How to choose the right eccentric sander? Detailed buying guide!

To start, let’s take a look at the 4 best random orbit sanders around:

The sander is a tool used by many DIY enthusiasts today. If over time it has become an essential tool in interior work, it is because of its versatility and efficiency. It is indeed as essential to any good handyman as a good folding survival knife to an adventurer or a cheap electric hedge trimmer to a gardener. In general, there are three main families of sanders, the eccentric sander , the orbital sander and the belt sander. But here we will only talk about the eccentric sander. This sander allows you to perform coarse or fine sanding. Its effectiveness is no longer to be proven, but buying it is a fighter’s journey. We help you make the right choice!

Makita BO5041J: A powerful and practical eccentric sander!

It consists of a plate in the shape of a circle. Often hung a sandpaper disc on the stage. The Makita BO5041J sander performs sanding on all kinds of surfaces, whatever the nature of the surface. The surface in question can be flat, curved or even domed. This is why it is in so much demand and its great versatility is the reason. It has a 300 ° rotating handle. It is made up of discs, and these discs are exchangeable depending on the work plan you want, but also the work to be done. You also have the option between the polishing disc and the polishing foam. This is exactly what you need for any DIY or renovation job.

It is a powerful polishing tool, which very often allows DIY enthusiasts to remove paint from the paneling, but also to renovate the beams or restore old furniture. It’s good for finishes, and the fact that it has a dust extractor ensures you clean sanding. It has a very low vibration rate, which means that the noises are very limited. Sanding in peace! As the pressure on the trigger increases, automatically the Variable Speed ​​Drive allows the tool speed to increase. It is always better to own a random orbit sander with a variable speed drive. You will have no difficulty in getting started. The surface of the disc will provide good coverage on any surface. It is also important to note that the Makita BO5041J sander has soft grip ergonomics; which promotes a better grip.

The advantages of using an eccentric sander

Why use an eccentric sander when there are other types of sanders? This is because of all its features and the advantages it presents. First, it should be noted that this type of sander spins around itself, which promotes clean sanding and all areas . This guarantees that all areas are reached. We should not forget that the result is impeccable and impressive. In fact, with such painstaking and painstaking work, how could it be otherwise?

In addition, the weight of the device is a non-data. negligible, because the eccentric sander weighs only 3.5 kg for the heaviest. The lightest ones very often weigh only one kilo. This makes it easy for anyone, regardless of weight and size, to use it without any difficulty. The random orbit sander also has the distinction of being quite powerful, but not consuming electrical energy. Its around 300-800 watt motor doesn’t mean your bills will triple. It’s an economical sander ! So, once you have mastered its use, you can benefit from its efficiency in polishing and finishing.

Eccentric sander comparison: The 10 most popular models of the moment!

Some advice for choosing an eccentric sander

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You know exactly what a random orbit sander is for and what are the benefits of using it. But you still have to get one, and knowing how to choose it is obviously essential since, as if you had to choose a high pressure cleaner , you will need to take several very specific criteria into consideration. So start by considering the size of the tray. Most chainrings are 125mm in diameter, however, if you want to work quickly and more efficiently you can request the installation of a chainring that is more suitable for professional work. In addition to this criterion, it is important to take into account the power of the tool, which will depend on the type of work you will be doing.

From other side, like when choosing a grinder , the material type is important if you want to buy a durable random orbit sander . There are sanders that do not go with all types of materials. This is the reason why some manufacturers will not advise you to use plaster or plaster. These materials could damage or clog your random orbit sander. In addition to the type of material, the sander should have a variable speed drive. It is true that it is not compulsory, but it is a considerable advantage.

Where to find the best random orbit sanders?

They are sold almost everywhere, but quality should be sought. It is therefore important to get closer to credible sellers who have a name and a brand to defend. Amazon is one of the sellers who prefers quality over anything else. The most important thing for Amazon is to sell you a good quality tool, which will allow you to work for many years without difficulty related to the quality of the machine. Go to the Amazon site to order your eccentric sander, and do not forget to choose one of the secure payment methods that the site makes available to you.

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