How to choose the right mosquito repellent lamp? Complete buying guide!

TOP 3 of the best mosquito repellent lamps

To combat mosquitoes and other unwanted insects, many products do not offer as interior solutions. Outdoors, their effectiveness is reduced or even zero. However, you are looking for an answer adapted to any environment. The mosquito repellent lamp offers a solution to a problem that remains current. Thanks to an ingenious mechanism, this tool can be useful in a closed place or in the open air. Relevant information will help you get to know the product better, choose it well and buy it at the right price.

Fochea mosquito repellent lamp: a product to try

The Fochea mosquito repellent is a product specially designed to control mosquitoes and other flying insects. Coming from high technology, it emits ultra-violet radiation which attracts insects. The latter move towards the source of the glow and end up being trapped. They find themselves in a high voltage area where they are killed by electrocution. This lamp remains effective over an area of ​​approximately 60 m 2 . It is very respectful of the environment. Indeed, it does not diffuse any perfume, any gas and does not produce noise pollution. It can then be used in various places (place of service, yoga room, garden, etc.). Its structure allows it to be installed on a surface or to hang on a support (on a wall for example).

The longevity of the anti Fochea mosquito is remarkable. Its usable life ranges from 5,000 hours to 8,000 hours . These figures are equivalent respectively to one and a half and two and a half years of operation, at a rate of 8 hours per day. It has two grids. One grid is peripheral and the other is in the center. The first ensures the safety of users and especially that of children, while the second is kept under high voltage. It is from this area that the insects are killed. Their corpses are not scattered throughout the room. They are crammed into a detachable collection tray that is simply cleaned with a brush. The product is easy to use. A user manual is provided for your convenience. This lamp is also delivered with an EU type plug and a UV tube.

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Advantage of a mosquito repellent lamp

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A mosquito repellent lamp offers several advantages over other products such as insecticides. Note that it is easy to use and that its use is environmentally friendly. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy your best inflatable spa or an extended meal under your shade sail for garden without worrying about being bothered by mosquitoes and other flying insects. It does not spread any trace of chemicals and harmful . On the other hand, it cleanses the environment thanks to its air purification function. In fact, it breaks down molds, viruses and bacteria. This elimination of microbes drives away odors. Your floor does not get dirty, because the dead insects are piled up in its collection tray. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is light and practical. You can take it anywhere.

Mosquito lamps generally have a long battery life. They can be operational for 6 hours and it only takes a few hours to recharge them. There are even solar lights. These ecological models save energy. You can therefore use it in areas without electricity for a good period of time. They are suitable for getaways in the forest, in remote places, etc. Thanks to its lighting, a mosquito repellent lamp is a valid replacement for a night light. Its aesthetic side can contribute to the beautification of the place where it is used. Its manufacture takes user safety into account.

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How to choose your mosquito repellent lamp?

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To buy your product, you have to be very careful about certain important aspects. The protective field of the lamp must be checked. This varies on average from 2 to 5 meters around. Low-field lamps are suitable for areas where the density of unwanted flying insects is lower. On the other hand, in an environment where these creatures are abundant, the field of action must be wide. Safety is paramount. Make sure that the high voltage area is difficult, if not impossible to reach. The safety of the whole family is involved.

Power and tension are great indicators of efficiency. The more important they are, the more the performance is accentuated. However, your electrical energy consumption will be higher, unless your lamp is equipped with latest generation LED bulbs . Design is also a key factor. Your lamp should be in harmony with the decoration of the room or the place where it is located. Price is very often a performance indicator. The more expensive lamps are usually the best performing . The price also varies according to the brands. However, for a minimum of efficiency it is necessary to plan between 50 € and 150 €. For a better performance, you will have to spend at least 200 €.

Buying your mosquito repellent lamp at the best price: what is the right address?

Buying from Amazon is the option we suggest. Of course, there are several reasons for this recommendation. The platform offers an impressive multitude of products. Sold by suppliers in various countries, items can be bought in millions on favorable terms. It should be noted that the platform regularly organizes flash sales. You will then be able to obtain quality products at exceptional prices. It is therefore possible that you buy a mosquito repellent lamp at a really reduced price. Also take advantage of the frequently asked questions which provide answers to certain recurring concerns.

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