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TOP 3 of the best electric extenders of the moment

To carry out work in the garden or far from the living room, one collides sometimes to an electrical connection problem. Using intermediate extensions can help resolve the difficulty, but this alternative is not optimal. It is best to use a power extension to connect the device and the power source. Many users use this accessory which can be useful even inside the house. To get an electric extender at a good price, a few tips will be very useful.

Zenitech: The best 50m electric extender!

The Zenitech 50m electric extension cord is an extension of more than 25 m. It consists of an H05VV-F-2 x 1.5 mm² cord. This cord includes two electric wires. Each wire has a section of 1.5 mm 2 . It can withstand an electric current of 16 amps. Its maximum power is 3,680 watts at a voltage of 230 volts. These electrical properties make this extension cord a good tool for home use. This electric extender is suitable for small DIY jobs, but it is not suitable for professional use. It works with Class II tools. These are insulated devices that do not have an accessible metal contact. This is the reason why it does not have a ground connection. Its orange color is bright and is easily visible. It is therefore easy for a person to notice it and avoid it in its movement.

The Zenitech 50m electric extender allows you to connect all the devices you want. use in your garden. You can take these devices to all corners of your garden. The accessory saves you time, space and energy. It allows you to operate outlets remotely. You don’t have to saturate the space around a single electrical outlet to get the most out of it. This extension cord is a good answer to the problems posed by insufficient electrical outlets . The Zenitech electric extender complies with the standards in force, in particular the NF and CE standards. The risks of accident (short circuit and others) which could originate from the imperfection of this product are limited. Characterized by its waterproofness, this electric extender can therefore be used in the rain.

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Complete list of the advantages of an electric extender

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An electrical extension allows you to connect several devices to the circuit or to the mains electricity network, to allow you to work with your Corded Makita screwdriver drill or your best eccentric sander for example, even if you are far away an electrical outlet. Indeed, it saves length (10 m, 25 m or even 50 m). There are even some variable length electrical extenders . In this case, the user adjusts the length of the cord according to the distance he needs to cover. It is easy to install and may be suitable for home use or professional use depending on the model. The cables for an extension cord are generally sturdy. They withstand heavy shocks without being damaged. This is due to their reinforced or galvanized steel flanged sheath.

Some electrical extensions are weather resistant. Their outlets are equipped with valves and are classified IP44. This allows them to resist splashing water and dust that are often encountered during construction. Some have voltage indicator lights . Thus, in the event of a problem or risk, the user can switch them off and protect their electrical devices. Other electrical extenders have thermal fuses that provide protection against overheating. For electrical devices with an accessible metal contact, there are extensions provided with earth connection which protect the user against electric shocks.

Comparative table of the 10 best electrical extension cables 25, 50 or 100 meters of the year!

How to choose an electric extension?

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The choice of an electric extender must obey certain criteria, just as it is also the case for all DIY equipment, whether it is a cheap plate lifter , a drill or a vise, just like any other DIY equipment such that the collapsible DIY workbenches or the riveting pliers . The first step is to observe the type of cable. PVC cables (H05VV-F) are cheaper. However, their use is limited to domestic areas for small jobs. In the workplace, the H07RN-F neoprene sheaths are more resistant to impact and bad weather. This is the case with camping extensions. Then, it is necessary to check if the extender has an earth connection or not . The above-mentioned Class II devices do not require extension cords or reels with earth connection. But for the rest, these sockets are imperative.

Power is also an important criterion in the choice of its electric extension. It depends on the cross section of the conducting wires. For example, two or three conductors can deliver a current of an intensity of 16 A, for a power of 3,500 watts. This value is also compliant with the standards. It should be noted that the power of a locally wound cable is less than that of the same cable when it is unwound. This is done in order to prevent overheating . Always read the technical data sheet of the product you want to buy carefully. Finally, we must take into account the features. Some products are equipped with indicator lights, thermal fuse, etc.

Where to buy an electric extender at the best price?

When it It’s about finding quality products at a good price, millions of consumers are going to Amazon. Far from being a fanciful decision, this choice is indicative of the exceptional offer offered by this e-commerce giant. Remember that the brand sells several million products each year. So you won’t have a hard time getting your hands on an extension cord that’s right for you. Note also that the merchant site makes it easier for you to choose the item you are looking for. Indeed, you have product descriptions and relevant user reviews that you can analyze before buying.

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