Fishing rod: why buy and how to choose?

Fishing generates significant income and supports millions of families. Carried out professionally and on a personal basis, this activity mobilizes many followers. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, remember to equip yourself accordingly to make big catches. A central part of the fisherman’s kit, the fishing rod is a tool that evolves over the years. Let’s find out what this equipment can bring you and explore the steps to follow to choose and buy a quality fishing rod.

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Why have your own fishing rod?

Angling with a fishing rod turns out to be the easiest. Adults, adolescents and even children when properly supervised make good use of it. The hauling of your catch is facilitated either by a manual or electronic rotary system, which is not the case with hand line fishing. The fishing rod does not require as much vigilance or effort as other types of fishing. In addition, it is very environmentally friendly because it does not endanger the life of marine organisms. It is very practical. You can catch your fish on the edge of a stream or in the open sea. It gives you the opportunity to have better quality fish. Indeed, in this case the fish is alive or fresh.

Whether you are a novice, an amateur, a professional or a sport fisherman, there is a variety of fishing rods corresponding to your needs. Science and technology are also moving in this direction. In fact, depending on what bait you are using or where you are, you have the ability to more easily select or search for a particular species and even its size. It gives you some autonomy in sourcing, because you won’t have to shop around so much to buy fish. You could then realize significant savings. With this magnificent tool, fishing can become for you a real source of income which would supplement your end of the month, and which could even become your main activity. If the effectiveness of the fishing rod is no longer to be demonstrated, a few guidelines may help you to choose your equipment.

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How to choose your fishing rod?

There are several types of fishing rods. This diversity can confuse the novice consumer in making a suitable choice, as can also be the case when choosing a telescope or when purchasing a survival knife . Nevertheless, 4 criteria are essential for a wise choice. The first two are the power and resistance of the rod which are related to its strength. The strength is related to the fiber of the rod which can be made of glass or carbon. It is quantified by modules which represent the pressure that the rod can withstand. The modulus generally ranges from 230 to 650 GPa (pressure measurement unit). The larger the module, the more rigid the rod is and less and less flexible. As for the power, it indicates the weight of the body (nothing to do with the weight of the fish) that you can cast and handle with your rod without affecting it. It is expressed in grams or oz (a little reminder: 1 oz=28 grams). Thus, depending on the power, the rods are classified into several categories (from ultra light to extra heavy). Depending on the takes you are targeting, consider these settings rationally.

The other two criteria are action and length. They are related to the distance between the angler and the end of the rod. The action is the evolution of the rod during the throw. There are three types of action. First, the fast out spawns. The Planck bends over the last third of the rod. It is recommended for beginners. Second, the slow or the semi-parabolic. This is the most versatile action: you can use it at sea or on the water’s edge. Third, the parabolic. In this case, the cane bends over its entire length. As for the length, this is the size of the rod. We have long rods which are suitable for shore fishing, and short rods for boats. If you’re ready to get started, let’s see how you can make a wise and satisfying purchase.

Where to get your fishing rod?

The advancement of the digital economy is constant. Through e-commerce platforms, certain everyday activities have become easier. Without moving, you can make your purchases in record time from the comfort of your sofa, and have your orders delivered as quickly as possible. Many points of sale have a website with as much information as possible about their products. Whatever your continent, your country and even your city, it is now possible to have imported products delivered to you without having to travel. It is also very easy for you to compare the prices of varieties of fishing rods, as well as the quality of the related services. You can visit many online shopping sites looking for the right product at the best price.

Among the most famous e-commerce platforms, Amazon is a reference. The platform continually improves the quality of its services. Visitors have information on the items for sale on the online storefront. You have for example the exhaustive descriptions of the products, the selection of the articles recommended by Amazon.fr, etc. Pay attention to special offers which may for example include a fishing rod and accessories. Take advantage of free shipping for offers generally over € 30. You might get a discount if you order from a certain quantity or over a certain amount. Take advantage of different customer reviews and ratings. This information generally provides accurate information on the effectiveness of the product. Amazon brings together millions of people looking for the right deal. We strongly recommend that you go there to discover new offers throughout the year.

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