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The invention of the hoverboard is relatively recent. This type of urban mobility equipment has met with immense success since it was marketed for the first time, whether in France, Europe or the rest of the world. And for good reason, the advantages offered by the hoverboard are particularly numerous, especially since it is a very easy-to-use device that can be mastered by both children and their parents. However, because it is very popular, the all-terrain hoverboard or the classic hoverboard have many variations, so choosing the right model is a must. be the result of a long reflection as it can also be the case, in spite of appearances, when it comes time to choose a dollhouse in quality wood . To help you in this regard, we have put together on this site all our expert advice with which, in just a few moments, you will be able to find the perfect equipment according to you.

Let’s find out first the 3 best hoverboards of the year

WindGoo Bluetooth Hoverboard: Unique equipment!

By making the choice to offer you the WindGoo bluetooth hoverboard, the practice of this equipment will no longer be a simple mode of movement, since hoverboarding will become a real art of living in its own right. Of course, the main function of the WindGoo brand hoverboard is to get you around quickly and safely. However, thanks to its additional features, it will become an essential device for your daily life since, thanks to its bluetooth function in particular, you can listen to your favorite music when you move around, which will make all the difference.

Able to reach a top speed of 12 km/h and offering a range of up to 15 kilometers , the WindGoo bluetooth hoverboard will convince you with its overall quality to cut the breath. To develop it, the brand has indeed opted for ultra high quality materials, allowing you to keep your WindGoo hoverboard like new for many years, provided you maintain it on your side. Finally, with its wheels with a diameter of 6.5 inches, it is a hoverboard that is aimed at both beginners and experienced people and can be used in the city as well as in the countryside. , although it must also be recognized that it is not as stable on steep paths as a good all-terrain hoverboard.

What we think of the Bebk Bluetooth Led hoverboard!

Looking for a more economical means of transport , but also greener than the car or public transport? Then the Bebk Bluetooth LED hoverboard is the solution for you. All high-tech enthusiasts will tell you, the hoverboard is a real gem of technology. Its many strengths make it an increasingly coveted electronic device.

We wanted to test this Bebk model, because its description describes it as a machine trustworthy, easy to use yet powerful. This article will present it to you and allow you to have our opinion on this product.

Description of the Bebk Bluetooth Led Hoverboard

No more long hours in transport or the car, endless spending on fuel, this new mode of transport will replace your cars or scooters or will simply be less tiring and more fun than cycling. The Bebk Bluetooth hoverboard was designed from a military colourway of blue color. Each foot can be safely placed on a non-slip plate on each side. And you will see LED lights on the front for a very fun design . Large non-slip wheels will allow you to move on different types of terrain while having perfect balance thanks to the self-balancing system.

Its high power allows this state-of-the-art hoverboard to be charged and up and running quickly, and has an efficient battery life that will allow you to cover a significant distance without interruption. The integrated Bluetooth system will allow you to have fun while traveling by hoverboard, because equipped with your smartphone, you just need to connect the two devices together to enjoy listening to your favorite sounds. This hoverboard is delivered with its charger and its transport bag which will allow you to store it there so as not to dirty anything around or to simply protect it. It will not take up much space in your storage cupboards, because it is light and compact.

The advantages of the Bebk Bluetooth Led Hoverboard

The Bebk Bluetooth LED hoverboard will allow you to get around quickly, easily and in an environmentally friendly way, just like most of the other models in this category such as the 8.5 inch Citysports hoverboard or the first price Windgoo hoverboard. It has it all and will become your favorite mode of transportation very quickly. Thanks to non-slip plates affixed to the location of your feet, you will have a perfect balance, aided by the device and its self-balancing sensors. You will use it very simply by making light movements of the body once on the board. Each time you lean forward or backward, the machine senses your movements and immediately moves forward or backward. The 6.5-inch wheels with a non-slip coating will allow you to cover any type of road, smooth and tarred, stony or uphill. You will access climbs of 15% incline easily and quickly. Indeed, the motor of this hoverboard has a power of 2 times 250 watts, which allows it to run at a maximum speed of 12 km/hour, as much to say to you that you will arrive relatively quickly at destination and that the perceived sensations are pretty playful at this speed.

Thanks to its high quality battery, it will operate on optimal autonomy and allow you to travel an approximate distance between 15 and 20 km.This possible distance will depend on the use of the hoverboard, its speed, the weight of the user… This model of hoverboard can be used for people weighing up to 100 kg maximum.An alert will sound to warn you that the device needs to be recharged and you will be able, thanks to its reloading speed, to use your hoverboard again after only 2 hours.The Bluetooth 4.0 technology built into the device will allow the speaker to play your favorite sounds or listen to your podcasts while on the go, an even more entertaining way to use this mode of transport.Thanks to the two LED lights located on the front of the machine, the design of this hoverboard becomes even more fun and trendy.In addition to being more elegant, it will effectively illuminate you when you travel at night.Finally, its light weight of 9.5 kg will allow you to carry it easily in order to store it, and the transport bag provided for this purpose will allow you to place it neatly in a closet.

Our opinion on the Hoverboard Bluetooth Led from Bebk

We are delighted to review this Bluetooth hoverboard from Bebk.It allows us to move at a practical and pleasant pace, the movement sensations are good and the use is very easy thanks to the sensors allowing the self-balancing .We were able to charge it quickly enough to then use it for a good distance; it drives very well, even if it encounters some obstacles on the road and it allows us to climb some slight climbs without tiring us.

If you want to change mode of transport for a practical, economical and ecological machine, we recommend without hesitation this new model of hoverboard.You will be satisfied for sure.

3 best all terrain hoverboards of the moment

How does a hoverboard work? Who is it for?

One thing is certain, the hoverboard is a very unique piece of urban mobility equipment.It works thanks to your balance and will allow you to move at a variable speed easily while allowing you to have your hands free.You don’t have to be a great balancer because in reality, whatever hoverboard for sale you choose, you will be sure to be able to use it however you want.And for good reason, all in all, it will not be more than 10 minutes that will be necessary for you to familiarize yourself with this device.Once you’ve found your point of balance, all you have to do is lean your body forward slightly to speed up the hoverboard, or lean back slightly to brake it, no more and no less.Even if you have never had the opportunity to use a product of this type before, there is no doubt that you will be able to very easily take in hand and master it to perfection.

Since it was first released, the hoverboard has been an incredible success.It is true that it is first and foremost the children who have developed a passion for this urban mobility device.However, faced with the obvious ease of use of this device and thanks to all the advantages it offers, adults did not take long to get started either.Whether you use an urban hoverboard for your trips around town or a cheap off-road hoverboard for traveling in the countryside, in any case, as we will see in the rest of this article, you will be able to benefit from a particularly high number of advantages.And without a doubt, after tasting the comfort and practicality of your hoverboard, you will not imagine being able to do without it, especially since a device of this type is much more affordable than other urban mobility equipment such as an e-bike or an electric scooter.

Our full test of the Citysports all-terrain hoverboard!

You have decided to change your mode of transport and are hesitating about purchasing a hoverboard.This new mode of travel is gaining more and more followers.Indeed, the practical, ecological and economic aspects are rather very attractive.Citysports has designed the all-terrain hoverboard to bring you all these advantages and it describes it without its product sheet as a high-performance device that will be safe to drive.We were convinced and wanted to give it a try to let you know its features and our opinion.

Citysports All Terrain Hoverboard in detail

The powerful all-terrain hoverboard from Citysports really has an all-terrain design.You can immediately see its wheels with an imposing diameter and equipped with a coating and a tire structure that demonstrate a certain grip on different types of terrain.You will not be able to be afraid of slipping thanks to the two non-slip plates located at the location of each foot.Small edges are placed on the outside of each foot to ensure good support.Its two LED headlights on the front bring a design touch to your device, just like the Bebk brand hoverboard, but above all will give you the possibility of moving around at night in complete safety thanks to a excellent visibility.The use is very simple since a simple movement forwards or backwards will allow the hoverboard to move forward or backward and its integrated new generation self-balancing sensors help you in each of your movements.Equipped with a high power battery, it will give you the possibility of using it for a long time thanks to its autonomy allowing to cover a long distance.

You will get to your meeting place quickly thanks to this powerful hoverboard that rolls at a consistent speed.When the battery is empty, a light will inform you that it is time to put it back on charge, it will take 2 to 3 hours of charging for your hoverboard to be operational again.You will have access to various features through the application to download to your phone.This will give you more information about your hoverboard, your movement and will allow you to exchange in an entertaining way with friends using this same mode of transport.Citysports has equipped its hoverboard with different protection systems in order to optimize the performance of your device.This will give you a completely safe driving experience.Finally, move around while having fun and listen to your favorite shows or music thanks to the integrated, wide-range Bluetooth system.

The advantages of the Citysports All Terrain Hoverboard

Thanks to large 8.5 inch wheels and a coating Made of waterproof rubber, the Citysports all-terrain hoverboard will allow you to move on any type of terrain , from the smooth sidewalk in town to the mud path filled with stones in the countryside.You can even access climbs, with a maximum of 15 ° incline.Travel diverse and varied paths and have fun without worrying about getting stuck, this all terrain hoverboard was designed for it.The non-slip surface affixed below each of your feet will allow you to ride it safely and remain very stable.The LED headlights located on the front of the device will also allow you to move at night with good visibility.To drive it is very easy.A forward swing will move it forward, and a backward swing will move it back.You will of course be able to spin as well, you will come to master it after only a few training sessions, and its new generation sensors are there to help you thanks to an intuitive self-balancing.

You can go there little by little thanks to its 3 available driving modes.Indeed, we recommend that you download the Citysports application available on Ios and Android, which will allow you to select the driving mode that suits you best:

  • Beginner
  • Normal
  • Advanced

This application is loaded with various features.So you will also be able to:

  • check the status of your battery
  • know how fast you are moving
  • how far has been traveled
  • invite your friends and compete in speed, distance traveled…

Its high power of 2 x 350 watts and its high quality CE certified battery will allow you to use it over a distance of 15 to 20 km , while moving at a speed of up to 15 km/hour, which is 3 km/h more than the WindGoo hoverboard with bluetooth.As much to say to you that you will arrive quickly safely while experiencing very entertaining sensations.The charging time will allow you to use it again very quickly since it only takes 2 to 3 hours of charging to make it functional.A signal will alert you when you need to recharge its battery.Please note, in order to be able to use this hoverboard optimally, we recommend this device only to people who weigh no more than 120 kg.Drive fun with the built-in wide-range Bluetooth system.It will allow you to have access to all the sounds saved in your smartphone and thus be able to follow your favorite shows or simply enjoy your music while going to your destination.

The editorial staff’s opinion on the Citysports All Terrain Hoverboard

We are delighted to have been able to try out the Citysports All Terrain Hoverboard .As the brand indicates, we were able to ride in different places without problem, this hoverboard has wheels whose diameter and coating are ideal for accessing difficult paths.The autonomy is excellent, and we move at a surprising speed while remaining really stable on the device.

The Bluetooth function is really powerful and allows us to listen to our sounds with a very good listening quality, the movement becomes very pleasant.Do not hesitate to equip yourself with this hoverboard, not only will you save on your transport costs, you will ride in an eco-responsible way and you will use it very easily for all your trips, day and night.

Comparison of the 10 favorite hoverboards by customers!

What are the advantages of the hoverboard ? Why is this urban mobility device so popular?

If the hoverboard has established itself as an essential urban mobility device in the eyes of millions of people in around the world, of course, this is not a matter of chance.It is indeed a piece of equipment that offers many advantages, starting with its ease of use.It is true that at first glance, the fact of using a hoverboard can be intimidating since it will be necessary to show balance and a certain technical mastery.But in fact, anyone can use this device which is ultimately as easy to master as a electronic dart board .All you need to do is dedicate a few minutes of your time to training, after which you’ll be ready to cover tens of kilometers with complete ease.The hoverboard is even said to be the most user-friendly urban mobility device , as evidenced by the Bebk beginner hoverboard.

The other strong point of the hoverboard concerns its purchase price and its cost of use.Indeed, you will see it by looking at the different hoverboards for sale, these devices are offered at prices generally between 100 and 300 euros, which therefore remains quite affordable.And to recharge it, the simple fact of plugging its battery into an electrical outlet for a few hours will suffice, which will, incidentally, have only a very small impact on your energy bills.Finally, the hoverboard is a device that requires very little maintenance.To keep it as durable as possible, you just need to dust it off from time to time, wash its bodywork and reload its tires, no more and no less.In short, if you are looking for a practical , economical and environmentally friendly means of transport, then buying a hoverboard is the best thing you can do.

Where to find a hoverboard to sell quality at the best price?

To buy a hoverboard, many solutions are available to you since you can either choose to buy online or go to a hoverboard store to find the model that suits you best. However, due to the fact that this is a very popular piece of equipment, it must also be recognized that very often dealers take advantage of this to drive the prices upwards, which will prevent you from being able to get a good deal. However, below we wanted to share with you a tip whereby you will be able to buy your hoverboard for less while being certain that you will receive equipment that will meet all of your requirements.

This solution is simple, it consists of buying your hoverboard on Amazon.fr. Throughout the year, the brand ensures fair prices and may even, from time to time, offer you hoverboards on sale . But also and above all, the brand takes great care to protect all of its customers. This is why you do not risk buying a counterfeit hoverboard, especially since Amazon.fr remains very attentive to the comments of its customers. Thus, if the chosen hoverboard does not suit you, you will have 60 days to return it and get a full refund, without having to justify anything.

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