Garden studio: how to secure it?

You've finally made the decision to set up a garden studio. Congratulations! You have just made an extremely wise choice. Indeed, deciding to build a garden studio allows you to have an additional room with multiple uses. Thus, you can transform it into a guest room or an office to have a space where you can work quietly. However, if you decide to set up a garden studio, you are opting for a location that is difficult to manage, as intrusions are easier in this outdoor space. It is therefore necessary to find solutions to secure it especially if you use it to carry out sensitive activities.

Garden studio: install a surveillance camera

When a burglar decides to visit your home, they usually don't distinguish between your primary residence and the garden studio. This is why you must pay attention to the safety of all your living spaces, without exception. To protect your garden studio, you must therefore find the effective security system to avoid or reduce the risk of burglary.

The surveillance camera is very effective equipment to ward off intruders who might want to enter your garden studio. When this device is installed and in full view, it acts as a deterrent and can deter intruders who have decided to attack your garden studio because it appears less protected.

By installing a surveillance camera in your home , you will be able to monitor everything that is happening in your primary residence and in your garden studio. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can choose a camera that shoots continuously or opt for a device equipped with a presence detector.

This device will start filming when someone walks into the house.

There are also more advanced models that are equipped with facial recognition and who recognize all the people whose presence is normal in the garden and in the studio. Today you will also find connected devices that alert you directly via your smartphone as soon as a foreign presence is detected in the garden.

Once you are informed, you can react quickly by trying to put the thieves to flight or by calling the police to your rescue.

Finally, if the thieves steal your valuables despite the presence of the surveillance camera, you can still view the images recorded by the system to try to identify thieves.

Equip your garden studio a solid front door

To commit their crimes, delinquents prefer places to which they can easily reach. ent. Making it as difficult as possible to gain access to your studio is a great way to keep burglars away.

To do this, you must equip your room with a door. solid entry. In this way, you can optimize the security of the main access. If you don't have the budget to install a armored door , you can opt for a less expensive and efficient solution.

The steel front door is a good alternative. Steel is a material that is very resistant to deformation and weathering. It is therefore suitable for long-term use. You can also customize it and adapt it to your building style. By choosing to install a steel front door, you can be sure to make it very difficult to attempt to break into your studio.

For added security, you can also add an additional lock to the steel entrance door . The use of an anti-pick lock significantly improves the protection of your exterior part.

To install a steel entrance door equipped with a double lock, you should contact a competent locksmith. This professional is a service provider who will be able to carry out the installations in accordance with the rules of the art to ensure your safety.

Install presence simulators

Do you think a thief will try to enter a room where he senses a human presence? In most cases, it is obvious that not.

So know that today there are systems that allow buildings to be managed remotely. Presence Simulators fall into this category and allow you to protect a home remotely.

Thanks to a connectable device, you can for example turn off and on the lights or the heating of the room. In short, these systems allow you to program realistic actions that will make the neighborhood and thieves believe that you are present on the scene.

So you can turn on the remote television and radio, energize lighting, etc. to deter the burglar from carrying out his operation. This is a very effective alternative, as generally offenders do not attempt to enter a house or a room where they feel a human presence.

Use automatic lighting at the inside your garden studio

Usually, an automatic lighting device is used to provide lighting in the garden. However, many individuals do not know that automatic indoor lighting can be of great help in keeping the home safe.

By installing an automatic lighting device, you can spot any suspicious movements inside your garden studio. To do this, presence detectors are placed all over the interior of the room. In this way, any movement coming from you, your pet or an intruder will always cause the light to come on.

Besides the lamps that you can associate with motion detectors , you can also install luminaires which incorporate a touch device. With this type of lighting, the slightest touch triggers an ignition. You can therefore quickly scare the thief who will immediately take to the chase so as not to be unmasked.

It is also possible to equip your studio with locks connected. These are innovative solutions that make it possible to better secure a home. Thanks to a connected lock, you can better control access to your garden studio, with just a few clicks. If someone tries to break in, you will be immediately informed on your smartphone in order to react quickly and promptly.

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