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The best beard trimmers in 2021

Shaving the beard is what waxing is to women. For a style that is always trendy and elegant, a man needs to trim his beard or trim it very regularly, hence the importance of owning a high-performance beard trimmer capable of saving the man’s time. daily. Fortunately, as is the case with the electric epilators for women or the hair clippers , brands are imagining ever more practical and reliable devices. Today, as we had the opportunity to do for the relaxing foot baths , we offer you a comparison of best beard trimmers 2021.

The Remington MB4045 beard trimmer

The beard trimmer has recently become one of the most popular gifts for men, whatever the occasion to celebrate . This is a real trend to allow them to take care of their beard and adopt all styles of cut possible. The most suitable tool for this is the Remington MB4045 beard trimmer. It is a trimmer that features Titanium coated and self-sharpening blades for almost unlimited life and constant blade sharpening throughout use. It is a fully retractable beard trimmer for added convenience.

The Remington MB4045 beard trimmer is equipped with nine cutting heights directly adjustable from the small dial on the handle of the device. It works with the included lithium battery for up to 120 minutes of battery life with a maximum charge time of around 4 hours. The battery level is revealed to you thanks to a charge indicator on the handle of the device. It is completely washable with water and has a 3 year warranty which covers parts and labor. The Remington MB4045 is therefore a complete kit dedicated exclusively to the maintenance of the beard, because in addition to the trimmer, you receive a pair of scissors and a beard brush.

The Philips BT5515/15 beard trimmer

Beard trimmers have undoubtedly entered the market for electric male body care devices. Among them, the Philips BT5515/15 beard trimmer is the ideal choice to have an impeccable cut, well designed and without anomalies. In just a few passes, it makes your skin become very smooth and clear. The Philips BT5515/15 beard trimmer remains your best ally to trim your beard without the slightest trace without embarrassment, because it is innovative and easy to use. It has removable stainless steel blades that allow you to contour your beard as you wish and with precision. Its battery has an autonomy of 1 h 30 min which means that the mower is rechargeable only once in 1 hour every week for frequent use.

The Philips BT5515/15 beard trimmer is cleaned directly under the tap after each use. This mower has 40 cutting heights from 0.4mm to 20mm. It sets itself apart from other models by offering precision cutting blades that operate with a dynamic Pro Cut guide. This guide lifts the lying hairs and places them on the sharp edge of the blades for a precise cut. Finally, this mower is equipped with a charge indicator showing the state of charge of its li-ion battery and is often supplied with its charger and storage bag.

The Philips MG3740/15 beard trimmer

The beard trimmer remains the key to having a smooth and pleasant feeling to the touch of your beard . And if you are unsure of which choice to make, it is imperative to think about the Philips MG3740/15 beard trimmer. It is a trimmer model that can perform multiple beard and haircuts. It comes with nine different heads, i.e. a 9 in 1 mower. It is a very practical device that allows you to diversify the cutting levels and has a wide 32 mm stainless steel blade, which is self-sharpening to guarantee l shaving efficiency. The various accessories that come with it are rinsable for quick and easy cleaning.

Being a multifunctional device , in addition to beards, it can be used to clean bothersome nose hairs and ear hairs with confidence. Indeed, it is a model equipped with 2 “three-day beard” clogs with clips of 1 and 2 mm as well as an adjustable shoe between 3 to 7 mm. It is also possible to use it to refine your haircut, because the Philips MG3740/15 trimmer also has 3 clip-on shoes with different dimensions, 9 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm. It has a performance of 60 minutes of battery life with its NiMH battery and a charging time of 16 hours. It is ideal for fast, crisp, and precise services.

The Philips MG1100 beard trimmer/16

It’s hard to find better on the market than the Philips brand when it comes to beard trimmers .But, the Philips MG1100/16 beard trimmer remains a little marvel; it has been ergonomically made, making it easier to handle.It is one of the smallest models of the moment and is very easy to store and transport.It is a beard trimmer equipped with a fully waterproof coating that gives you the possibility of using it even when you shower.It also rinses off with a tap and is considered a mini beard trimmer.Rechargeable batteries should therefore be provided for optimal use.

The Philips MG1100/16 beard trimmer is fitted with a trimmer head , a shaving head and various clogs.It also has high power and DualCut technology that guarantees you a mowing that is both fast and optimal.With such a device, you will always have a beautiful beard, mustache or hairstyle finish.On the aesthetic level, this mower completely seduces with its remarkable design, its rather light weight (181g) and the coating of its rubber handle which ensures a better grip.

The Hatteker 3 in 1 beard trimmer

For consumers, the most important thing is to know how to adopt the best model of beard trimmer that matches their beard and lifestyle.For this, the Hatteker 3 in 1 beard trimmer comes with three different accessories fully designed for all hair and face styles.It therefore includes a trimmer for long hair, a beard trimmer and a precision trimmer for detailed trimming of hair, beards, mustaches, ear hair, goatee as well as other facial or facial hair.body.It has high carbon steel blades that stay sharp for a long time.This provides high performance precision in cuts made and prevents skin irritation for a long life.

A complete kit of accessories for protection often accompanies this beard trimmer and is composed of a precision dial from 3mm to 8mm, five different adjustable blades from 0.5mm to 2.5mm , six combs combs (3 mm, 4-6 mm, 7-9 mm, 10-12 mm, 16-18 mm, 22-24 mm).This kit allows you to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles of different lengths.The Hatteker 3-in-1 beard trimmer also features two long-lasting and powerful rechargeable lithium ion batteries with up to 2.5 hours run time after just 90 minutes of charging.

The Hatteker Multifunction beard trimmer

The Hatteker beard trimmers are more and more popular.They are available at a good price and they are still effective for perfectly correct cuts.The Hatteker Multifunction beard trimmer on the other hand has three versatile accessories that are suitable for all facial beard styles: hair trimmer, beard trimmer, retail trimmer.The latter is for touch-ups between hair clipping, cut details, mustaches, sideburns and other facial and body hair.This beard trimmer is supplied with a complete kit of accessory guards consisting of a precision dial from 3 mm to 8 mm, a 5-level adjustable blade and six guide combs (3 mm, 4-6 mm , 7-9 mm, 10-12 mm, 16-18 mm, 22-24 mm).

The Hatteker Multifunction beard trimmer also has a ceramic blade self-sharpening titanium.This combination of titanium and ceramic blades promotes a delicate haircut bestowed on all kinds of children’s, adult, senior, salon, and more hair.The blade can be easily removed after use for cleaning.It operates using a quick charge (1.5 h) 800 mAh Li Li battery which can provide high power for up to 90 minutes of runtime.

Hatteker waterproof beard trimmer

Because your skin deserves a clean and smooth shave , you need to acquire a good beard trimmer such as this Hatteker model.Indeed, the Hatteker waterproof beard trimmer has twelve accessories for all your beauty needs.Its complete kit includes a general steel trimmer, long hair trimmer, steel precision trimmer, nose and ear hair trimmer, body hair trimmer, adjustable beard trimmer comb (from 3 , 4, 5 and 6mm), four hair clipper shoes (6, 9, 12 and 15 mm), one adjustable precision trimmer shoe (from 1 mm up to 10 mm) and a styling shoe.

It has a blade sharp enough to guarantee exceptional hairstyle and incomparable quality to your hair as well as your beards for a long time.The precision steel blades of this mower can create crisp, straight contours.Unlike other types of mowers, this one is water resistant and comes with a brush in the pack for a thorough and hygienic cleaning of the blade as well as the body of the machine.It works with a high power rechargeable battery that will allow you to use it for 60 minutes for each charge.

The Braun MGK5280 beard trimmer

The Braun beard trimmer MGK5280 presents a really successful design, as always with Braun devices, whether they are rechargeable electric toothbrushes or its razors.It is light, easy to handle, low noise and exudes quality.It has an excellent grip that will allow you to play with the mower, even in the most difficult and delicate places to access.This all-in-one beard trimmer is rechargeable with Wet & Dry technology with unparalleled cutting performance compared to previous generations of Braun beard trimmers.Its blades are sharp and hard-wearing, and its complete kit contains 13 length settings for optimal shaving precision for men.

Its innovative autosensor technology analyzes your beard 13 times per second and adjusts the power of the trimmer motor to its thickness, for an effortless shave, whatever your beard type.The engine therefore delivers additional power exactly where you need it.Its Li-ion + battery provides 100 minutes of shaving time after only one hour of charging.The Braun MGK5280 beard trimmer also allows you to safely care for all parts of your body: from the armpits to the chest and crotch.

The Braun MGK3021 beard trimmer

The Braun MGK3021 all-in-one beard trimmer allows you to create different styles of cut.It has multiple length settings ranging from 0.5 to 21mm with just four combs for shaving hair and beard.Its different length settings and powerful, hard-wearing blades allow you to regularly shave beards with optimal precision.Its complete kit contains a beard trimmer, a hair trimmer, a nose and ears trimmer.It is a rechargeable beard trimmer with cordless use possible to provide maximum flexibility.The Braun MGK3021 beard trimmer has an autonomy of 40 minutes of precision shaving for a full charge time of 10 hours.

Thanks to the main head of the Braun MGK3021 beard trimmer, one can create precise lines and edges on the neck and cheeks.On the other hand, particularly narrow areas such as the contour of the lips will be carried out by the precision trimmer.It also effectively removes hair from the ears and nose without tugging or bumping.The various accessories which accompany it are rinsable with the tap for an easy and fast cleaning.

The beard trimmer Babyliss For Men E837E

“alt=” Babyliss For Men E837E beard trimmer The Babyliss E837E beard trimmer offers a professional cut quality thanks to blades equipped with Wtech technology.In other words, the blades have a shape that catches all of the hair in a single pass.These blades are self-lubricating and self-sharpening and thus maintain their sharpness and comfort throughout use.It is a robust model with an intuitive, easily adjustable cutting guide to select between 30 integrated cutting heights (from 0.5 to 15 mm).This trimmer is therefore absolutely suitable for the size of long beards and particularly if it is a question of achieving a gradient.

The beard trimmer Babyliss E837E also has heads for shaving nose, ear and body hair as well as a precision head for finishes like mustache.It is very resistant to water and can therefore be rinsed after use for cleaning although the use of the small brush to remove hair can be essential.Its versatility and low price sure make it a great all-round beard trimmer, but its battery life is low.It only hits 40 minutes after a 16-hour charge.

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