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As a technician or handyman, you will need a lot of equipment even if you have talent. This principle is all the more verified in electricity as this area is very delicate. The digital multimeter appears to be a necessary pocket tool to do electrical work well. Sometimes referred to as the Universal Controller , the device contains a lot of features to exploit. With the multitude of models available on the market, choosing quality is not always easy when looking for the best value for money. To help you, this buying guide gives you tips.

Janisa PM18 C digital multimeter: a powerful product

That’s a multifunctional digital multimeter . It accurately measures voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, current, frequency, etc. The dimensions of the device are as follows: 19 cm × 6 cm × 4.8 cm. Weighing only 380g, the product is very convenient to use and easy to transport. This digital multimeter has a backlit 2.75 inch LCD display. The latter is large enough to allow you to read the data easily and quickly. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a rear flashlight. The lamp and the display backlight are very important when working in the dark or in low light conditions. The multimeter is powered by AA batteries. Moreover, this one is delivered with 4 batteries.

In addition, the digital multimeter Janisa PM18 C is equipped with a pair of thermocouples K. Without however, connect the probe, this allows you to measure the ambient temperature up to 250 ° C . If you are concerned that your product will fall and break, rest assured. It is designed with hard plastic and has a shockproof shell. These two assets promote its resistance and longevity. It is suitable for both professionals and amateurs. In addition, this electrical accessory can detect the current from a distance. Indeed, when the multimeter is close to an electrical voltage, it will beep and the green diodes will light up. Note that if you forgot to turn off your tool, it will stop automatically. In fact, automatic shutdown occurs after a few minutes of inactivity. Your instrument is also equipped with a memory which allows it to record and keep the measured data.

Why buy a multimeter?

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If you like to work on electrical circuits , then the multimeter will be of great use to you since it is as essential in electricity as ‘a Einhell circular saw can be used in carpentry. It has many advantages. The first advantage of this tool is that it is multifunctional. It is both a voltmeter for measuring voltage, an ammeter for measuring current, and an ohmmeter for measuring resistance. It should be noted that other multimeters embed extended functions. You will no longer need to travel with several types of measuring devices. Another advantage is that this accessory allows you to carry out fast and precise work.

Used as a tester, the multimeter can efficiently detect faults and malfunctions in an electrical circuit. By using the multimeter, you reduce the risk of electric shock. Indeed, with this device it is possible to know that you are working with power or not. This is advantageous when you know the dangers of electric current. It should also be noted that some multimeters can be connected to a computer . You will then be able to machine see the data displayed on your tool. Now that the advantages of the multimeter are known, let’s take a look at how to choose the right product.

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Buying a multimeter: which criteria to examine?

Because multimeters are not equal, as is the case with all other products such as new random orbit sanders or the corded electric hedge trimmers , it is important to take your time in order to to buy the one that will be the most satisfying possible. The first criterion to check is obviously the extent of the measure. A multimeter that has a large measuring range is very beneficial. Since it will have a more universal use, it will save you from having to travel with a lot of materials. The other criterion for selecting your product is precision. When you work with a multimeter, it should be able to give you a fairly accurate value.

In addition, you must verify that the protection offered by your product is optimal. Indeed, the instrument must help protect your devices, even in the event of improper handling. Don’t forget to review the product’s features. These vary from multimeter to multimeter. Some models are more sophisticated than others. It is therefore up to you to choose a tool which has several options. We cannot exhaust the list of criteria to check without talking about the price. A product must of course be worth its weight in gold. To conclude in style, it is important to know the right address to make your purchases.

Where to buy a multimeter at the best price?

With online shopping, it is easier to shop. On Amazon, you can easily find your multimeter. Indeed, the platform offers various models and brands. To make an informed choice, you can use product descriptions and user reviews. Of course, it is possible to compare different items to get the one that offers the best value for money. To benefit from free delivery in mainland France, simply place an order with a minimum amount of € 25. With the “premium” option, you benefit from express delivery on many products in the country.

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