therefore advisable to prefer fans whose sound power does not exceed 40 dB. Indeed when the noise reaches 60 dB, the sound becomes quite disturbing.

The maximum air flow, the essential choice criterion!

This is the most important factor in choosing a fan. In fact, the air flow must be chosen taking into account the fan model and especially the surface of the room to be cooled. The air flow is a very important factor because it allows for example to know the power of the fan. It must therefore be said that the air flow of your fan must be greater if the size of your room becomes larger.

The additional features of your new fan.

It must be said that if you would like to have more ease and simplicity in the use of your fan, the best is to choose a model that presents the options to follow. Indeed a good fan must have a remote control, a blower speed and a head oscillation. The device must also be programmable.

Rowenta VU5640F0 Turbo Silence Extreme: Why is this pedestal fan so popular?

This fan is really a piece of equipment that allows you to have fresh air in absolute silence. This is a standing model that is known for its silence and for its purchase price which is really affordable given its performance. The fan which is one of the most popular models has a fairly low power which is mainly due to the low sound pressure. The model is sold with 4 different speed levels. It should also be noted that the air flow of the fan is 80 m3/min when it is at its maximum. This flow is provided by the five fan blades and the presence of the Turbo Boost option.

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