Comparison and opinion to choose the best chocolate fountain in 2021

You will definitely need to serve chocolate at a party you are planning to throw. Children and adults alike will enjoy dipping their dessert in it. For better distribution, you will need a chocolate fountain. Many people have adopted it for good. Its practical side enhances your festive moments. The only difficulty lies in the choice of this material. There are different models of chocolate fountains on the market, but not all of them perform equally well. Here is a comparison that will help you get out of the embarrassment. We have made a tour of the models available on the market. After an evaluation based on the above-mentioned criteria, 5 models stand out from the lot.

The Princess chocolate fountain 292994

This pattern does not take the first place in this selection by chance. It is a chocolate fountain recommended for parties with loved ones. It will keep your chocolate hot throughout the festivity. It is especially appreciated for its very practical side. Indeed, the designer has provided different controls for pumping and heating the chocolate. Its 3 waterfalls offer it a nice design. The user can refer to an indicator light to check its operation. This removable chocolate fountain consumes very little energy.

The Domo Do-916Chdomo chocolate fountain

You are planning to throw a big party with many guests. The Domo Do-916Chdomo chocolate fountain is undoubtedly the best suited model. It is a large device (42 x 19 x 20 cm). This fountain has 4 waterfalls and a powerful motor. It’s a top-of-the-line model that offers impressive distribution. The user experience is optimized thanks to the switches. They are used to operate the motor and the heating of the chocolate fountain. Its large capacity makes it easier to serve a large world.

Techwood TFC-143 chocolate fountain

This pattern closes the top three in this ranking. The Techwood TFC-143 is a chocolate fountain with advanced features. Equipped with 3 cascades, it is distinguished by its good resistance to heat. It is a model with an energy output of 320 Watts. The user can start the engine and adjust the heating as desired. It also offers a large capacity. You can pour 750 ml of chocolate into it, enough to please all your guests.

The chocolate fountain The merry-go-round of delights

As its name suggests, “the merry-go-round of delights” plunges you into pleasure. Whatever the event, you will succeed in wowing your guests. Its gray color, its 3 feet and its 3 waterfalls give this chocolate fountain a unique design. A built-in thermostat adjusts the heating temperature. You will be able to satisfy the delicacies of your guests thanks to its capacity of holding 900 g.

The chocolate fountain oneConcept TK27

You desire an awesome waterfall effect at your celebration. Choose the oneConcept TK27 chocolate fountain. Its 3 floors are ideally spaced for a spectacular rendering. Thanks to a face switch, you can easily operate it. This chocolate fountain has been equipped with 2 operating modes. Mode I allows you to melt chocolate at a medium temperature. The user uses mode II to flow the melted chocolate.

What is a chocolate fountain?

Children love chocolate. It is obvious ! You will surely find a chocolate fountain at children’s parties that will be as happy as a homemade popcorn machine . Dessert to coat in melted chocolate can also be offered at an adult party. Either way, there is chocolate for all ages. The chocolate fountain allows you to serve melted chocolate in a special way. It’s a device made up of a champagne fountain and a chocolate pan.

How does a chocolate fountain work?

It doesn’t look like it, but the chocolate fountain is very easy to handle. The assembly has a container in which the chocolate is introduced. When the machine is activated, a pump is triggered. It sucks up the molten material and cascades it down. Your guests can dip cookies or fruit in it. The chocolate fountain has been provided with several floors. The goal is to impress the guests by imitating a natural fountain.

How to choose your chocolate fountain?

Many models of chocolate fountains are available in the market. There are good quality ones, but you will also find fakes. If you choose in the latter category, you will not enjoy your material for a long time. Here are the essential criteria to take into account in order not to make a mistake in your choice.

A robust material

The quality of a fountain chocolate is intrinsically linked to the design material. Obviously, a plastic device is not made to last long. Why then invest in junk? It is better to prefer a chocolate fountain made of steel for example.

A versatile machine

A good chocolate fountain can be used to present d ‘other smooth materials. This will allow you to further impress your guests. For example, you can present them with a variety of desserts, distribute melted cheese or cream, etc.

A discreet fountain

Imagine let your chocolate fountain make noise at a reception. It would certainly appear inconvenient for your guests. Before buying such a machine, try it out first. A discreet fountain is also a guarantee of quality.

An adjustable device

Not all chocolate fountains are adjustable. Choosing a non-adjustable model could prove overwhelming at a large event. Some guests will find it difficult to help themselves if the machine is not up to them. However, an adjustable model will put everyone at ease. Hot, cooler or very hot: it all depends on what temperature you want to serve your chocolate. You can only decide if your chocolate fountain has an adjustable thermostat.

A removable device

Apart from the setting, your chocolate fountain must be removable. This is an essential condition for being able to clean it properly. If the machine cannot be dismantled, it also risks malfunctioning due to chocolate residue stuck in the mechanism.

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