How to choose the best electric hedge trimmer?

Best electric hedge trimmer 2021: TOP 3 on sale

The hedge trimmer is precision equipment increasingly used for gardening operations or clearing out bad plants. It must be said that for it to be useful and efficient, you must be careful to choose it according to your needs. It is also useful to know the best hedge trimmers on the market.

AHS 70-34 Hedge Trimmer: the best product on the market

This equipment, which is a production of the Bosch company, has a blade with a length of 700 mm. It should be noted that it has a power of 700W which allows it to have a cutting capacity of 34 mm. It is therefore the right equipment for cutting tall hedges. The equipment, which weighs 3.9 kg, is quite light, and its weight is very well distributed, which allows it to be handled with disconcerting ease. You can cut in any direction with very good precision. Another positive point of this hedge trimmer is the fact that it can be used as a saw. In fact, by using the front part of the blade of the equipment, you can cut large branches with a diameter of 38 mm. Regarding safety, the manufacturer has provided a protective stop at the end of the blade. In fact, this allows you to work in peace no matter how close you are to the wall or the floor. It should also be noted that the protective stopper protects your equipment from damage while you are working.

How to choose the best hedge trimmer?

One of the first factors to consider when choosing this equipment is the length of cut. In fact, the longer the cutting length, the more tall hedges you can cut. However, the choice of the hedge trimmer should be based on the branches you will have to cut. You also have to think about the power of the equipment. Engine horsepower will affect how easy it is to cut branches. It is also interesting to take into account the weight of the hedge trimmer as well as its distribution. A lighter hedge trimmer with a well balanced weight will give you more comfort during your operations. It would be interesting to take a look at the autonomy of the hedge trimmer.

Einhell Electric hedge trimmer GE-EH 7607: the second best hedge trimmer

This product has a cutting length of 67 cm for a power of 700 watts. The equipment that weighs 3.49 kilograms is sold with a three-year warranty. The manufacturer has designed their product with a protective sleeve to avoid any inconvenience. There is also a protective stop on the hedge trimmer to enhance safety. The Einhell hedge trimmer allows for precision cuts because it has very sharp steel blades. It should also be noted that this is a device that is very easy to handle thanks to its additional handle and the rear handle which swivels.

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