How to choose the right extensible garden hose for the garden?

To maintain your garden, it is necessary to have recourse to many very different equipments which all have a very precise use. If the gas-powered thermal weedkillers are essential to get rid of weeds, just as much as best electric scarifiers to aerate the earth, when the time comes to water your plants, only the garden hose will be able to rise to the occasion . But this type of accessory can sometimes show its limits since it can be bulky when rolled up and also particularly fragile. However, the manufacturers have been imaginative to come up with a much more practical variant. The extensible garden hose has become a must in France, and in this comparison, we invite you to discover the best models of the moment.

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Why buy an extendable garden hose? What are all its advantages?

The extendable garden hose is therefore a very interesting alternative to the classic garden hose . Obviously, the main function remains the same, namely to convey water from your tap to a place spaced several meters from it. Thanks to it, you will therefore be able to water the crops at the bottom of your garden or even fill your new inflatable spa in the most practical way possible. Since it was marketed for the first time, the extendable garden hose has met with immense success, both with professionals and individuals. It actually offers the same advantages as a standard garden hose except that it can be much more practical in all respects.

The specificity of the expandable garden hose comes from the fact that it is a equipment designed from latex and polyester , inside which has usually been added a layer of flexible copper allowing its sealing. Thus, when not in use, this gardening accessory will take up very little space since the main property of latex is to retract on itself. Thus, you will be able to store it while having only a minimum of space to devote to it. However, as soon as you unroll it and turn on the water, the latex will relax and your equipment will look like a standard garden hose. When not in use, such equipment requires about 5 times less space than a conventional model. But what also makes all its interest is the fact that latex and polyester are two inexpensive materials. Therefore, an extendable garden hose costs less than a standard model.

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Extendable garden hose 15 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters, which one to choose?

When the time comes to buy a new garden hose, whether it is extendable or not , the question of its size always arises. In fact, to be able to be used optimally, this equipment must be the most suited to the dimensions of its exterior space. And we have to admit it, it can happen that some disappointments make their appearance at this level. However, you will quickly see when you do your research that retailers offer many sizes of expandable garden hoses , so you are sure to find the one that suits you best. However, don’t get caught up in the temptation to choose only the longest garden hose as there may be complications that could arise. This is why the size is a criterion for choosing an extendable garden hose much more important to study than it seems.

For determining the ideal length of an expandable garden hose you have no real difficulty in planning since it will only take a few minutes at most. You just need to calculate the distance of your water inlet from the bottom of your outdoor space. To do this, start from your water tap and, using a tape measure or rangefinder, calculate the exact distance between you and the end of your garden. So, if the result is 30 meters, you will know that the extendable garden hose you need does not need to be 50 meters for two reasons. On the one hand, it would be too big and therefore less practical, but it would also cost more to purchase. Finally, you may also get a result that does not match any size expandable garden hose. In this case, if your result is 12 meters, choose a model that only offers a few more meters.

Where to buy a cheap and good quality extendable garden hose?

The expandable garden hose has become a daily essential for many gardeners, and getting one is not difficult. All you have to do is go to the first garden store or the first supermarket to find some for sale. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, either you will have to pay a high price to get yourself a quality model or, if not, a model that is too affordable could actually hide a disappointing overall quality. Finding an inexpensive garden hose that is still of good quality is therefore not as easy as it sounds. But fortunately, there is also a very simple solution to be sure to make the best choice while taking the best care of your finances.

To be sure to make a purchase that will give you complete satisfaction, then buying an expandable garden hose from is the best decision you can make. On the one hand, you will benefit from a wide choice of different models, ensuring that you find the one that will perfectly match all your requirements. But above all, whatever the extensible garden hose you choose, you will be sure to benefit from the best possible price. And so that your shopping experience is always more exceptional, the brand is committed to delivering to you in record time so that you can start using your new gardening equipment as quickly as possible.

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