Best Electric Scarifier 2021: The Top 10 and Comparison

You are probably wondering what a scarifier will be used for, if you already have equipment for your garden such as a petrol lawn mower with mulching function . In summary, just know that with a scarifier, your garden will find a new lease of life and your lawn will always remain green. Indeed, the scarifier gets rid of the felts installed on your garden due to plant deposits. Invisible to the naked eye at first, markers are the cause of the yellowing of your garden or lawn.

Equipment like the brush cutter and mower are used to clear weeds to beautify your garden. However, they are not equipped to dispose of markers. This is why the scarifier is essential for the maintenance of a garden.

If you want to get a quality scarifier, do not hesitate to read the rest of our article to discover the best models on the market.

Electric scarifier comparison

The best scarifier around    

Bosch AVR 1100

Bosch is the leading manufacturer of gardening equipment. The brand has proven itself for years by marketing quality devices, moreover this model is no exception to the rule.

This model is an electric scarifier equipped with 14 stainless steel blades to cut all the residues on your garden. It also helps aerate your soil by eliminating weeds, mosses and lichens. The cutting height has 4 different levels for a cutting width of 32 cm to ensure the efficiency of the task at hand.

The jet-collect system integrated into the device eliminates waste regardless of the density of your garden. Subsequently, the device rejects this waste in the collection bottom with a capacity of 50 L.

It does not pose any problem of bulk because it is equipped with a foldable handlebar for easy storage.

The criteria for choosing your scarifier

When purchasing, you should first check the reliability and functionality of the device that can meet your needs.

Second, choose your device according to the type of scarifier:

  • The manual scarifier still called the classic scarifier. It can only be used for small areas
  • The electric scarifier that works with electric energy. It is perfect for medium surfaces.
  • The thermal scarifier works only on fuel. It is the ideal model for large surfaces.

The best scarifier offering excellent value for money

AL-KO Combi Care 38 E Comfort

The performance of this model amazes more than one considering its price. Perfect for medium-sized surfaces, it works with electrical energy. It is therefore recommended to have an extension cord for convenience.

With a power of 1300 W, it has steel blades capable of removing moss, weeds or even lichen from the bottom of the earth. You also have the advantage of adjusting the depth of penetration to the desired level.

For more comfort, you can adjust its handlebars to your size. In addition, it makes less noise than other models. The only job you have to do is maintain the 14 scarifying blades and the 24 aeration blades.

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