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Bet on new technologies with the Extel Connect wireless videophone!

The Extel Connect Wireless Video Door Phone is not just a video door phone, but offers you even more innovative technology. This is what you will be able to find out in this article. We had the pleasure of testing it and it is by appreciating its many strengths that today we can recommend that you order it. It combines new technologies, simplicity, security and practicality. A real ally in your everyday life that you will not fail to appreciate in turn. With a very simplified installation, you will be able to use it upon receipt. Find out quickly, it is waiting for you!

Discover the Extel Connect wireless videophone

Discover a device that you will not be able to do without later with the Extel Connect wireless videophone, and this, thanks to the various advantages it offers. First of all, in terms of design, it has an 18 cm color screen, the equivalent of 7 inches, and dimensions that will allow you to appreciate the picture. Indeed, it measures 31 cm in length, 21 cm in height and 9 cm in thickness. This large screen allows it to display a crisp image with a resolution of 800 X 480 pixels . For more comfort, you will have the option of hanging it on the wall using a support provided. Even at night, you will have no difficulty in viewing your night visitors thanks to the invisible IR LEDs. The door station, on the other hand, is 18.5 cm high, only 10 cm wide and only 1.4 cm deep. The connection between the two parts is wired, but its installation is very simple to achieve thanks to a simplified and very clear manual; its range is 100 meters, which leaves you the choice of where to install it. Then, visualize, interact with the people visiting you and decide whether or not to open your gate or exterior gate as you wish.

That’s not all , because your Extel Connect wireless videophone will allow you to control the device from your smartphone also, thanks to the application to download and available both on IOS and Android. Connect an unlimited number of phones to the videophone to share control with your loved ones. On the indoor monitor, you will be able to save up to 100 photos if you need to keep any visit in memory. As for the image of this connected wireless videophone , you can make various practical settings to measure the brightness, the contrast and the color of what is displayed on the screen according to your preferences. With a sound volume of 85 decibels, you will be able to choose the volume of the ringtone, but also the type of ringtone according to the 6 models offered. Finally, know that the two parts of this Extel Connect videophone are designed for guaranteed resistance, with the solid plastic indoor monitor and the aluminum door station. The latter has a visor for protection against the rain. Finally, the outdoor unit will withstand temperatures down to-20 ° and 50 ° C.

The opinion of the editors on the Extel Connect wireless videophone

If we wanted to test this Extel Connect wireless videophone, it was above all to try out the use of the application, in addition to the two parts offered. First of all, it’s a very useful device: the door station is discreet, modern, and very efficient and the indoor monitor offers perfect audio and picture quality. The installation is very simple and quick and allows remote control of the exterior openings very easily. As for the application, it is simple to use and allows you to view, communicate and open or not the openings of houses as well as the videophone itself. The ability to share remote control on several phones is convenient when you are away. Congratulations to Extel Connect for offering us such a powerful and innovative videophone at a very attractive price.

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