Electric cooler: what are the best models in 2021

You usually go to camping or picnics with your family. You want an accessory capable of keeping your drinks, your food cold for hours without them heating up. We present the ideal accessory to you: the electric cooler. If you are not yet aware, know that the electric cooler is the fashionable accessory for camping or a picnic. Usually to get to a campsite, you travel a long distance. We are therefore obliged to spend hours on the road to get to a rather distant place.

To alleviate this concern, the Electric cooler allows you to keep your food cool for hours . It is a device that stores and then keeps your food and drinks cold without you putting blocks of ice. There are 3 different types of electric coolers: the absorption system, by compressor and the Peltier effect system. The success of this device prompted the design of several models by manufacturers. However, we have taken care to list the best electric coolers. We therefore invite you to read the rest of the article to know a little more about the different characteristics and the criteria to check during the purchase.

The best electric coolers on the market

Mobicool W40ACDC

It is a practical electric cooler which has wheels allowing it to be easily transported whatever its capacity. Thanks to its dual voltage system, it can be installed both inside your apartment and in a car. It is also strong and able to withstand shock. With a capacity of 39 L, you can store your food and drinks without worrying about a lack of space.

The two-part split lid allows to seal the cooler tightly so that you do not lose cold air. Inside is a housing that optimizes food storage. You also have removable dividers that allow you to modify the interior of your cooler to your liking.

Waeco Mobicool T26 ACDC

This model has a foam insulation allowing polyurethane thus allowing a high performance in terms of conservation. It is a quality model designed with resistant materials. In addition to offering excellent value for money with its capacity of 25L, it is also a practical electric cooler. With its small size, it can be carried anywhere without the risk of crowding anyone. Although its motor will make noise when you reach maximum mode, you can choose to have a very quiet motor by operating eco mode.

TZF First Austria

TZF First has a dual function. This model has the ability to cool food down to 18 ° C below ambient temperature and keep food warm by regulation up to 65 ° C. It is a thermoelectric cooler used to heat or cool your food as you wish. In addition, it is a practical model, especially since it can be transported and stored everywhere, especially in the car. You have easy storage thanks to the cigarette lighter and the cable holder in the lid which has a 230V plug and a 120V connection.

Its eco mode allows the engine to be ultra-quiet and to consume less energy, moreover, its energy class is equivalent to A ++. This model has a long life because it has two motors and does not require any maintenance thanks to its cyclic technology. In addition, it has LED lighting for night outings and a very good autonomy of 65 minutes for a recharge of 6 hours of duration.

Campingaz Powerbox Plus

We chose this model because it is one of the electric coolers that offer excellent value for money. In addition to being equipped with thermoelectric technology, it is a strong and resistant electric cooler.

Its luxurious design gives a certain presence to you. Its highly insulating polyurethane foam keeps the cold even at a high temperature. This model has a capacity of 28 liters and a quiet 39 dB engine. In addition, it has the max mode function which transforms your electric cooler into a fridge for a few hours.

The different types of electric coolers

The electric absorption cooler

This model has the main advantage of being a silent system. Indeed, it is a model which is based on the concentrated ammonia solution. This technology excludes the system of an engine and operates up to outside temperatures of 32 ° C. This system is usually found in small electric coolers.

The Peltier effect electric cooler

Still called the thermoelectric electric cooler, this model was created by JCA Peltier hence its name. This system features thermoelectric technology, this allows the cooler to be connected to an internal power grid.

This technology is often installed in electric coolers that offer good value for money, which is why it is the most popular system. It is a technology that is also installed in small coolers and only works in an outside temperature between 20 and 25 ° C. On the other hand, taking into account the installed motor, the electric Peltier effect cooler makes enough noise unlike the other models.

The electric compression cooler

This is the latest technology in electric coolers. This time, the system is based on a compressor diffusing refrigerant. It is a high end model which is quite expensive, however it performs very well. Usually, this system is installed in large capacity electric coolers. In addition, it is not dependent on the outside temperature, it emits a bearable noise and it is able to freeze food.

The advantages of a use of electric cooler We used to use conventional coolers, water bottles, cooler bags to keep our food. Thanks to the electric cooler, in addition to preserving our food, several advantages are offered to us.

Ideal for long distances

This is what sets it apart from conventional coolers. They can only keep your food for a few minutes while electric coolers can keep your food for hours. They are practical however far you wish to travel.

Profitable autonomy

An electric cooler can have an autonomy of around 7 days. So you can leave your food in the electric cooler without worrying about rotting your food. In addition to the food and drinks that can be stored, this autonomy it has also allows for the storage of medicines.

Optimal use

In terms of performance, functions, electric coolers are clearly superior to traditional coolers. Some models have a function capable of adjusting to the point of playing the role of a refrigerator.

Criteria to check when purchasing an electric cooler

The capacity

The average capacity of an electric cooler is equivalent to 30 or even 40L. However, electric coolers equipped with the compression system generally have a capacity of 50 to 100 L. On the other hand, the electric Peltier effect coolers have a small capacity of 5 to 30 L. Thus, you must choose your electric cooler according to the quantity of your food.

Engine noise

This criterion is quite important especially if you like to go camping or picnicking in peace. While the Peltier cooler makes enough noise, the absorption cooler, on the other hand, doesn't. Finally, the compression system which also makes noise can be reduced by activating the eco mode. Take care to read the noise frequency of the device you want to buy.

The design

Less important than the other criteria, you still take them into account if you like everything that is beautiful. Check out the designs of the different models you find. Also check if you can find the color you want and feel free to explore other models to find the design you need.

The quality of the device

Considering the hundreds of models on the market, it is better to be sure of the reliability of your device.

To avoid any misunderstanding, spend your money only on devices from major brands known for the design of the device. You can also use our comparison of the best 2021 models.

Second, go to online merchant sites like Amazon, Cdiscount… then read the opinions and comments to be sure of your purchase.

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