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Our positive opinion on the FIMEI Espresso Maker

Are you passionate about coffee in all its forms and cannot live without it? Treat yourself without further ado to the best for your coffee preparation. Rich in several functions, the FIMEI Espresso machine is a simple and easy to use device that will make you a coffee expert. What are the main characteristics of the FIMEI Espresso machine and why should you have it at all costs?

FIMEI Espresso machine: main characteristics and advantages

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The purchase of a FIMEI Espresso machine will give you the right to a set of parts intended to make the use of your machine more practical. Thus, in addition to your FIMEI coffee maker with a 90 cm long power cord, also receive 2 filters accompanied by a filter holder and a teaspoon. You can also benefit from a user manual written in several languages, including French. FIMEI offers you a robust Espresso maker designed in a slim and aesthetic design through the use of materials such as plastic and stainless steel. The FIMEI Espresso coffee maker has a double filtering port allowing the simultaneous preparation of two cups of coffee that can be reheated thanks to the presence of a heating zone. The FIMEI Espresso coffee maker is also operation buttons with indicator lights, a detachable and transparent water tank, a pump system with a pressure of 15 bars and a removable drip tray. These accessories will facilitate the use of your coffee machine while allowing easy cleaning after use. The FIMEI Espresso coffee maker has an independent dual temperature control system that works to regulate the temperature of the water and the milk froth to give you a perfect coffee in every way. Also discover an adjustable stainless steel steam arm designed to facilitate the preparation of drinks such as sparkling capucinos for example.

FIMEI Espresso maker: the coffee maker to have at all costs

The FIMEI Espresso maker sold at a very reasonable price will give you a quality-price ratio that you will hardly find elsewhere. With this machine you will feel like a professional coffee maker for sure. Use the milk frother to brew several types of coffee: espresso, lattes, macchiatos, etc. This almost silent machine will allow you to obtain coffees with exceptional tastes and generous foam. Your friends or coworkers will swear by you!

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The emergence of espresso makers has revolutionized the world of coffee consumption. Indeed, drinking coffee is a tradition that is only noticed at home or in culinary establishments. Since espresso makers first surfaced, drinking coffee has taken hold in homes and businesses alike. If companies have adopted the espresso machine, it is because of its modern aesthetic which brings a certain prestige.

Since the espresso coffee makers have become unavoidable, we faced an excitement at the level of this device. We also found that several brands have embarked on the commercialization of the latter.

Today, the trade war forces companies to surpass themselves in espresso coffee makers . This is how you have devices with multiple features that can meet your needs. However, during your purchase, you should check some criteria namely power, reliability, price, design and also the different features. For more assistance, we have therefore decided to present the most famous brands to you. In addition, we will also share what you need to know about the espresso maker in the rest of our article.

Our selection of the biggest brands

  • Nespresso

Nespresso is one of the pioneers on the planet when it comes to espresso makers. Its modern design reinforces your prestige with your visitors or customers, which is why it is generally quite appreciated in companies. In addition, the Nespresso coffee machine offers several advantages thanks to the functions integrated into the coffee machine.

Its dimensions allow you to install the coffee machine in your kitchen as well as in a living room. professional structure. Indeed, it is not bulky. You can easily install it in your office, it will bring an aesthetic and thus bring a certain elegance to your office. To facilitate its use, the Nespresso coffee machine is delivered with several accessories and is equipped with several functions. You have, for example, the rapid heating integrated into the appliance, which allows you to get hot coffee in no time. It also has a system that allows you to easily clean your coffee maker. In addition, Nespresso coffee makers are generally silent so you can use your device without disturbing your neighbors or colleagues. They generally use the capsule system and require that the capsules be changed regularly.

Our favorite: Krups YY1201FD Coffee Machine Nespresso

  • Senseo

The Senseo brand has since launched a few years one of the first Expresso coffee makers in the world. Since then, it has been very successful with both homes and businesses. If it has been very successful, it is thanks to the ease of use, the quality and also the performance of its devices. In addition, it offers excellent value for money unlike other brands. The Senseo coffee makers have the particularity of having modern functionalities integrated into the system of classic coffee makers. Moreover, Senseo alone dominates, 40% of the market share.

However, the pressure is 1.3 bar and therefore does not allow prepare a real espresso. However, it compensates enormously with its various features such as automatic shutdown. It is used to save energy after long disuse. The most popular models of the brand are Origina, Viva, or Quadrante. Do not hesitate to buy your espresso machine from Senseo.

Our favorite: Philips HD6554/61 Senseo Pod Coffee Machine

  • Tassimo

The multinational Kraft Foods is at the origin of the brand Tassimo . However, Bosch has been the exclusive manufacturer of Tassimo coffee makers since 2008. So you can rest assured about the reliability and performance of Tassimo coffee makers. As main functionality, you have for example One-Touch which allows coffee makers to be programmable.

Tassimo offers the advantage of being able to prepare different drinks such as cappuccino , coffee, tea or even chocolate. So you have something to personalize your coffee as much as any other drink. Tassimo coffee makers work with T-disc capsules which are very popular for the quality and flavor of the coffees.

You have several models at your disposal including the famous Tassimo Suny which is considered by the way one of the best espresso makers. This model has modern features to make it easier to use and ergonomic. In addition, its elegant design ensures prestige whether at home or in your office. Like other models you also have the Tassimo Vivy which is quite popular for its efficiency and ease of use. As for the equally popular Tassimo Fidelia and Tassimo Caddy, they are also appreciated for their various multifunctional tasks.

Our favorite: Bosch Tassimo TAS1402 Coffee Machine

  • Dolce Gusto

Despite the trade war between the brands of espresso makers, Dolce Gusto still manages to stand out. The brand’s most famous model happens to be the Krups model which only uses airtight capsules. The thermo block integrated into the device allows you to obtain hot coffee at any time. Its modern design brings a youthful touch to your kitchen or your office.

The Dolce Gusto Espresso coffee makers operate mainly with high pressure, thus obtaining a strong and delicious espresso coffee. In addition, this model has several features such as the height of the crop or the automatic stop for more convenience. If the capsules are expensive, it is because the coffees obtained are of an irreproachable quality both in terms of taste and flavor.

Our favorite: Krups YY2283FD Capsule Coffee Machine Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Everything you need to know about an espresso machine

An espresso machine is above all a coffee machine that works thanks to to the system called percolator. Indeed, this system makes it possible to apply a strong vapor pressure to the coffee for a short period of time. It offers the advantage of obtaining coffee that is rich in aroma and flavor.

You have different types of devices with different mechanisms built into them. Among other things, you have espresso coffee makers with an automatic or semi-automatic mechanism.

The different types of espresso coffee makers

  • Capsule coffee makers

Surely you should know that there are two types of coffee makers namely capsule coffee maker and pod coffee maker. We will focus on the capsule coffee maker first. It is often noticed that users do not really differentiate between a pod coffee maker and a capsule coffee maker. We can simply say that a capsule coffee maker works by the pump system while the pod coffee maker works by the pressure system.

For the coffee maker capsule, you have prefabricated capsules with plastic or aluminum containing coffee and weighing up to 7 g. This capsule has a minimum pressure of 10 bars, allowing you to acquire authentic coffee with a strong flavor. In addition, you have several capsules offering different flavors for diversification. In addition, the capsule coffee maker is easier to use and maintain than a pod capsule. Considering the advantages, it is more expensive than the pod capsule.

  • Pod coffee makers

A pod machine also allows you to obtain quality coffee thanks to its pressure system. Plus, you can customize your coffee for a coffee that’s as strong as it is strong. You can also concoct other drinks than coffee such as cappuccino, chocolate or tea.

A pod generally contains 7 g of already ground coffee allowing thus to keep your coffee for a long time without losing its flavor. It offers more benefits than a capsule coffee maker. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it is less expensive and easier to use and maintain, simpler than the previous model. Several accessories and features facilitate the use and maintenance of the device. For example, you have the self-cleaning system, a programmable coffee maker or even the cup warmer.

Unfortunately, the downside is the pressure which is lower at 10 bars and therefore does not allow you to make an authentic espresso. Generally, an espresso machine must be maintained at a pressure of at least 165 bars to obtain tasty and flavored coffee.

The different mechanisms of an espresso machine

If the automatic mechanism facilitates the use of an espresso machine, the semi-automatic mechanism is more or less complex. Indeed, the latter requires more handling with a slower device than the previous one.

Reason why, it is advisable to opt for the espresso machine automatic. In fact, many people have flocked to this type of mechanism because it offers several advantages. All you have to do is add the bean to the grinder, making sure to press the button to get your espresso coffee. In addition, it is appreciated for the quality of the coffee. The more the coffee is ground, the more ground there is. The automatic mechanism allows the coffee to be grinded continuously to obtain pure coffee with its freshness and flavor. Other features are also interesting, such as the sensors built into an automatic espresso coffee maker. They are used to warn the user when it is necessary to fill the coffee with water or to empty the grounds container.

The more the device has features, the more expensive it is. However, the cost of each device does not only depend on the features but also on the brand and design.

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